Current Best ENDGAME PvP Units

Hey, everyone! My name is Waka (Discord: Waka#9929) and I have been playing this game since Sigmund release in July 2017.

I understand that the overwhelming majority here are far away from even thinking about endgame PvP, but if you are, indeed, interested in it – then here are some of my thoughts.

NOTE: If a hero is NOT on the list I consider them to be NOT ENDGAME PvP WORTHY! (Because I have seen this terminology thrown around a lot) here are my definitions for different stages of the game.

Earlygame: Until a first E3 hero and a supporting 9star or two. (Power: 0-600K)

Midgame: Core of 2-4 Enabled units with supporting 9stars (think HW or Kroos). (Power: 600-2100K)

Lategame: When you have built all revelant PvE/PvP (whichever is your focus) units and are starting to enable support units. (Power: 2200K+)

Endgame: Full E3 lineups with all P2W accessories possible bought… Expect three or more copies of same E3 heroes (Mihm, Aida, Valkyrie, (?) Oberon)… Expect Full Light or Full Dark teams.

This post is written with THAT Endgame in mind. Yeah…

Current Meta (which is going to make the list the way it is):

Currently matches in PvP end very fast! GvE teams clean up in 1-3 rounds versus each other, attacker favored. Rainbow lineups tend to have slightly longer fights, usually 2-5 rounds depending on tankiness. Teams with multiple Valkyries can last longer, even into double digit round numbers depending on how the fight goes.

Very fast-paced, very bursty. (Keep in mind, where there is burst, there are also lineups with x6 Fearless Armor intending to sit the burst out.)

The single best stats for a hero to have are, as usual, CC Immunity and Damage Reduce.

So let’s see what’s up.


Can be used in Rainbow, Ruin, or Auraless.

Typically features supplementary damage dealers or a CC unit.

1. Aidan.

Hahaha… Yeah, Aidan! Horus mainly functions as a consistent DPS, which does NOT suit the meta described above. But which shadow hero could possibly thrive where heroes drop like dominoes and you need to squeeze as much damage as possible during the first (and second) round?

Aidan offers guaranteed complementary burst to your team. You do not need to bring him low enough like DA and then also use her active. Just let him die (lol). Pair him up with some buffers (which you totally should, bonus points if they do a buff’n’die delivery service), and his on-death damage will be more than 2 million per hero.


  • Guaranteed damage.

  • Benefits from team dying (which is unavoidable in this meta).

  • Insane synergy with Dark heroes. Mihm – helps start Mihm cascades. Aspen – on-death passive brings enemies to 35% HP threshold.

  • Active silences Warriors (eh, not like he will get to use active anyway).

  • Built-in Damage Reduce.


  • There exists a bug and in some cases on-death damage will not trigger.

  • Reactive hero (results vary depending on how the battle goes).

  • NEEDS team synergy. You cannot just plug Aidan in a random team and expect him to do great.

  • Mage (when one class dominates PvP, anti-class artifacts become more popular).

Example Aidan Build:

ATK/ATK, Kiss of Ghost, Full Mage Gear, 2 1 1 Enables, Ice Monster.

2 – Tie. Horus.

Horus is a very diverse hero. Every time I see a question about a Horus build pop up on discord, there are ALWAYS 5 different people answering with 5 different builds.

But currently he just cannot keep up with how fast things happen in PvP. Ding ding, round 1 over… 5 heroes dead across both teams and Horus is like: “Wait up! I only blocked two attacks! I have not even stacked my passive up!” This bird just does not fly at the same speed as the L/D fighter jets do.


  • Flexible builds.

  • Great damage if he survives the first three rounds.

  • True damage on block.

  • Moderate-heavy burst.


  • Squishy if built for damage (might die without doing any damage).

  • Ramp up / sustain kit (fight ends too fast).

  • Reactive hero (needs to be hit, passive depends on other heroes using abilities).

  • Not enough impact round 1.

Example Horus Build:

Crit/Crit/ATK, Magic Stone Sword, Full Warrior Gear, 1 1 1 Enables, Deer Monster.

2 – Tie. Jahra.

Imagine a Horus… but squishier, does slightly more burst damage, and CCs.


  • Non-stun CC.

  • Moderate-heavy burst.


  • Squishy.

  • Not enough impact round 1.

  • Mage (when one class dominates PvP, anti-class artifacts become more popular).

Example Jahra Build:

Crit/Crit/ATK, Magic Stone Sword, Full Mage Gear, 1 1 1 Enables, Deer Monster.


Can be used in Rainbow, Redemption, or Auraless.

Typically a support faction.

