The Ultimate Guide to Chinese New Year Events

chinese new year event

Event Currency Overview

The new event has quite a few currencies introduced. Each of them has their own primary method of acquisition though these methods overlap quite often. It can be quite confusing to keep it all straight so this will attempt to consolidate all of that info in one place.

There are 4 different Event Currencies:

blessing bag Blessing Bags are a F2P currency. The primary method of acquisition is by spending Gems.

rose Confession Roses are a Light P2P currency. The primary method of acquisition is by spending real world money.

knot Chinese Knots are a Event currency. The primary method of acquisition is by completing the Heroic Summon Scroll Heroic Summon event.

fu Fu are a Event+P2P currency. They primary method of acquisition is by completing the Heroic Summon Scroll Heroic Summon event. However, if you want the top reward (Kiss of Ghost artifact) you will need to spend real world money.

CurrencyAuto-Loot Drop?Max Obtainable by GemsTotal Gem CostPurchasable with real world money?
blessing bag Blessing BagYES7809162NO
rose Confession RoseYES9981998YES
knot Chinese KnotsYES10001888NO
fu FuNO502666YES

chinese new year gem box

CNY Chests (Gem Boxes) and Event Packages

The CNY Chests are this event’s replacement for the standard Gem box. Each purchase will give you one of the 4 Event Currencies as well as an additional reward.

Overall for value I’d say 999 chest > 388 chest > 2666 chest > 666 chest > 1888 chest

Gem CostPurchase LimitEvent CurrencyAdditional RewardRecommendation & Notes
388320 blessing bag Blessing Bags5 Heroic Summon Scroll Heroic ScrollsDefinitely Buy!

The HS value alone makes this worthwhile. Even without the bags this is 77.6 Gem gems/HS which is far cheaper than the standard 125 Gem gems/HS.

666340 blessing bag Blessing Bags5 Super Chip Super CoinsProbably Buy!

I’m not the biggest fan of super coins. That being said 133.2 Gem gems/coin is much better than the standard 250 Gem gems/coin. If you’re aiming for Aspen at the top of the blessing bag blessing bag rewards, that makes this an easy buy.

9992499 rose Confession Roses5 Prophet Orb Prophet OrbsDefinitely Buy!

199.8 Gem gems/orb is insane value over the standard 450 Gem gems/Prophet Orb orb. rose Roses being a P2P currency is the cherry on top. This plus the $5 CNY package might even be enough to get the Whithered Armor depending on Auto-Loot drop luck.

188811000 knot Chinese KnotsSkerei SkinProbably Skip!

If you complete the Heroic Summon Event enough to get the fu Fu needed for the top rewards you’ll probably have enough knot Knots to make those purchases already. That makes this like 3/5ths of a Flamestrike, 10 Elite shards or 5 Heroic Summon Scroll Heroic Summon Scrolls. Pretty bad value. If you need the skin for Skerei it might be worth it.

2666150 fu FuXia XiaProbably Buy!

Xia is a top tier hero, getting a copy for 2.6k Gem gems isn’t a bad deal. fu Fu is an odd currency because while it’s very hard to get, the top rewards will be out of reach for most people. If you complete the Heroic summon event at least once this is probably worth it for the Aida skin. Worst case scenario the 50 fu Fu is worth 2.7 Prophet Orb prophet orbs.

There are two different types of Event Package for P2P Players. One geared towards light spenders, and one geared towards whales.

The two CNY specific packages are for light/value spenders.

  • $5 Package (True Love Treasure): 2019 Gem gems, 2 Prophet Orb Prophet Orbs, 14 Heroic Scrolls, 999 rose Roses. The total value if you ignore the roses is 4669 Gem gems or 933.8 gems/dollar. This is already a better value than the Monthly Senior Privilege Card which is the best recurring value per dollar package in the game at 800 Gem gems/dollar. This package also makes it much more likely to get the Whithered Armor artifact which is a top tier artifact. If you spend any money in this event at all this is the package to buy.

  • $30 Package (Prosperity Card): 13320 gems, 60 feathers, Variable Gold (1.32m gold/level). Feathers don’t have a set value, but a reasonable estimation seems to be 100-150 Gem gems per feather. That would put the total value at 19320-22320 Gem gems or 644-744 Gem gems/dollar. This is worse than the Monthly Senior Privilege Card (800 Gem gems/dollar) but better than the Monthly Privilege Card (560 Gem gems/dollar). This package doesn’t give any event currency so there is no need to buy this unless you want the gems/feathers at a decent price.

The standard “Value” packages are for people with lots of money to burn. You shouldn’t buy these unless you need the Event Currency to hit a premium reward because the gem/dollar ratio is terrible. Each of these packages can be bought up to 5 times.

PriceGemsHeroic ScrollsRosesRoses/dollarFuFu/dollar

blessing bag events

Blessing Bags

This is the most straightforward currency. There are only a few ways to get it and it has no interactions with any of the other event currencies.

In order to reach the top reward (copy of Aspen) you’ll need 1600 points. This will take approximately 1333 bags as each time you give a bag you have a 20% chance to get 2 points instead of 1.

You can get a guaranteed 920 bags (140 for free and 780 for Gem gems) meaning you’ll only need to get roughly 420 bags from auto-loot drops over the course of 2 weeks which should be easily obtainable. I’d recommend buying the 388 gem box x3 immediately and then waiting till the last day to see how many bags you need to get the top tier reward for the event. Use the 666 gem box and direct purchases to make up the balance.

