Idle Heroes Beginner’s Guide: 50+ Most Essential Tips For New Players

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Daily Quests

Most of the new users have the same mistake. They use their own  heroic summon scroll Heroic Summon Scroll to complete the Daily Quests.

After you have a full team of 5⭐ Heroes, do not use your heroic summon scroll Heroic Summon Scroll for the Daily Quests.

Hence, you should only complete all of the Daily Quests when you have a free Heroic Summon Scroll (every 2 days).

It is very crucial to mention that saving Heroic Summon Scrolls is extremely important for the Heroic Summon Events. Saving your items for Events in Idle Heroes is always the ultimate goal of almost all players.

When you don’t have the free Heroic Summon Scroll, do not complete the Heroic Summon Quest and the Casino Quest. Because:

  • No Strategy = 10xgem Gems in profit.
  • Strategy = 40xgem + 2xchip = 100xgem in profit.

how to use gold for new players idle heroes

The Importance of Gold

It’s very hard to stress this enough. You just need to remember:


Gold is used a lot, in high quantity, for upgrading Guide Techs, Stones, Pets and leveling up your Heroes from the mid game.

Wasting your Gold at the early game is a huge mistake. I have seen a lot of players getting lots of struggles in the mid game because of not having enough Gold.

Because of that:

  1. Buy only arena ticket Arena Tickets and 3⭐ + 4⭐ Hero Shards in the Marketplace using Gold.
  2. Forge only the cheapest items for the Blacksmith Quest. Do not upgrade unnecessary items. Forging high level items wastes you tons of Gold.
  3. Think twice before leveling up your Heroes. You don’t need to levelup them all real quick.
  4. Do not upgrade the Stone of a Hero higher than jade stone level 3 Jade Stones If you will not go with him/her to the mid/end game. (The ones that don’t have the 10⭐ form).

idle heroes events

Events (The Most Important Part)

Growth in Idle Heroes is all about Events.

Everything about the Evens can be read at here.

I will just be mentioning some of the mistakes new players usually do while playing Idle Heroes!

Do Not Do These Once You’ve Had A Decent Team Of 5⭐ Heroes.

  • Spending prophet orb Prophet Orbs, Heroic Scrolls, Casino Chips and Hero Shards whenever you get them.
  • Using a small amount of items during the Events to get the small prizes.
  • Using wrong items to complete Events. For example, using Heroic Scrolls for completing Miracle is completely a fail.
  • Spending the hard-earned items on Events which don’t give you the prizes you need. For example, If you don’t need that Valentino, don’t spend 400 Heroic Summon Scrolls in the Heroic Summon Event.
  • Fusing Heroes when there is no prize left for you in the Fusion Event.
  • Using Hero Shards outside the Heroic Miracle Event.
  • Fusing Dark and Light Heroes outside of the Heroic Miracle Event.
  • Completing 6 and 7⭐ Quests when not having enough to get the prizes.

The best way to have a great growth is to save all of the event items properly:

Using the Event items randomly while playing definitely causes a huge loss to your overall progression. It’s better to skip the Events If you can’t get a decent prize.

Being patient is the key.

Also, take a look at this guide to see all of the mistakes people usually do at the beginning…

idle heroes heroes


I will not make a full list of Heroes here. Instead, new players should take a look at the Heroes page and do some researches.

I recommend taking a look at Heroes that have the 10⭐ form and see if they have a huge difference between the 10⭐ and 9⭐ form. They should be in your team at the mid-late game. Doing your own researches is a very fun part of playing Idle Heroes.

Most 10⭐ heroes have additional ability on their active skills after upgrading.

There are a few Heroes which are good in multiple game modes (Marauders, Guild Bosses, Aspen, PvP,…) like idle heroes vesa Vesa, idle heroes valkyrie Valkyrie, idle heroes karim Karim, idle heroes sigmund Sigmund etc.

There are a few ways to get the best heroes in Idle Heroes:

  • Event Rewards. Yes, event again. I strongly recommend you guys take a look at the event guide at here.
  • Heroic Summon Scrolls.
  • Prophet Orbs,
  • Prophet Branches.

