Aspen Dungeon Guide: Best Heroes and Tips for Aspen

aspen dungeon idle heroes

What is Aspen Dungeon?

You can enter the Aspen Dungeon from level 72. It is located right next to the Arena building. It opens once every 4 days, lasts for 48 hours.

aspen dungeon building

You can send 5 heroes in total to the Dungeon and try to get into it as deep as you can by fighting different ways of monsters.

After every 100 waves, you enter a new level of the Dungeon with much stronger monsters.

At the moment, there are 5 levels in total: Easy; Normal; Difficult; Nightmare and Hell.

After every 50 waves, you reach a new milestone. By that way, from the next Aspen Dungeon event, you will start the game from that milestone.

For example, your personal best in this Aspen is Easy #60. You will start at Easy #51 in the next Aspen instead of going from Easy 1, giving a lot of rewards as well as a better starting point.

When you start exploring the Aspen Dungeon with your 5 heroes, their stats are snapshotted, meaning all changes to their gears, stones, artifacts, levels etc are not affected the rest of the event. So make sure your heroes are at their best conditions before hitting the Start button.

When the fight is over, HP of heroes for both sides will be saved and stay remain till the next battle. All damage is sustained, thus using healing Heroes in Aspen is the key.

There are 2 ways to heal your Heroes between fights:

  • Hero Abilities: Having healing ability in Aspen is very crucial. Heroes like Vesa, Ormus etc can keep their HP high after the fights.
  • Using Restore Potions.

There are 3 kinds of rewards you will receive after every wave of monsters:

  • A Chest containing either of these: 5 star hero shard gem gold spirit hero promotion stone chaos stone monster soul magic dust
  • A Potion which could be either Restore Poison (Angel Potion, Demon Potion, Mysterious Milk) or Buff Potion (Crit Damage, Damage or Crit Chance).
  • A Vagrant Merchant that sells items.


Buff Potion
crit damage potionCrit Damage +2%
power potionAttack + 1.5%
crit potionCrit Chance +2%
Restore Potion
angel potion100% HP
demon potion50% HP; Energy + 300
mysterious milk20% HP


There are 3 vagrant merchants in the Aspen Dungeon: The Handsome Boy, the Baroness Lady and the Old Lady.

aspen dungeon merchants

Quick Tips:

  • Buy all chip Wishing Coins from the Baroness Lady and Old Lady.
  • Buy all arena ticket Arena Tickets with gold Gold. Only buy the pack of 10 Tickets with gem Gems.
  • The Old Lady sells 5xprophet orb Prophet Orbs for only 2,250 gem Gems, which is the lowest price you could ever get so this is always a must buy.
  • The Old Lady also sells 10xheroic summon scroll Heroic Summon Scrolls for only 1,250 gem Gems, which is similar to the pack of 8 in Marketplace. Buy this If you have a lot of spare Gems.
  • Do not buy Hero Shards with gem Gems.

How To Properly Progress In Aspen Dungeon

Our aim while playing in Aspen Dungeon is to get as far as we can, to the next milestone i.e. every 50 waves.

This is extremely important because when you reach a new milestone, the next time with your participate in the Aspen Dungeon, the event will start from there.

It will skip all of the previous waves, giving you all of the rewards instantly. You can visit the Aspen Shop at the top right corner for buying items from the merchants which were “skipped” by the game.
None of your heroes is not used for those skipped waves. Their HP and Energy remain.

Beside choosing the right Heroes for Aspen, using Restore Potions effectively and efficiently is the key here. To make the most of them, you want to avoid over-healing your Heroes.

Let’s say your Hero has 75% HP left, use the Mysterious Milk instead of the other two.

Only use the Angel Potion when your HP is close to 0%, or when you don’t have anything else to use.

Also, remember that the Demon Potion boosts your Energy so only use it when you face very tough enemies that you need to use the skill on the first round.

There isn’t any perfect formula for using them properly. You will roughly need to use your experience gained in the Aspen to know what potion to use vs which enemy.

