25+ Common Mistakes New Players Always Make At The Beginning

Below are the most common mistakes new Idle Heroes players usually make at the early game.

A big thanks to the /r/IdleHeroes community for helping PIH finish the list.

The Most Common Mistakes New Idle Heroes Players Usually Make

Note: This article is for new players so most of the tips might not be true anymore for the mid and late game.

saving items for events

Not Saving For Events

One of the worst mistake and probably the most common mistake new players usually make at the beginning.

I have seen tons of questions like “Should I use all of my heroic summon scrollScrolls/prophet orbOrbs at the beginning?” Etc.

After a few weeks (once you’ve had a 5⭐ team), you want to start saving for the Events in game. By this time, you should already know the rough idea and the importance of events in Idle Heroes.

These are the items you want to save for Events: prophet orb heroic summon scroll senior quest scroll arena ticket chip 5 star hero shard 4 star hero shard and even gem.

They are used for different events. You want to take a look at the Events Guide for more details.


  • Using heroic summon scroll prophet orb in the first few weeks is fine tho because it could give you some very strong Heroes, carrying you through the early game.
  • It’s best to use prophet orb Orbs on forest faction Forest Faction.
  • Once you’ve had a decent 5⭐ team, save them. Do not use them outside the Events.

Using Top-Tier Heroes To Upgrade The Worse Ones

Most if not all new players do not know which are the top tier Heroes which shouldn’t be destroyed.

If you are new to this game, I strongly recommend you take a look at the Tier List to see which are the best heroes right now in Idle Heroes.

No matter how desperate you are, do not use them to upgrade any other Hero because getting them is very hard. You might end up with desperately waiting for the last copies of these heroes later.

idle heroes guild shop

This haunted screenshot was shared by /u/menoknowengrish

Purchasing Everything In The Guild Shop

Remember, only use guild coin Guild Coins to upgrade the Guild Techs. Never waste them on the Guild shop!

Upgrading Bad Heroes To 7⭐ Or 8⭐ Too Fast

Another super common mistake. I bet that most new players do this.

For example, upgrading idle heroes faceless Faceless to level 7.

Stay a little bit at 6⭐ and see if you really need that Hero in your team later.

Why? It’s because 7⭐ and 8⭐ Heroes don’t have any use at upgrading/starring. You have to upgrade them to 9⭐ in order to use them to food/upgrade/star the others and this costs a lot of resources.

Keeping them at 6⭐ so you can use them to upgrade the better Heroes to 8⭐, 9⭐ and 10⭐.

Spending Gems to Refresh the Marketplace Over and Over

Another common mistake most new players do every day.

Most new players, especially the ones that have purchased some Gems, really love purchasing items in the Marketplace because it’s the only place to purchase discounted items in the game at the beginning.

You can refresh the Marketplace for free every 3 hours but never spend gems on refreshing it. Never.

The number of items you can purchase per day in the Marketplace is also limited. So with the free refreshes, you will be able to purchase the must items.

By the ways, these are the only things you must buy in the Marketplace at the beginning: heroic summon scroll arena ticket prophet orb chip

shadow auraabyssaurafortressauraforest auraevil auralight auradark aurajustice auragood evil auraruin auraredemption aurarainbow aura

Focusing on Faction Aura

Don’t. It’s too soon to think about this. You won’t have enough resources and heroes to do that.

Focus on team composition first, use the best Heroes you have first. You should only focus on this when you are at the late game.

Disassembling 4⭐ and 5⭐ Heroes

A lot of new players destroy not only their 3⭐ but also 4⭐ and 5⭐ Heroes in the Altar to get Soul Stone Shards.

It’s pretty long to talk about this here, you can check out the Instant Hero Management Guide for New Players guide for more details.

But in short, never disassemble your 4⭐ and 5⭐ Heroes unless you don’t have any slot for a better hero. And try not to destroy your 3⭐ Heroes until you have 4 copies of them.

Using Heroic Scroll on Non-Free Days

Don’t do this.

Also, don’t spend any chip Wishing Coin on the day you don’t have free heroic summon scroll Heroic Summon Scroll.

Using non-free Heroic Summon Scrolls during the event is a lot better! The drop-rate during the event is doubled. Also, you could get bigger prizes.

This is a very debatable topic in the community right now because a lot of players think it’s okay to it could help you get more Heroes at the beginning, boosting your account progression a lot faster. Let’s discuss this in the comment section below!

idle heroes tavern quests

Not Refreshing Tavern Quests

Most new players do not refresh 1⭐, 2⭐ and 3⭐ Tavern quests to get a better rewards.

In short, it’s best to aim for quests that offers at least 30 gems in value.

More details can be read here.

Investing in PVP Team

Unless you are very wealthy, investing in a PVP team takes a lot of resources.

Bosses and marauders are the best ways for Free-to-play players to earn rewards.

Focus on PVE Team. Take a look at here to see what are the best PVE heroes right now.

A lot of great PVE heroes are very easy to obtain at the beginning like Walter, Blood Blade, Karim, etc.

Focusing On Wrong Tech Trees

After upgrading the Priest Tech Tree (because we all have Norma in the start), I can see that most new players focusing on Mage or Warrior tech.

You shouldn’t focus on Warrior at the beginning because there isn’t any great Warrior hero for the early game.

You can upgrade the Mage techs If you have several Mages in your team. But as stated above, new players should focus on PVE Heroes, which are usually Assassin and Ranger Heroes.

Thus, do not touch Warrior tech at the beginning and upgrade the rest based on your team.

Focusing On dark factionDark/light factionLight Heroes

Dark/Light Heroes are super cool and very strong. Most of them are top tier Heroes and we all love them.

But that doesn’t mean you should spend your prophet orb Prophet Orbs on them at the beginning.

It’s extremely hard to obtain Dark/Light Heroes. You could waste a ton of resources by focusing on them early on.

It’s best to focus on forest faction Forest at the beginning as this Faction contains the best PVE Heroes for new players like Vesa, Heart Watcher, Rosa etc.

And The Others…

  • Buying Heroic Summon Scrolls right in the Summon Circle.
  • Summoning Heroes from shards when not needed.
  • Upgrading everything in the Blacksmith.
  • Not buying extra turns in Event Raid for more 4⭐ Shards.
  • Fusing 5⭐ Dark/Light Heroes outside Heroic Miracle Event.
  • Not stopping at the 5th/10th/15th/20th stage in the Campaign for 5 star hero shard.
  • Buying 4 star hero shard 5 star hero shard with Gems.
  • Upgrading Celestial Island without knowing the enemy’s level.
  • Competing in Arenas.
  • Not focusing on Healers (Brave Trial and Aspen).
  • Saving dragon scale Brave Trial Coins for Heroes. Hint: Use them to buy chaos stone.
  • Buying bad packages. Take a look at here to see the best ones for the money.
  • Buying fodders from Altar shop.
  • Not logging into the game once every 8 hours to collect Campaign rewards.
  • Buying Basic Summon Scrolls.
  • Using gems to upgrade stone and keep the stats.
  • Not saving Tavern Scrolls for the next Tavern Event.
  • Not reading PlayIdleHeroes early.
  • Last but not least, not having enough patience is the main reason of all mistakes.
  • Updating…

25+ Common Mistakes New Players Always Make At The Beginning
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