In most cases, Hero Shards 5 star hero shard do not give great Heroes in the top tiers.

By making the most of Heroic Scrolls and Prophet Orbs, you will get the best Heroes. Only use them during the Events.

3 Kinds Of Heroes

Group 1: 5⭐ Heroes which are upgrade-able to 10⭐!

Examples: idle heroes iceblink idle heroes rosa idle heroes sigmund idle heroes skerei

These Heroes can only be summoned in the 5⭐ form, meaning it’s hard to get them, meaning they are naturally stronger.

They are obviously the best Heroes. They should be in your end-game team.

All of the other heroes are basically the fodders for them.

When upgrading your Heroes, try not to use them as fodder.

Group 2: 4⭐ Heroes which are upgrade-able to 9⭐!

Examples: idle heroes norma idle heroes aleria idle heroes Divine Spirit idle heroes grey-eyed

They are quite nice, especially during the early game.

Because their first form is 4⭐, it is very easy to obtain them, helping you upgrade them to 6⭐ and 9⭐ very fast.

When we want to upgrade a Hero to 10⭐, we need to sacrifice a 9⭐ Hero. Thus, using Heroes in the Group 2 for this job is ideal. You should keep this in mind while playing the game.

Aleria and Norma are maybe the only worthwhile Heroes in this group, or maybe also Sierra if you like boobs.

Group 3: 4⭐ Heroes which are upgrade-able to only 5⭐!

Examples: idle heroes kargath idle heroes wind-walker idle heroes tanner idle heroes lm-02

All of these Heroes are absolute garbage. However, they are very useful at being fodders.

They are also the main sources when you want to get some luck by using Prophet Branches to replace them.

Remember this: Most of the 5⭐ heroes are roughly the same so you don’t need to ask for recommendations If your team are full of 5⭐ Heroes.

If you upgrade a Group-3 Hero to level 100, it’s fine tho, you can sacrifice it later when upgrading the better ones to 6⭐.

Just don’t waste your resources on Treasure Stones of these Heroes and you will be fine.


Do not forget that there are lots of stores in the game where you can buy 5⭐ Heroes but the only worthwhile ones are Altar Shop and Wishing Fountain (Casino) Shop.

Only buy ones which are in the Group 1 and only buy them If you already have a copy of them. Having only 1 copy of them doesn’t make any scene at all.

dark factionDark & light factionLight Heroes

Dark and Light Heroes are extremely hard to get and upgrade. Thus, do not upgrade any of them past 6⭐ until you have enough copies for 10⭐+.

Any of the Group 1 Dark/Light Heroes are excellent for any team. They are born to be Legends.

Treasure Stones

Sorry but I have to mention this once again.

Do not upgrade the Stones past Green level If you are not going to upgrade them to 10⭐.

After Green stones, upgrading them costs a lot of resources, making it a huge loss to your overall progression.

tavern idle heroes


You can reset your Tavern quests. It costs 10 Gems per quest for every reroll.

In general, it is ideal to reroll your Tavern Quests every day.

For new players, I strongly recommend following these tips:

  • Do any quest that gives over 20 Gems in value (1xchip, 2xarena ticketheroic summon scroll etc).
  • Do any quest that gives 15+ 4 star hero shard.
  • Do all 5⭐, 6⭐ and 7⭐ Quests.
  • Re-roll the others and repeat until you have 1 quest left.

The idea here is to keep a decent amount of Gems to reroll quests every day. Most of the time, you will get profits so don’t hesitate to spend your Gems here.

Reroll until you have 2 Quests left. At here, see whether you are positive or negative in Gems. If you are positive, keep rerolling. Otherwise, take the Quests left.

Although you can get a decent amount of event items from Quests every day, consider not doing reroll If you have better deals from Gem Boxes, Aspen Dungeon or random Market offers in that day.

Last but not least, save 6⭐ and 7⭐ Quests for the Tavern Event.

idle heroes prophet tree

Prophet Tree

Always save prophet orb Prophet Orbs and never use them until the Event.

