Idle Heroes Arena – Detailed Information and Rewards

idle heroes arena

What Is Idle Heroes Arena?

In Idle Heroes, the Arena building unlocks from level 18.

You can access to 3 different Arenas in the Arena building:

  • Crystal Crown League.
  • Trial Of The Champion.
  • Free Team-Up Arena.

In either Arena, when you want to fight, you will see 3 different opponents. The first two are usually very difficult, much stronger than you. The last one is the easier opponent with lower power and ranking.

You can refresh to get the other opponents. The more you refresh, the stronger opponents you will face. Normally after 5 refresh, you will comeback to the first opponents.

crystal crown league idle heroes

Crystal Crown League

The Crystal Crown League is always open and each season lasts for 14 days.

Every day, the first two battles are free. After that, you need to pay one arena ticket Arena Ticket for each battle. After each attack, you will get small rewards.

In Crystal Crown League, you battle using your normal team (2 heroes in the front, 4 heroes at the back).

Don’t forget to set your defensive lineup. The defensive lineup can be different to the line up you using to attack.

Every day, at 9:00 PM GMT+0, you will receive a email containing gem Gems andmagic dust Magic Dust as the daily reward based on your ranking on the score-broad of the day.

At the end of the Crystal Crown League season, you will receive a mail containing gem Gems, magic dust Magic Dust and monster soul Monster Souls as the reward based on your ranking in the season.

Trial Of The Champion

The Trial Of The Champion Arena unlocks at level 55. This Arena lasts for 4 days and always end at the end of the end of the Sunday.

You need to enter Trial Of The Champion with 3 team choosing from your Heroes. You can use at least 1 and at max 6 Heroes for each team.

Each time you fight, it costs 3 arena ticket Arena Tickets (because you have 3 teams).

When fighting, your first team will fight against the opponent’s first team and so on, your second team will fight against the opponent’s second team. If the first two rounds are tie, the last fight will be held.

Similar to Crystal Crown League, your defensive lineup can be different to the one you use to attack.

Based on your ranking, you will receive a decent amount of Glory Coin, which can be used to purchase various valuable items in the Trial Of The Champion Shop.

free team up arena idle heroes

Free Team-up Arena

The Free Team-Up Arena unlocks at level 60. Free Team-up Arena lasts for 4 days and always ends at the end of the Thursday. Rewards will be sent immediately once the Arena is closed.

In this Arena, you team up with 2 other players. Each player need to use a 6-hero team to fight with.

You can either make your own team and invite the other players to join, or join any team waiting for new members.

Once the team has three members, the leader of the team can enter the Arena and start battling.

Only the leader of the team can do battles so If you are not a team leader, just sit back and relax.

The team needs to spend 1 Stamina for each fight. When the team has 6 stamina at the start and gain 1 every 2 hours to the maximum of 12.

Team leader must pay attention to the team arrangement before attacking. Arranging the team properly for defense is also a must. These affect the results a lot.

Similar to Trial Of The Champion, when battling, the first teams will fight and followed by the second and the third team. Either side gets 2 wins first will be the winner.

Idle Heroes Arena – Detailed Information and Rewards
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