Casino and Super Casino (Wishing Fountain) – Tips and Rewards

What is Wishing Fountain (Casino) in Idle Heroes?

Note: Casino has been renamed to Wishing Fountain!

The only way to spin the Wishing Fountain is to use the Wishing Coins (Casino Chips).

One Chip gives you one spin. If you are VIP 2 or above or above level 80, you can spin 10 times at once with just 8 Chips.

The odd of getting a 5⭐ Hero in Wishing Fountain (Casino) is just 0.1%. Hence, this is the worst place If you are looking for 5⭐ Hero. Instead, you should focus on the other rewards.

The Wishing Fountain (Casino) is a great place for gettinggold Gold,magic dust Magic Dust, spirit Spirit and monster soul Monster Souls.

The higher your level is, the more rewards you get.

idle heroes casino

Idle Heroes Wishing Fountain (Casino) Rewards

Levelgold Goldspirit Spiritmagic dust Magic Dust 

Details for the other rewards will be updated very soon.

The amount of Gold/Spirit/Magic Dust on the wheel varies after each refresh.

The chance of getting the lowest reward is 55%, the next one is 45% and the highest one is 5%.

Before you do a lot of spins like during the Casino Event, it is strongly recommended to take a look at the amount of resources on the wheel. You want to make the most if your Chips, so you want to have the highest Gold/Spirit/Magic Dust etc. possible.

If your level is high enough, you can also get 4 star dark hero shard 4 star light hero shard 4⭐ Dark/Light Hero shards from the Casino Wheel as well, which are also valuable rewards you should pay attention to. They will help you complete the next Heroic Miracle Event a lot easier.

You can refresh the Casino wheel for free once every 3 hours. If you don’t want to wait, you can spend 50 gem Gems for each spin and it is not recommended to do so.

You get a forced refresh after 24 hours from the last refresh. There is a countdown timer on the screen showing this.

If you are lucky to get some rare items, they will be shadowed and you will not be able to get them again before refreshing the Casino.

casino max rewards

These are 4 Heroes available from the Casino Wheel:

idle heroes mirage idle heroes lutz idle heroes dragon-slayer idle heroes gusta

Once again, the chance of getting them from the Casino is only 0.1%

The Casino Store a.k.a Lucky Store

For every spin on the Idle Heroes Casino, you receive 10x luck coin casino icon Luck Coin. If you can do 10 spins at once for only 8 Chips, you will receive 100x luck coin casino icon Luck Coin.

By using Luck Coin, you can purchase various items in Casino Store aka Lucky Store. It is located at the top right of the Casino screen.

If you don’t like the being shown items, you can refresh the store for free once every 24 hours. If you don’t want to wait, you can use 50 Luck Coin to refresh it.

500 luck coin casino iconcourage hammer courage armorcourage boots courage medal
1,200 luck coin casino iconhunter crossbow hunter cuirass hunter boots hunter necklace
3,000 luck coin casino iconelemental wand elemental cape elemental boots elemental amulet
6,800 luck coin casino iconstaff of prophecy robe of prophecy boots of prophecy ring of prophecy
8,000 luck coin casino iconidle heroes lutz idle heroes mirage idle heroes fat-mu idle heroes dragon-slayer
10,000 luck coin casino iconidle heroes kharma idle heroes od-01 idle heroes lord-balrog
12,000 luck coin casino icon idle heroes eddga

idle heroes super casino

What is (Super Wishing Fountain) Super Casino?

The Super Wishing Fountain (Super Casino) is like a “super” version of the normal Wishing Fountain (Casino). You need to be at least level 80 or VIP 3 to use the Super Casino.

You can only spin the Super Casino wheel by usingsuper chip Super Wishing Coins (Super Chips). 1 super chip Super Chip = 1 Spin.

There are only a few ways to get the Super Chips:

  • Buy in the Marketplace. 2xsuper chip = 500xgem
  • Event daily rewards.
  • Event prizes.

You can refresh the Super Casino once every 3 hours. If you don’t want to wait, you can refresh it with 100xgem however I am not recommend doing this.

The wheel will be forced to refresh after 24 hours since the last spin, just like the normal Casino.

Super Casino Spin doesn’t count towards the Casino events.

It is recommended to use a single Super Chip every time.

The odd of getting rare items in the Super Casino is not really low at all so it is recommended to spin a single Super Chip every time.

This is because If you get some rare items at the first spins, they will get shadowed and you will not have the chance to get them again before refreshing, making the rest of your spins is a waste If you spin 10 at once.

List of heroes available on the Super Casino Wheel

idle heroes corpsedemon idle heroes aidan idle heroes blood blade idle heroes walter idle heroes kamath idle heroes jahra
idle heroes flame-strike idle heroes iceblink idle heroes sigmund idle heroes miki idle heroes valentino idle heroes ormus idle heroes emily idle heroes xia
idle heroes demon-hunter idle heroes Malasa idle heroes vesa idle heroes groo idle heroes rosa idle heroes heart-watcher idle heroes eddga idle heroes valkyrie
idle heroes king-barton idle heroes Margaret idle heroes Queen idle heroes kroos idle heroes karim idle heroes skerei idle heroes dantalian idle heroes barea

Casino and Super Casino (Wishing Fountain) – Tips and Rewards
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