Campaign (Auto-Battle) Mode

What is Campaign in Idle Heroes?

The Campaign is definitely the core feature of Idle Heroes. This is when you can set your team “idle” and start earning rewards, just like the name of the game.

There are four levels of Campaign with the difficult ascending:

  1. Normal
  2. Nightmare
  3. Hell
  4. Death

Each Campaign level has various scenarios and each scenario has couples of stages.

Each stage requires you to have a certain amount of team power and level to enter.

You need to defeat the current latest stage to advance into the next one. The higher stage you can get to, the more gold Gold, spirit Spirits,exp icon EXP and items you can earn.

You can also increase the the amount of loot you can get by upgrading your VIP level. More information can be read at Idle Heroes VIP Levels – What Are The Costs and The Benefits?

idle heroes campaign


  1. Information: Tap here for more details about loot of the current stage. You can see how much Gold, Spirits and EXP you can get per 5 seconds, the items you can get for idling at here etc.
  2. Get: Tap here to collect all of the Gold, Spirits and EXP you got after idling. Remember to collect this at least one time for every 8 hours.
  3. Leaderboard: Tap here to see top players with the highest levels and their achievements. Who are in the higher stages will be at top.
  4. Team: Click here to set your team for the Auto-Battle. Add as many Heroes as you can at here. This doesn’t affect your loot farming speed while idling so If your team is stronger, you will not get any extra loot. Your total team strength must be higher than requirement to unlock the next stages.
  5. Hero: List of your available Heroes.
  6. Map: This is where you can observe the whole map of the campaign mode. However you can’t enter any sense If you haven’t unlocked it yet.
  7. Loot: The place to collect all of the items dropped from the stage when idling. Remember to collect these at least once for every 8 hours.
  8. Passed: This shows that I have won the current stage and waiting for entering the next stage which is (10).
  9. Previous Stage: If you want to go idling in any previous stage, simply tap on them. Sometimes you want to get the other kinds of rewards, you will want to do this. However, pay attention to the stage number because you always want to get the highest amount of Gold, Spirits and EXP.
  10. Locked Stage: If you don’t have enough level or team power, you can’t enter the next stage.

Advanced Information

When you select a stage, your team will start fighting in the auto-battle mode and earn loot overtime.

The auto-battle mode can be only active for a maximum of 8 hours. After 8 hours of idling, your team will not generate any additional loot. You should enter the game and collect loot at least one time every 8 hours.

When you enter a stage for the first time, you need to battle to defeat the monsters in order to get into the next stage and get an one-time reward. You need to do this only one time.

Every 5 stages have the same quality of loot:

  • The #1 stage always drops weapons.
  • The #2 stage always drops armors.
  • The #3 stage always drops accessories.
  • The #4 stage always drops boots.
  • The #5 stage drops all of the loot from the previous 4 stages. Monsters are stronger. You can receive Hero shards on the #5 stage.
Campaign (Auto-Battle) Mode
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