Blacksmith and The Dwarves’ Blessing Event (Best Tips Included)

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What is the Blacksmith?

Updated November 16th, 2018

The Blacksmith is a feature which is accessible from the moment you start the game. It allows you to upgrade your hero equipment.

Only weapons, trinkets, chests and boots can be upgraded at the Blacksmith.

The Blacksmith requires 3x copies of an item and and a small fee of GoldGold to create 1x copy of the upgraded item.

Example: 3xPlate Of The Courageous → 1xGlory Armor

The Gray Dwarves’ Blessing Event allows you to upgrade 1x full set of equipment at once for a much higher fee of GoldGem.

Example: Sword Of The CourageousPedant Of The CourageousBoots Of The Courageous  Plate Of The CourageousGlory Warrior Sword Glory Ring Glory Boots Glory Armor

You can read more about the Gray Dwarves’ Blessing Event.

CLICK HERE: Stat increase from 4* -> 5* -> 6* gear

Note! The cost shown on the two images below are from the Gray Dwarves’ Blessing Event. Not the Blacksmith

How to upgrade equipment

Upgrading your items to 6⭐ is way more important than you would think. A 9⭐ hero in full 6⭐ equipment can have ~50% more Power than the same hero in full 4⭐ equipment.

Let’s find out whether to upgrade equipment through the Blacksmith or the Gray Dwarves’ Blessing Event.

The mathematical calculations can be found here.


From 3⭐ equipment
3⭐ → 4⭐6.4M Gold
3⭐ → 4⭐ → 5⭐27.2M Gold
3⭐ → 4⭐ → 5⭐ → 6⭐91.6M Gold

This means that using the Blacksmith to upgrade 3⭐ equipment all the way up to 6⭐ is actually a tiny bit cheaper GoldGold wise than through the Event. You also save 4000xGem which makes it very worthwhile.

The only problem is that it costs an large amount of 3⭐ equipment. It requires 27x 3⭐ equipment to create 1x 6⭐.

You can receive 1x 3⭐ equipment from the Light/Dark part of the Heroic Miracle Event as well as summoning the hero of the week during the Heroic Scroll Summon Event. Thus, the ways of acquiring the necessary gear is very limited.

From 4⭐ equipment
4⭐ → 5⭐8M Gold
4⭐ → 5⭐ → 6⭐34M Gold

Using the Blacksmith to create 6⭐ gear starting from 4⭐ gear costs around ⅓ of the price compared to starting from 3⭐. That is an incredible low amount to spend in relation to the huge power increase you receive.

It costs a total of 9x 4⭐ equipment to create 1x 6⭐.

You can receive 4⭐ equipment from the Shelter Event and Treasure Box Event.

Gray Dwarves’ Blessing Event

From 4⭐ equipment
4⭐ → 5⭐40M Gold & 1500xGem
4⭐ → 5⭐ → 6⭐100M Gold & 4000xGem

Now you may wonder if it is worth to upgrade your items through the Gray Dwarves’ Blessing Event since it is more expensive than using the Blacksmith.

But since 3⭐ and 4⭐ equipment is relatively difficult to get in large quantities upgrading items through the Blacksmith takes a lot of time. By paying a higher fee of you get to skip gathering multiple full sets of equipment and can upgrade 1 set of 4⭐ equipment directly to 1 set of 6⭐ equipment. It is very worthwhile.

Special Thanks to u/AbysmalBiscuit

Guide submitted by u/Shadeqt


Blacksmith and The Dwarves’ Blessing Event (Best Tips Included)
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