1. Valentino.

This guy is a stun machine that can also deal some very satisfactory damage on the side. His active used to hit in a set pattern so you could set your team up vs it by putting stun immune heroes in last slots, but yesterday I saw a video showing Valentino hit enemies in random order (thanks Amadeus) and ran some tests myself. Indeed, Valentino’s active now stuns in a random order. This is at most a week-old change, and it is a great buff to Valentino.


  • CC for days!

  • Overload is one of the best passives in game and it stacks (double Valentino is very good).

  • Surprising damage.

  • Stun Immune and has Damage Reduce.


  • Valentino’s CC is stun (Lucky Candy Bar is his bane).

  • Can have either good damage or good CC, but rarely both.

  • Mage (when one class dominates PvP, anti-class artifacts become more popular).

Example Valentino Build:

Speed/HP, Magic Source, Mage Set Boots Only, 3 1 1 Enables, Deer Monster.

2. Emily.

Hehe.. This is the last surprise one, I promise (sadly).

Emily’s buffs are amazing. They will also most likely trigger in round 1. At E3, Emily can also have an opportunity to use her active consistently enough, which is even more additional buffs/debuffs. Her impact is instant and IMO Emily is a very justifiable support pick when your main damage dealers scale with attack in a traditional way (Aspen, Mihm, Aidan… etc.).

I also want to note how, personally, I am not fully maxing Priest tech. I have only maxed speed levels, because I WANT my Priests to drop in HP (but still be fast) to trigger their <50% HP passives (can you guess who the other Priest is? :D).


  • Active and last passive – when both triggered – will skyrocket damage from Aidan, Aspen, Mihm… They will output match-winning damage numbers with Emily buffs.

  • Buffs stack -> Multiple Emilys are top tier in cheese teams.

  • Can still buff when CC’d.

  • Not much else to be said… Current meta will make the passive pop up faster and result in greater damage due to concentration of burst heroes.


  • Passive > Active, and Passive is reactive (if Emily is 1 shot, passive does not trigger).

  • Slower than CC units.

Example (and IMO only viable) Emily Build:

Speed/HP, Magic Source, Priest Set Boots Only, 3 1 2 Enables, Griffin/Ice Monster.

Note: with this build Emily will outspeed heavier damage dealers such as non-speed FB, Amuvor, Aspen, DA… who might threaten her passive to not activate by 1-shotting her, but still lag behind speed + energy Aida. With not fully maxed Priest tech, Emily hits a sweet tankiness spot where she will drop below 50% just from Aida’s active + mark trigger when Emily uses her own active.

3. Ormus.

Ormus is pretty similar to Emily, just focused on defense compared to Emily’s offense. And standing by my meta assessment, I rank offense > defense. He also has lower speed and HP pool. He can be used in Rainbow and Redemption, but I’d rather use Emily/Valentino in Rainbow and double Valentino in Redemption.


  • Lots of heals – wonderful when trying to prevent nasty little Mihms and Aspens to hurt your team.


  • Reactive hero.

  • Needs Attack to have impactful heals – but gets dangerously squishy doing so.

  • Aida healing reduce and overall the high burst from heroes outweigh what Ormus offers.

  • Heals are applied after a hero takes damage.

Example Ormus Build:

Attack/Attack, Lucky Candy Bar, HP Split Priest Set, 1 1 1 Enables, Deer Monster.


Can be used in Rainbow, Ruin, or Auraless.

Typically a jack of all trades faction.

1. Kroos.

Honestly, is Kroos the best hero in game? I feel like if so many heroes were not Stun/CC immune… Yeah, he would be the best PVP unit. His stun passive? Love it. Max HP% heals? Tasty. Active which makes enemies take x1.5 damage? Ridiculously powerful in this meta. Oh… it also gives 100 energy! I actually forgot about that for a second.


  • Active applies “Weaken” debuff – when you deal damage to weakened enemies, it gets a 1.5 multiplier (HP% attacks do not). Allows for crazy burst.

  • <50% HP passive has 75% chance to stun all enemies for 2 rounds. Basically, anyone who is not stun/cc immune, is going to be stunned.

  • 100 Energy to a random hero is always nice.


  • Most CC units are faster, so Kroos might not get to cast his game-winning active.

Example Kroos Build:

Speed/HP, Magic Source, Priest Set Boots Only, 3 1 1, any dang monster.

That’s it for Abyss. IMO, a 6star Destroyer is stronger than an E3 King Barton currently (but KB has plenty of time to shine before the ultra endgame we are discussing here). It is also possible that maybe something crazy like 5 E3 KB and an E3 Kroos is actually pretty good… doubt it.


Can be used in Rainbow, Redemption, or Auraless (maybe Full Forest?).

Typically a Valkyrie faction.

