How Blocks Actually Block Crits and Hits

Since there isn’t any real research about this yet, I decided to do some simple tests of these attributes and got some very interesting results.

critical and block

According to DHGames,

  • When a Hero triggers block, he/she will take 33% less damage from the attack.
  • Precision reduces the opponent’s chance of triggering Block.

However, is that all? Is there any hidden maths after this? Let’s find out!

I collected the sample data of normal hit, blocked hit and blocked critical hit via the Friendly Fights in game.

The first test

I used idle heroes Demon Hunter 10 Stars Demon Hunter with the artifact magic source Magic Source to get 6 hits early for testing fast.

At first, after 100 attacks, I didn’t get a single critical hit. It was not possible to get a single critical hit, which wasn’t blocked for 5 of the enemy heroes and for the other it was not possible to get a normal hit, which was blocked.

This inclined that there was a link between block and crit.

The second test

Next, did another test using idle heroes Vesa 10 Stars Vesa (75% block, full tech, using augustus magic ball Magic Ball).

Most people would expect that 25% of the crit hits would not be blocked.

However, after doing like 100 tests, it was impossible to get a single critical hit, which was not blocked.

Conclusion – The Link Between Block and Crit

After doing some other tests, I can conclude that:

  • [Block] – [Precision] > [Crit]: All Crits will get blocked, Normal Hits can be blocked.
  • [Block] – [Precision] < [Crit]: A Crit can be blocked, Normal Hits cannot be blocked.
  • [Block] – [Precision] = [Crit]: All Crit will be blocked, Normal Hits can’t be blocked.

Or shorter version:

  • If Block – Precision ≥ Crit: The Defender can ALWAYS block every single crit.
  • If Block – Precision ≤ Crit: Then Defender can NEVER block a normal hit.

Note: Block is from defender, Precision + Crit are from attacker.

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How Blocks Actually Block Crits and Hits
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