If you are a new player then it’s okay to play safely first and have your Heroes always at a decent HP.

Don’t be too overconfident If you have a good healing Hero like Vesa in your hand.

They usually gets killed by strong Assassins like Walter or Blood Blade so always pay attention to those and don’t hesitate to use the Demon Potions to overcharge your Energy when you are at a decent high level.

If when you use the Demon Potion, your Hero’s Energy is already full, all of the redundant Energy coming from the potion will be converted into skill damage for the next skill activation, which is also very helpful.

For example, If your Vesa energy line is already full, you still can use 2 Demon Potions on her, making her next active skill 200% stronger.

This is very helpful when you want to break through a thick wall of Gerke or Norma. You will mostly face this at the Easy stage.

vesa aspen dungeon idle heroes

Some Tips For Getting Into Aspen Hell

Shared by remisblu

I got into Aspen Hell by using E3 Sigmund with Atk/Atk Stone + Fearless Gears + Skin.

If you use Vesa, use her to deal with Blood Blades. She can clear them easily with a demon potion. I used E1 Vesa with Antlers cane Antlers Cane to one shot them.

Also, solo Baade can sometimes crit super hard and kill Sigmund even at full HP so watch out for that!

Apart from that, every other stage should be pretty straight forward. No Demon Potions required for floors with:

  • 4x Skerei
  • 4x Asmodel
  • 4x Karim
  • 4x Margaret
  • 1x Sigmund
  • 1x Vesa
  • And many other floors

Tips for Clearing The Aspen Dungeon

Shared by SaberEmiya-254

So far, 13 Heroes have been proven to be able to completely clear Aspen Dungeon at E3. Here is the full list of recommended Stone and Artifact for them:

idle heroes asmodel 10 Stars Asmodel: Attack/Attack Stone; Spear of Destiny.

idle heroes Barea 10 Stars Barea: Attack/Attack Stone + Fearless Armor.

idle heroes Corpsedemon 10 Stars Corpsedemon: HP/HP Stone + Fearless Armor.

idle heroes Faith Blade 10 Stars Faith Blade: Crit/Crit Stone + Punisher of Immortal.

idle heroes Heart Watcher 10 Stars Heart Watcher: Crit/Crit Stone + Punisher of Immortal.

idle heroes Jahra 10 Stars Jahra: Attack/Attack Stone + Magic Sword.

idle heroes Karim 10 Stars Karim: Crit/Crit Stone + Magic Sword.

idle heroes King Barton 10 Stars King Barton: Holy Damage/Attack/HP Stone + Magic Sword.

idle heroes Mihm 10 Stars Mihm: Attack/Attack Stone + Augustus Magic Ball.

idle heroes Sigmund 10 Stars Sigmund: Holy Damage/Attack/HP Stone + Antlers Cane.

idle heroes skerei 10 Stars Skerei: Crit/Crit Stone + Magic Sword.

idle heroes valkyrie Valkyrie: HP/HP Stone + Fearless Armor.

idle heroes Vesa 10 Stars Vesa: Crit/Crit + Antlers Cane [or Attack/Attack + Fearless Armor]

idle heroes Groo 10 Stars Groo: Attack/Attack + Fearless Armor.

What Are The Aspen Heroes for New Players?


  • S Tier Heroes can break through almost all of the Difficult waves.
  • Top Tier Heroes can break through most of most of the Normal waves.
  • Basic Tier Heroes are for new players, which can help you get through the Easy stage.
  • This list is just based on my experience so far so don’t hesitate to comment and share your thoughts with us.
  • This list is for Aspen only. A S Tier Hero in this mode is not the best in other game modes.
  • Assuming S Tier Heroes are all 10 stars.