As far as which hero to give bags to, here is a comparison of giving 700 bags to each hero

Hero# of CompletionsHeroic ScrollsOrange Arti ShardsProphet OrbsElite ShardsSuper Coins5* Shards

Emily vs Xia is about whether you value 3.5 Prophet Orb Prophet Orbs or 1 elite hero summon more. Prophet Orb Prophet Orbs have a lower individual return rate than the single elite summon, but helping to complete Prophet Orb events is very valuable.

Lutz will give you more pure fodder but you’ll miss out on the artifacts.

For brand new players who need artifacts and heroes, I’d say Emily > Xia > Lutz.

For newer players who still need artifacts but have solid roster I’d say Emily = Xia > Lutz

For veteran players who have plenty of artifacts, I’d say all 3 options are fairly well balanced. Most fodder from Lutz, help on the Prophet Orb Prophet Orb event from Xia, chance at a usable hero copy from Emily.

For a much more detailed discussion of who to give bags to, please see this post!

confession roses

Confession Roses

This currency is also fairly straightforward. You can get it primarily by spending money and auto-loot drops and has no interaction with other event currencies.

You can only get 998 roses through gem purchases, so if you want the top reward (Whithered Armor) you’ll likely need to drop $5 on the CNY package unless you get lucky with auto-drops. Since this event runs 2 weeks, based on my current auto-loot drop rate I’d say you can probably get the Cthugha copy without spending any money.

Rose CostPurchase LimitRewardRecommendation & Notes
99N/A1 Elite 5 Star Hero Fragment Elite ShardA dump for spare roses
299N/A1 Super Chip Super CoinSeems like a waste. I think I’d rather have 3 Elite shards
599110 Heroic Summon Scroll Heroic ScrollsBuy this if you can’t get anything higher
9991Queen Queen SkinI’d personally say skip. Get 10 elite shards instead.
1999150 Elite 5 Star Hero Fragment Elite ShardsBuy this if you can’t get anything higher
29991Cthugha Cthugha, Cthugha Skin, 10 FeathersBuy if you’re building a Cthugha, otherwise skip
39991Withered Armor Whithered Armor, 20 FeathersWhithered Armor is a top tier artifact. Top priority if you can get the roses.


Chinese Knots + Fu

These two are connected in both the method of acquisition as well as what you can buy with them. You get these primarily from completing the Heroic Summon Event, though the knot Knots are supplemented from auto-loot drops and the fu Fu are supplemented from purchasing the Value packages.

You can’t get the top tier artifact (Kiss of Ghost) unless you spend at least $100 on the top Value package. You can get the bonus Aida copy as F2P by using at least 1400 Heroic Summon Scroll Heroic Scrolls. You can get the Aida skin as F2P by using at least 400 Heroic Summon Scroll Heroic Scrolls.

fu Fu is most definitely the limiting resource here. The knot knots seem like somewhat of a way to stop people from whaling their way into a bonus Aida copy. If you’re completing the event enough times to get the fu Fu you need for any of the top rewards you’ll have more than enough knot Knots to purchase whatever you want. If you’re just dropping $500 to get 200 fu Fu you can easily get the Kiss of Ghost, but you wont have enough knot knots for the Aida copy.

You get 50 fu Fu (10 fu Fu/100 Scrolls) and 1200 knot knots (Every 100 scrolls rewards 250, 200, 200, 250, 300, then loops back to the beginning) per full 500 scroll completion.

Remember that you can get 50 fu Fu from the top CNY gem box!

Knot CostFu CostPurchase LimitRewardRecommendation & Notes
1660N/A1 Heroic Summon Scroll Heroic ScrollA dump for spare knot knots
9660N/A10 Elite 5 Star Hero Fragment Elite ShardsA dump for spare knot knots
166601Flame-strike FlamestrikeBuy if you cant get anything higher. Unless you can complete the event 3+ times this the best way to spend knot knots. At the very worst this is a 5* fodder which is better then either of the two “dump” options.
018N/A1 Prophet Orb Prophet OrbA dump for spare fu Fu
0881Aida SkinThe best way to spend fu Fu if you can only complete the event 1-2 times
36661881Aida, 10 Glory Hero Relic FeathersThe best way to spend fu Fu if you can complete the event 3-4 times
16662881The Kiss of Ghost Kiss of Ghost, 30 Glory Hero Relic FeathersWhales only

TL;DR; So What Should I Buy For This Event?

  • Make sure to collect the 10 free blessing bag Blessing Bags every day (from your mailbox)
  • Buy the 999 gem box x2 and 388 gem box x3 if you have the Gem gems
  • Buy the 2666 gem box if you have any interest in building a Xia and have the Gem gems to spare
  • If you’re a light spender, buy the $5 CNY package (True Love Treasure)
  • If you’re a moderate spender, consider purchasing the $30 CNY package (Prosperity Card) for Gem gems, feathers, and gold
  • Complete the Heroic Summon event as desired, keeping in mind that 1) Aida is a Light hero and therefore hard to build, 2) Aida at first glance seems ABSURDLY powerful, and 3) The CNY event rewards are higher than normal Heroic Summon event rewards. If you’ve been hoarding scrolls, it might be time to use them.
  • On the last day, see how close you are to each of the top tier rewards
  • For blessing bag Blessing Bags, purchase the 666 gem box x3 and then individual bags for 10 Gem gems each to try and get to the 1600 score threshold. Keep in mind that this could cost upwards of 6-8k Gem gems.
  • For rose Confession Roses if you’re short of 3999, consider if you want to drop some real world money to acquire Whithered Armor.
  • For Chinese knot Knots+ fu Fu, purchase what you can keeping in mind that you can get an extra 1000 knot knots and 50 fu Fu from the CNY gem boxes

Feedback and comments are welcome!

Guide by JConqistador

The Ultimate Guide to Chinese New Year Events
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