1. Valkyrie.

Who would have thought, who would have thought…

A single Valkyrie has recently become very easy to handle, considering her 10-11M in-battle HP, healing when CC’d, True damage, and Attack steal/reduction to 3 enemies with every attack.

2 or more Valkyries are a different story. IMO, Valkyrie stack is probably one of the most powerful PvP things in the game. It is not like you lose in damage, tankiness, or utility when you replace one of your heroes with a Valkyrie. Which is why some of the strongest teams featuring non-LD units are: Aida – Aida – Valkyrie – Valkyrie – Valentino (Ormus) – Valentino as well as Aida – Aida – Valkyrie – Valkyrie – Valkyrie – Kroos. (Note the double Aida in both, lol.)

“Why not Full Forest and go for 6 Valkyries, or 1 Groo and 5 Valkyries?”

Because technically, Valkyrie lacks burst. However tanky she might be, she is still susceptible to the Tower of Oblivion strategy of “CC and Burst”.

Pros (lol, it’s valk):

  • Maxed out Valkyrie has 10.5-11.8M HP depending on Monster/Aura.

  • Deals damage and heals when CC’d.

  • All damage based on her HP% is true (ignores Damage Reduce, etc.).

  • Reduces Attack by 12% with basic attack and Steals 15% Attack with active (both vs 3 enemies). Could be equivalent to making your team about 12% tankier in 2 rounds.

  • Forest is weak against Abyss, and the only Abyss hero on this list is Kroos, who isn’t going to make any use of Abyss>Forest at all.


  • Medium-heavy burst that targets only one enemy and half of it is delayed.

  • Slow and susceptible to CC.

Valkyrie Build:

HP/HP, Rune’s Power, HP Split Ranger Gear, 1 1 1 Enables, Deer Monster.

I have contemplated about adding Oberon as the number 2 hero (which he is), but I have not seen enough footage to make any conclusive evaluations. Other two heroes I have thought of nominating are DH and Starlight, but they are too niche.


Can be used in Rainbow, Ruin, GvE, Full Dark, and Auraless.

Dark faction has some insane damage dealers as well as some cool CC mechanics.

1 – Tie. Mihm.

I sat down and thought about this for 90 seconds, okay? Mihm and Aspen are tied in a team-building sense. If I had to use only 1 Dark hero, I would probably go for… Aspen. But if I had an option to put 2 Mihms or 2 Aspens on my team, I would pick Mihms.

Mihm is the ultimate reactive hero. He will sit there, while enjoying different buffs your team is casting, and wait for someone to die… Mihm is definitely a total creep. (I mean… all he does is peek.) And the damage he does on a single death is extreme. If it’s just a single Mihm on a team, the scale of the damage will be between complementary and main DPS. But if there are two or three Mihms on team, they will create a cascade: someone dies -> Mihms deal damage -> someone else dies from that damage -> Mihms deal damage again. This instantly ends games. Just ends.


  • CC Immune hero with 30% Damage Reduce.

  • The damage that Mihm(s) deal whenever someone dies can ramp up to unholy numbers.

  • Synergizes with burst and support heroes.

  • Dark-Light faction advantage lets Mihm decimate Light units.

  • Surprisingly good support hero with energy steal and petrify/debuffs.


  • Dark-Light faction advantage goes both ways.

  • Reactive hero (won’t do much if no one dies before him).

  • Mage (when one class dominates PvP, anti-class artifacts become more popular).

Example Mihm Build:

Attack/Attack, Magic Stone Sword (Kiss of Ghost), Full Mage Gear, 3 1 1 Enables, Griffin/Ice/Deer Monster.

1 – Tie. Aspen.

Aspen is great! But sadly he has to compete with Mihm and Aida, who are just on another level – so he is very slightly behind them.

If the enemy team is at full HP, Aspen gets to utilize 20% Current HP damage in all of its glory. If enemy team is already shaken up, Aspen is very eager to finish off heroes below 35% HP. Couple this with the fact that he has the best scaling stats in game (as well as sustain), and this hero is quite literally a monster. Too bad fights are too short for Aspen to maximize his stacks and potential, but nevertheless he can bust out very formidable crits.


  • Great tankiness/survivability in this bursty meta (while still being a top tier damage dealer).

  • Can be either an initiator or a finisher depending on your teamcomp.

  • Clutch CC mechanic that will stop stuff like Valkyrie attack debuff from happening.

  • Last passive turns the fights around with the extra damage and heals.

  • Proactive hero, Aspen will take over the match if left unchecked.


  • Can be too slow to follow up in the fight – oftentimes, when Aspen is finally in a good spot to deal damage, the fight is already over.

Example Aspen Build:

Speed/HP, Magic Stone Sword, Full Warrior Gear, 3 1 1 Enables, Griffin, Ice, Deer, Dragon Monster.

