Battle Status Icons – What Are Their Meanings?

While in the Idle Heroes battles, you might have noticed there are some status icons appearing and disappearing on top of the Heroes, right?

idle heroes battle status icons

So what are those?

  • Blue icons = buff.
  • Red icons = debuff.

attack buff statusAttack increased by X%attack reduceAttack reduced by x%
crit chance buffCrit Chance increased by x%crit chance reduceCrit Chance reduced by x%
crit damage buffCrit Damage increased by x%crit damage reduceCrit Damage reduced by x%
armor buffArmor increased by x%armor reduceArmor reduced by x%
armor break buffArmor Break increased by x%armor break reduceArmor Break reduced by x%
speed buffSpeed increased by x%speed reduceSpeed reduced by x%
hit buffHit increased by x%hit reduceHit reduced by x%
dodge buffBlock increased by x%dodge reduceBlock reduced by x%
skill damage buffSkill Damage increased by x%skill damage reduceSkill Damage reduced by x%
holy damage buffHoly Damage increased by x%holy damage reduceHoly Damage reduced by x%
reduced damage buffReduced Damage increased by x%
Damage Over Time Effects
poisoningSuffers Poisoning damage for X rounds
bleedingSuffers Bleeding damage for X rounds
burningSuffers Burning damage for X rounds

Battle Status Icons – What Are Their Meanings?
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