Never use a 4⭐ for the reroll. Always replace Group 3 5⭐ Heroes for the Group 1 5⭐ Heroes.

Getting 5⭐ Heroes from the Dark/Light house is extremely hard. It’s a lot better to spend Orbs on the other houses. Forest and Abyss give the best results as they have most of the best Heroes.

If you have enough 80prophet orb for the Event, consider spend a small part of them on the other houses besides Forest and Abyss. That will help you a lot in the next Miracle events.

idle heroes marketplace


It is recommended to save your gem Gems at first for the Treasure Box Event. Only spend a little of Gems for shopping until you reach at least 10k gem Gems.

The best thing you should buy before you have 10k Gems is the 5xprophet orb = 2250 gem Gems deal in Aspen.

Must BuysMust Buys (When You Have Over 10k Gems)Should Buys
5xarena ticket =  300Kgold8xchip = 240gem3⭐ Hero = 300Kgold
8xheroic summon scroll = 1,000gem4⭐ Hero = 1500Kgold
1xprophet orb = 500gem500hero promotion stone = 1000Kgold

Most of the times, there are better deals than these in the Aspen Dungeon. Always spend your money in Aspen first, before shopping in the Marketplace. For more details about what to buy in Aspen, take a look at this guide.

idle heroes event raid

Event Raid

Always complete your Event Raids every day.

After level 100, it is totally worth it to buy the extra battles for extra Hero shards.

idle heroes event altar


Your 3⭐ Shards from Event Raids will be the main source of soul stone shard Soul Stone Shards in the Altar. Soul Stone Shards can be used to purchase very rare Heroes in the Altar shop and the Heroes Exchange event, located at the top right of the Altar screen.

During the Heroic Summon Events, you will have to destroy tons of 3⭐ to get enough Hero spaces. From the mid game, after completing the Heroic Summon Event, you will have enough soul stone shard Soul Stone Shards for buying a rare Hero in the Altar Shop.

It’s not worth it to sacrifice 4/5⭐ Heroes. It’s better to save them for the other Events.

Refreshing the Altar Shop costs 5Ksoul stone shard. Only do this If you want to buy a Hero you already bought before. Most of the time, it’s not worth to do this.

idle heroes casino

Wishing Fountain (Casino/Super Casino)

The main places to get chip Wishing Coins or Casino Chips are Marketplace, Aspen Dungeon and Tavern. If you are level 2+ VIP, you will get some Chips every day.

During the Casino event, aim for the max Casino prizes and 4 star dark hero shard 4 star light hero shard Dark/Light Shards on the wheel before spinning it.

casino max rewards

It’s recommended to use only 1 super chip Super Wishing Coin (Super Chip) for each spin instead of 10 at once because there are times you get the Heroes right at the first spins and the rest Super Chips will become a waste.

idle heroes campaign


  • Your loots and EXP will not increase after 8 hours so always try to collect them every 8 hours.
  • The power of your team doesn’t affect the farming speed in Campaigns.
  • For every 5 campaign levels, the last one always drops 5 star hero shard Hero Shards of a faction. If you don’t care about getting just a little bit more EXP (after level 100), having your team farming in those campaigns is great. In a long run, this will give you a lot of  5 star hero shard.



Only forge 3 cheapest gears every day for the Daily Quest and that’s all.

This is where most players waste hundreds of millions of Gold at the early game.

Forging gears in Blacksmith is exponentially worse.

Do not upgrade your gears. Don’t do that!

You will lose tons of Gold and at the end of the days you will want to sell all of those forged gears.

If you follow all of the tips in this guide, you will get a lot of top gears from Event prizes. You will also get some decent sets from the Tower of Oblivion as well.

In the end, you will want to upgrade tons of 3-4⭐ Orange Sets to get the 6⭐ Orange Set but trust me, it is not significantly better but you will waste a lot of Gold.