That’s it for Dark Faction. If I had to be succinct, 2 would be Amuvor, and closely following at 3 would be Dark Arthindol, but I do not feel as if they are cutting it to share a spot on this list. Too squishy and/or susceptible to CC – inconsistent.


Can be used in Rainbow, Redemption, GvE, Full Light, and Auraless.

With the recent changes/additions I have no idea what to think of the Light faction… Get Aida first, think later.

1. Aida.

This hero is strong. Very strong. Fastest hero in game, whose whole kit does true damage… And also many other balanced things in there.

There are three ways you can go around building your Aida. First and most popular is going for max speed possible with energy artifact. It guarantees you take 25% HP off the enemy team. Second way is going for a crit build. Aida’s active targets 4 enemies and hits for 260% of her Attack. She also has 100% Holy damage, and active has 100% Armor Break. This is some serious burst, so when she crits, she will easily reach 4M numbers.

Third and currently last way to build Aida is by going for max tankiness route. This works particularly well with multiple Aidas (whale alert). You stack Fearless Armors and just sit ducks, with multiple Aidas high Attack enemy units will just kill themselves in 2 rounds.


  • Guaranteed damage.

  • TRUE, max hp damage.

  • Reduces healing and chips away at enemy team with her passive.

  • 30% Damage Reduce is good at keeping her alive.


  • When under hard CC, Aida’s last passive damage part will not work.

  • If built for crit – no natural crit chance.

  • Mage (when one class dominates PvP, anti-class artifacts become more popular).

Example Aida Build:

Crit/Crit/Attack, Magic Stone Sword, HP Split Mage Gear, 1 1 1 Enables, Dragon Monster.

2. Belrain.

Belrain is a great support hero. If her active actually buffed all allies instead of 4 random, she would become an uncontestable, undeniable GvE pick. Belrain is essentially a mix of Emily and Ormus, with most endgame teams putting emphasis on the active’s buff rather than the passive’s heal. (Though that can totally work too.)


  • Is a both offensive and defensive support.

  • Does not drop HP in vain – good suicide unit.

  • Amazing heal that lasts 5 rounds (and because heals are snapshotted, the stacked Heal Reduction from enemy Aida will have no effect on the heal value in later rounds). While it does not help vs Mihm cascades, it helps vs other DoT.


  • Slooooow. Prone to CC.

  • Have to choose between top tier heals for survival or fast buff for damage.

  • Heals are applied after a hero takes damage.

Example Belrain Build:

Speed/HP, Demon Bell, Priest Set, 3 1 1 Enables, Griffin Monster.

3. Michelle.

Michelle is the epitome of consistency (except when it comes to her respawn bug – devs please!). And when it comes to the game of RNG, consistency is what matters in the very end.

Fairly fast, 40% chance to stun four, CC Immune, has a smart heal (which also gives crit chance!! that helps if cast on the right person – crit aida anyone?), and will respawn (when not bugged). Looks like I am here just revealing what’s going to be said in the “Pros” section a couple lines below haha. Michelle is so mundane, but she will do her job well enough and consistently enough.


  • Solid CC unit pick for L/D.

  • Respawns after Mihms on both sides kill everything and wins the fight.


  • Revive is bugged – if she dies in the middle of a multi-Mihm cascade, chances are her respawn might bug out…

  • Lucky Candy Bar.

Example Michelle Build:

Speed/HP, Magic Source, Ranger Set Boots Only, 3 1 1 Enables, Griffin Monster.

And this is it for the Light units. 4 is FB, 5 is Asmodel. Asmodel is too reactive, whereas Faith Blade is too squishy.


imagine peeps scrolling here looking for a TLDR and first thing they see is “1. Aidan” ayy lmao


  1. Aidan

  2. Horus, Jahra


  1. Valentino

  2. Emily

  3. Ormus


  1. Kroos


  1. Valkyrie


  1. Mihm, Aspen


  1. Aida

  2. Belrain

  3. Michelle

I do not think there is a single best team… I have recently seen some videos of quadruple Aida Full Light beating best GvEs (though please, take videos like that with a grain of salt – you never know what setups those weirdo whales are running!), and still that team would most likely (99% sure) lose rather easily to a cheese multi-Mihm setup with Kroos + Emily and the Mihms with anti-mage artifacts.

Also… an example of an Aidan Rainbow:

Emily – Valkyrie – Aida – Aspen – Kroos – Aidan with Ice Monster. (An Artifact that lets Aidan toy with many lineups is Necronomicon – Shadow Exclusive anti-mage.)

Hope you enjoyed this and happy idling!

Current Best ENDGAME PvP Units
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