S Tier Heroes For Aspen Dungeon

idle heroes Vesa 10 Stars


She is definitely one of the best Aspen Heroes, a healer which can do a huge amount of damage. A 10⭐ is enough to get you to Nightmare with ease.

idle heroes Karim 10 Stars


He is indeed crazy in Aspen as he can significantly do tons of damage while healing himself awesomely. His sustain is enough to help you break through a lot of waves in the Nightmare stages.

idle heroes Sigmund 10 Stars


He might be not good in PvP. However, in PvE and Aspen, he is god. Because he doesn’t have any healing ability for his own, you should use him with a damage reduction artifact and use the restore potion wisely. He will indeed help you get much further in the Aspen Dungeon. He himself can easily clear out most of the waves in Nightmare stage.

idle heroes Gerke 10 Stars


He is like a Norma-god with the extremely amazing skill set that builds up tons of Holy Damage to break through almost any wall. The heal-self ability is also

Other S-Tier Heroes That I Don’t Need To Explain Because They Are Just So Good

idle heroes Valkyrie 10 Stars idle heroes FB 10 Stars idle heroes King Barton 10 Stars idle heroes heart watcher 10 Stars idle heroes mihm 10 Stars idle heroes jahra 10 Stars idle heroes skerei 10 Stars idle heroes barea 10 Stars

Top Tier Heroes For Aspen Dungeon

idle heroes blood blade

Blood Blade

A classic Aspen hero that deals tons of burst damage. He also heals himself nicely after killing the enemies. You only need to pay attention to him when he faces a wall of strong enemies as he can’t sustain the HP and doesn’t have enough damage to kill them all.

idle heroes dominator


He might be not a good choice in other playgrounds. However, with his 38% freeze chance, 600% heal and 112% heal from each attack, he is more than decent for the Difficult waves. He doesn’t have enough damage to defeat walls tho.

idle heroes lutz


Take a look at his 3rd skill. It gives him the 400% attack heal for 5 consecutive rounds which is insane. Also, the 40% Armour Break is excellent at breaking walls. Note: His 3rd skill only triggered when he is below 80% so pay attention to that and always heal him above 80% before the next round!

idle heroes corpsedemon


A well-known tanker in Idle Heroes with tons of HP. He is not good at beating enemies which have healing, however he is excellent at beating the first waves.

idle heroes dantalian


Heal-self while taking damage. This gives him a great sustain for Aspen. Not good at breaking walls tho.

idle heroes groo


This incredible meat-shield can easily carry you to Difficult when used properly. He can easily deal with 4 Blood Blades at once. His healing ability stacks up over time. However, he can’t destroy a huge wall of HP like Gerke. You need heroes like Sigmund to get through that.

idle heroes lord-balrogBalrog

Great at single-targeting. Nice self-heal ability. He is a great tanker which can sustain. Not great vs walls.

idle heroes eddga


Easy to get the copies, very underrated, great for Aspen. He can heal himself and buff himself for the potential to clear big walls.

idle heroes asmodel


Good hero in Aspen. Pretty tanky. He could lay down lots of crits for breaking walls. He is similar to Sigmund but not as good.

idle heroes Michelle


High damage, can target 4 enemies at once while healing herself. Immune to CC.

Basic Tier Aspen Heroes

idle heroes norma


Norma is always a excellent choice for new players. Getting her to 6⭐ at the early game is quite easy as we all start with her at the beginning. She can deal great damage and heal when both dealing or taking damage. At 9⭐, If she is the strongest one in your team, you can easily complete the Brave Trial all the time. Then, you can use her to fodder later.

idle heroes starlight


Pretty similar to Blood Blade but a bit weaker. She is also a great choice for beginners as everyone has her after the first 30-day login bonus.

idle heroes ormus


The best healer in the game. However, he is not great at breaking walls and he can die very easily to Blood Blades.

Situational Heroes

These heroes are excellent If you use the overcharge trick mentioned above with them to break through walls

idle heroes walter idle heroes baade idle heroes iceblink idle heroes mirage idle heroes barea idle heroes Queen idle heroes Malasa idle heroes demon-hunter idle heroes faceless idle heroes das-moge idle heroes amuvor

Guide written by Cheese S111 Android.


idle heroes aspen dungeon infographic

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