DH Game Idle Heroes Interview – L/D rework and Game Updates

Here is a recap from Walter, credit goes to Reliiq

  • You also get to see heroes available for swapping in prophet tree when you press the “?” Sign after putting in a hero to swap.
  • There will be 4 more LD heroes going for rework in the future apparently
  • There will be no more non LD hero reworks
  • Out of the 4 LD heroes to be reworked, 2 will have a change in appearance.
  • In response to fans saying how abyss and forest hero reworks suck, they replied that the reworks are for the heroes to establish a niche in the game, not to make it overpowered. In short, they will stay weak
  • Oh, and they said they are still working on CI expansion, BT rework (more like optimizing) and World PVP Arena. Aka not done yet.

Here is the Full Translation/Transcript on the interview, credit goes to rwxwuxiaworld .Thanks for the awesome tranlsation 🙂

Yoyo: Hi, I’m Yoyo. Today, we’re going to engage in a Q&A session on hot topics with developer Jing. First, I’d like to invite Jing to say hello to everyone.

Jing: Hi everyone, I’m Jing.

Yoyo: Alright, let’s start with the main topic of today. The first question I’d like to ask Jing is, after this latest round of hero tweaks, what other heroes are in store for changes?

Jing: At present, we have pretty much finished adjusting the heroes in the four primary categories [Abyss, Shadow, Forest, Castle]. Our upcoming plans involve making alterations to four heroes in the Light/Dark categories.

Yoyo: Ok. I’m sure that our fans are going to be extremely interested in this. Can you give us some specifics, please?

Jing: About that… everyone can just eagerly await our future sneak peek previews.

[Angry look appears on Yoyo’s face.]

Scene Change – Alarm goes off in a nearby office.

Man 1: Yoyo is angry!

Man 2: Huh? Which asshole pissed her off?

Scene Change – Group of men are beating the crap out of Jing.

Man 3: Hey! Cut this part out. Don’t include it in the upload.

Scene Change – Back to interview, Jing now has a black eye.

Yoyo: Great! So now, Jing, could you please tell us about the four Light/Dark heroes that are going to be adjusted?

Jing: Our current plan involves making adjustments to a pair of Light/Dark assassins, previously-divulged spoilers regarding changes coming to the mighty Archangel [Michelle], and a warrior which fans have been eagerly awaiting [a rework of]. In addition to skill adjustments, two of the heroes will also have reworked and improved appearances.

Yoyo: Wow! I’m sure that our fans will be very eager to see this! Now, I’d like to ask you for the answer to another question our fans have hotly requested. Regarding the latest round of Forest adjustments, is there nothing else happening save for the priestess Vesa?

Jing: An important goal of ours in modifying heroes is in maintaining a balance of strength amongst the heroes of the four categories. We want to ensure that they are roughly equal in power. We feel that Forest heroes such as Valkyrie, Oberon, Garuda, Starlight, Vesa, Rosa, etc., already have their own unique traits in the current meta. This is especially true for Valkyrie, which was extremely strong for a very long period of time in the previous meta. Our goal in revamping heroes isn’t to restore them to their previous places in the previous meta, but rather to give players more choices.

Yoyo: Fans, are you satisfied with his response?

[Screen is covered with boos.]

Yoyo: They aren’t happy.

[Angry look on her face again, followed by Jing getting stomped again. Interview resumes with Jing severely bruised now.]

Yoyo: No matter how nicely you phrase it, if the fans aren’t happy, it still isn’t acceptable. Right, next question! With regards to the recent adjustments to Abyss heroes, many fans feel that they do not go far enough. Can you explain your thoughts to us, Jing?

Jing: This last round, we modified a total of three Abyss heroes – King Barton, Cthugha, and Skerei. They all have very unique traits. For a specific example, we could look at Cthugha’s immunity to burning/bleeding, as well as his synergies with heroes that cause burn/bleed. We could also consider King Barton’s AOE counter-attack, as well as his ability to reduce damage for his entire team. Or, we could talk about Skerei’s ability to hit enemies with unlimited stacks of Lightning Marks. These unique traits ensure that in specific situations, they can reach a level of power that vastly surpasses that of any other heroes. That’s why we had to sacrifice a bit of their strength in general usage.

Yoyo: It’s fine, Jing. You don’t need to be worried.

[Angry look on her face again. Poor Jing once again gets a mudhole stomped in him. Interview resumes with Jing looking compleeeetely fucked up.]

Yoyo: Although I felt that what he said was reasonable, I’m sure our fans wouldn’t be opposed to me just beating him up on general principle, right? Alright, so I guess that’s pretty much it when it comes to hero overhauls. Now, time for the last question. Celestial Island changes, improvements to Brave Trials, and the World Arena – when are these things ACTUALLY going to happen?

Jing: W-w-we’re working on it!

[Jing immediately gets up and flees.]

Yoyo: Beat his ass!

[A group of people chase after Jing.]


[Message from developers, playing alongside a scrolling screen of new heroes and the dates they were added]

“Idle Heroes has now been up for three years. During these three years, we’ve braved the wind and the rain together. We’ve received a lot of love from players, but we’ve also received a great deal of criticisms. I want to thank everyone for their feedback, and sincerely apologize for any deficiencies or weaknesses. We are running on a path towards continued improvement, and we want to thank all our fans for being on this path with us. Thank you for liking Idle Heroes, and I hope we can grow alongside all of you as we create even more beautiful memories together. We’ve never forgotten our original ideals, and we advance with our hearts filled with gratitude.”

DH Game Idle Heroes Interview – L/D rework and Game Updates
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