Just be patient and you will get lots of great sets from Events.

idle heroes brave trial

Brave Trial

Read this first: The Best Tips To Win Brave Trial.

This is a perfect place to get the chaos stone Chaos Stones for your Pets and it’s the only thing you want to buy until you max out your first Pet.

During the early game, you can use this trick to clear out the Brave Trial with ease: Only level up your Norma past 40 and keep the others at 40. A level 100 Norma can help you clear the whole Brave Trial with easy for tons of dragon scale Dragon Scales.

idle heroes monsters

Monsters (Pets)

Choosing the right Pet is extremely important. This could make your game, or break it. This is even more important during the early game.

Leveling up your Monsters/Pets costs a lot of Gold and this is one of the main reason not to waste your Gold.

Here is a small comparison of the best Pets right now for you:

Assuming they are all maxed.

Best forPvEPvP +PvEPvPPvP +PvEPvP
Damage/Attack (roughly)180K280K360K530K360K

Buffs Attack, Block, Armor and Speed.


Grants Energy, Skill Damage and Precision.


Grants Holy Damage, Crit and Crit Damage.


Buffs Skill Damage, Speed and Block.


Grants Crit Damage, Armor and Precision.

CommentNo CCPotentially being summoned more than the othersMost popular Pet at lower-level PVPsNo CC. Seems good for almost all thingsDecent for Crit Team

For more details, take a look at the Monsters/Pets page!

In short, for new players, Wolf > Fox > Snake > Deer.

aspen dungeon

Aspen Dungeon

Read this for more detailsAspen Dungeon Guide: Best Heroes and Tips for Aspen

In short, Aspen Dungeon has 5 stages in total: Easy → Normal → Difficult → Nightmare → Hell.

Each level has 100 waves of Monsters and you have to defeat all of them to get to the next stage.

In each fight, 1 of your Hero will fight against 1 to 4 enemies at once. After the fight, HP and Energy will not be restored. This makes Heroes with self-healing very good in this game mode.

Norma is the perfect choice for new players. She is enough to get you to Normal stage. About the others, take a look at the guide above.

About buying items in Aspen

  • The Handsome Boy: Buy everything in Gold except spirit hero promotion stone (optional).
  • The Baroness Lady: Buy everything except 4 star hero shard 5 star hero shard Hero Shards and heroic summon scroll Heroic Summon Scrolls.
  • The Old Lady: Buy everything except 5 star hero shard 4 star hero shard Hero Shards. Buying heroic summon scroll Heroic Summon Scrolls here is optional since you can get the same discount in the Marketplace.

idle heroes guild


Guide is an extremely important part of the game.

There is a special currency for spending in Guide, it’s the guild coin Guild Coins. Guild Coins can be used for shopping or for Tech building. Guild Coins can be earned by doing check-in every day, raiding Guild Bosses, doing Guild Wars and dong Mill Quests.

In most case, only use Guild Coins for upgrading Techs. You should never use them to buy anything in the Store.

idle heroes tech upgrades

By upgrading the Techs in Guild, your Heroes stats will be significantly increased a lot. The Techs buff your Heroes everywhere in the game and will not be removed even when you leave the Clan. They are permanent.

Tech is one of the most important things you should pay attention to while playing Idle Heroes.

Each class (priest rolePriest,warrior roleWarrior,ranger roleRanger,mage roleMage andassassin roleAssassin) has its own Tech tree. Upgrade the first tech of a class to at least 10 to unlock the next one.

Normally, focus on the tech tree of the class your team has the most. For example, If your team has 3 Mage, 1 Warrior, 1 Assassin and 1 Priest, focus on the Mage Techs first.

If you have Vesa (or a Top Tier Hero for Aspen), upgrading the Priest Techs is a must because she can help you get much further in Aspen, also she can easily carry your team.

Generally, I recommend upgrading the Tech trees till the Speed node and then max out the first two nodes. Then, focus on Speed.

The last two nodes are the most expensive however they significantly impact the power of your team. Upgrading them is totally worth it.

No worries If you mess up a tree, you can reset it the first time for free.

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