Brave Trial Guide – The Easiest Tricks To Win Brave Trial

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What is the Brave Trial

Updated November 16th, 2018

The Brave Trial is a feature that unlocks at level 40. It is open for 24 hours, after which, it is closed for the next 24 hours. Thus, it is accessible every other day.

The Brave Trial consists of 15 stages where you must fight opponents (arena teams) of varying strength.

There are 2 limitations.

  1. Only heroes at or above level 40 can fight.
  2. Heroes do not regenerate health in between each battle.

You can change line-up and even replace dead heroes in between each battle.

For every 3 stages you complete, you can open a chest which contains dragon scaleDragon Scales and goldGold.

idle heroes starlight brave trial challenge

What To Buy In The Brave Shop?

The Brave Trial Shop is the only store which accepts dragon scale Dragon Scales as a currency.

The sortiment in the Brave Trial Shop contains a mixture of 4 star hero shard Hero Shards, magic dust Magic Dust as well as monster resources: monster soul Monster Souls and chaos stone Chaos Stones.

The general consensus is that you should primarily be spending your hard earned dragon scale Dragon Scales on monster resources. This is particularly important if you do not yet have a monster which is completely maxed out.

Of the two monster resources, monster soul Monster Souls is the easiest to obtain elsewhere. Thus, you should spend your Dragon Scales on buying chaos stoneChaos Stones.

idle heroes brave trial shop

How to Complete the Brave Trial


  • Level 100 idle heroes norma Norma is a formidable Tank due to her healing capabilities when hitting an enemy and when getting hit by an enemy.
    • Using Norma as a solo hero for the first 9 stages (if possible) can allow you to keep all your heroes alive before the harder stages.
  • Typical healers such as idle heroes thale Thale, idle heroes ormus Ormus or idle heroes vesa Vesa become significantly more important and even using 2 healers on the same team can be beneficial.
  • The second position (in the team setup) is generally the safest position as most heroes’ Active Skill target the back-line while their Basic Attack target the first position.
  • Buy monster resources from the Brave Trial Shop. Preferably buy chaos stone Chaos Stones.
    • Monsters do not increase your Total Power. However, they do bring very powerful special attacks and auras to help you defeat your enemies.
  • Unequip all Gear and Artifacts from heroes before entering the Brave Trial to significantly decrease your Total power icon Power and face weaker opponents.
  • Use a 6* idle heroes starlight Starlight to reliably heal the hero with the lowest health every time you kill an enemy.

Opponent’s power icon Power Calculation

The Power of your opponents in the Brave Trial is based on the Total power iconPower of your 6 “strongest” heroes. In this case, “strongest” refers to the highest power iconPower value of a given hero.

Gear and Artifacts equipped by heroes are included in the calculation of their power iconPower value.

The opponents in the Brave Trial start out being relatively weak since stage 1-8 are approximately half of your Total power iconPower.
Generally, the Brave Trial becomes difficult from stage 9 and onwards as you will face opponents just below your Total power iconPower from stage 9-11

and start facing opponents equal to your Total power iconPower from stage 12-15.

The table below depicts an opponent’s Total power iconPower on each given stage in relation to your own power iconTotal Power.


Note! Notice the oddity that stage 13 is weaker than stage 12.

Your Total power icon Power: 8000
CoefficientOpponent’s Total PowerStages

The opponent’s Total power iconPower of a given stage is calculated by multiplying the Coefficient of the given stage with Your Total power iconPower. 

Coefficient[stage] * Your Total Power = Enemy Total Power[stage]

For instance, the opponent’s Total power iconPower in stage 6 is calculated by:


2 Tricks For An Easy Brave Trial

Trick #1: Micromanagement of Heroes and Gear

  • Unequip Gear and Artifacts from heroes before entering the Brave Trial to significantly decrease your Total power iconPower.
  • If necessary, equip a speed iconSpeed Artifact on your healer(s) to ensure they get their healing abilities off before the battle is over.
  • Only equip your gear if it is absolutely necessary for your survival in the next round
    • or if the next opponent is stage 15.

Remember to re-equip your heroes after your Brave Trial run.

unequip gears idle heroes

Theory Behind Unequipping Gear

Unequipping your heroes to decrease your Total Power will make you face weaker opponents. However, you will also become weaker.

So why is it a good idea to unequip my heroes?

Examples throughout this section contain randomly chosen heroes. Not necessarily heroes that are good in the Brave Trial.

Some heroes gain an extra ability when they are upgraded to a higher ⭐ form.

  • Time-mageTime Mage receives an extra passive when upgraded from 4⭐ to 5⭐. The passive changes his Basic Attack to target 2 enemies.
  • StarlightStarlight receives an extra passive when upgraded from 5⭐ to 6⭐. The passive heals an ally whenever an enemy is killed.

Some heroes (most, if not all) gains an improved version of their abilities when upgraded to a higher ⭐ form.

  • ZekkisZekkis’ Active Skill and Basic Attack changes to heal more allies when upgraded from 4⭐ to 5⭐.
  • WalterWalter’s Active Skill changes to hit twice as many enemies, effectively doubling the damage of the Active Skill when upgraded from 5⭐ to 6⭐.

Neither the additional abilities nor the improvements to existing abilities increase the Power value of a hero. However, they do offer an extra edge over their unupgraded counterpart.

Furthermore, if we look away from the ability changes for a second and compare two heroes equal in Power, but with ⭐ differences between them. It can then be assumed that the attack icon Attack and hearth icon Health values are relatively similar due to the lower ⭐ hero using equipment and the higher ⭐ hero being unequipped. However, the higher ⭐ hero will still have the edge in a head-to-head battle since the innate armor icon Armor and speed icon Speed values are higher.

Trick #2: Use a 6⭐ Starlight

  • StarlightStarlight’s 4th ability (gained at 6⭐) Spiritual Attunement heals the ally with the lowest health for [20%] of their maximum health whenever an enemy is killed.
  • The heal depends on the maximum health of the target, which means it scales well with high level teams as it does not depend on Attack like most ordinary heals.
  • Regardless of her Speed or being CC’d the heal will occur as long as an enemy is killed.
  • If your team mainly consists of heroes at or above 9⭐, she can even be upgraded to 9⭐ which boost the heal to be [30%] of the target’s maximum health.

Brave Trial Rewards

golddragon scalegolddragon scale

Special thanks to u/S13gfr13d, u/87slak, u/paladinzzy, u/Gellenduo

Guide submitted by u/Shadeqt


Brave Trial Guide – The Easiest Tricks To Win Brave Trial
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