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I’ve thought alot on gaining power/progress on an account, and the best way to accomplish it. Then extrapolated a little from my other experiences to come up with this. Please realize that almost the entire guide excludes Light/Dark in any regard. Again realize that this is also my opinion on the matter, but I feel its at least a mildly informed one and gives a good basis for starting to learn the game yourself. Might be helpful, might not, but its probably a good read for most new players. While E3 is a good starting goal, i believe its worth it to go to E5 for most good heroes as its yet another big power increase.

TL:DR Version: I have tested and managed an e5 two times now. Both in under 5 months. My luck was not insane, nor was it bad. Just takes a bit of discipline really. Saving what you should save. Spend when you should spend. Feathers really are important for this, and shouldn’t be wasted. Its also very important to prioritize the feathers in events. Most of the people that fail mess up with feathers and events. Get 240 Casino coins, get 80 POs, get 500 HSs THEN spend them to complete said event. Don’t use them before that imo. And don’t use said feathers until you have the fodder to fully build the hero. Next is focusing on 4★ shards for most of your growth. Last is DON’T BUILD HEROES YOU WON’T FODDER. Do these and even you can do it. I know its a bit of a read, but this whole thing does work, but you can’t cherry pick the parts you want to do, and expect it to not take you longer, in some cases alot longer.

Keep these heroes until you know better what you are doing:

HorusGustinCorpse Demon
Heart WatcherVesaValkyrieOberonGaruda
XiaSigmundValentinoOrmusPennyUnimax – 3000
The Best Start

The idea behind this whole post is to focus efforts towards the earliest most efficient E5 you can make. The power of an early E5 vs a team of 6x 10★ isn’t really even comparable. The E5 will wipe the floor with them in every way. More specifically an E5 of one the best heroes in the game will carry your progress well beyond any other strategy after its made. I do my best to evaluate their strengths near the end of this post. No hero does everything the best. Therefore, we want to pick as good a hero as we can, without waiting forever. We still need to get this made in a reasonable time frame so you can build on your progress.

So once again the idea is to go all out for ONE hero. Don’t level anything you can’t sacrifice. ALL Prophet Orbs, Prophet Branches, Feathers, Guild Coins, EVERYTHING that is a resource and can be used to progress your E5 will be used for your E5.

Lets start with the basics by breaking down Hero ★ ranks. The basic unit is a 5★ building block. Heading over to the Creation Circle, we can turn some 5★s into 6★s. Once at 6★, level the hero to 100 and promote it. Then the promotion tab becomes active. The rest of the promotions will be done here. Requirements below:

7★4x 5★ Same Faction
8★3x 5★ Same Faction6★ Same Faction
9★2x 5★ Same Faction6★ Same Faction1x Copy of Hero
10★9★ Any Faction6★ Same Faction2x Copy of Hero
E19★ Any Faction1x Copy of Hero
E29★ Any Faction1x Copy of Hero
E310★ Any Faction
E410★ Any Faction1x Copy of Hero
E510★ Any Faction1x Copy of Hero

Looking at this we can see that we will need to get our E5 hero to 9★, three 9★s fodders, and three 10★ fodders. That’s 304x 5★s if i did the math right. That is alot of 5★s.

As an early player, i believe we benefit more from a PvE standpoint. PvE is a fairly board term though. It means damage ranking for guild bosses, getting those Broken Space bosses down, Seal Land to 10, and Aspen to at least Hell 1. Not all PvE categories are evenly useful for progress, so I’ll give them a weight in my ratings.

The last thing before we get into it is that your Guild Tech needs to all go into Spec your E5 will be. If you don’t know your E5, then save the coins till you do.

So here is the basic plan.

  • Step 1: Pick and build good 10★ Fodder Heroes

  • Step 2: Streamline the fodder process by excluding all other potential heroes.

  • Step 3: Complete events specifically with Feathers in mind.

  • Step 4: Pick a E5 Hero, and use Guild Coins on the Hero’s Class Tech

  • Step 5: Steal Underpants

  • Step 6: ???

  • Step 7: Profit

You don’t have to pick your E5 last. If you are hell bent on building a particular hero or just get lucky with copies, feel free to build it as soon and as high as you can, BUT only pick one hero. If you later get 5 copies of a newer or better hero and change, you lose more time. It will help progression alot to know as early as you can, but jumping the gun costs time. Decide carefully.

Picking a 10★ Fodder Heroes
AbyssKarimQueenKing Barton

To make an E5 hero, we need three 10★ sacrifices for the last steps. So it helps to make at least 1 good 10★ hero, preferably 3. Just remember you will be sacrificing them in the end, and it will be well worth it. The best 10★ IMO is Vesa. She might also be temporarily built to E3 if you are stuck for too long without hero copies. Other than her, i suggest Karim, Starlight, or Dominator. Those 3 heroes imo are slightly better than the average heroes and fairly easy to obtain. They fall off later in the game, and thus make good sacrifices. Each faction has a few worthy 10★ heroes listed above.

Some people struggle with the idea that you need a full team. Its kind of a weird concept to focus on 1 hero. I’ve had many conversations with people that build these 10★ Fodder heroes, but then don’t want to sacrifice them until they have as good a replacement for their team, which rarely happens. In the end they build whole new heroes that end up usually being the fodder because they think they need a full team, and in the process lose a LOT of time. What they can’t see to get is if you have you main hero at 10★, and 2x 9★ fodder heroes, and 3x 10★ heroes, it is by far a weaker team than just 1 E5 hero and 5x 1★ Heroes. On the same idea, if you have your main hero at 9★, and you have 5x 9★ fodder heroes, its a much less useful team than one E3 Hero. Build them and LET THEM GO. Feed that power hero. You do NOT need a full team of heroes with lots of ★s.

If you don’t have alot of copies of a top tier E5 to build and want to know where to orb, feel free to randomly orb anywhere except Light/Dark. If you don’t have a solid hero choice made, IMPORTANT I suggest saving your Prophet Branches until you do. In my experience they have the highest probability of helping. Once you have decided, all goes to the E5 hero though. Forest is generally a decent idea for Valk, Garuda, Oberon, and Heartwatcher, as well as for copies of Starlight and Vesa. That being said, Penny and Horus are a bit ridiculous and worth aiming for even so. I suggest hopping straight into building 10★s AFTER you build Norma to 9★.

If you know the E5 you plan to make, and have the copies, feel free to build your main hero at any point and at any time. This hero is generally the strongest type of hero, and worth building as far as you can as often as you can. That being said… you DON’T use your feathers until you can E3 or E5 the hero, AND have the fodder ready to go. You should literally be sitting on them until you can purchase the hero copy, go into Hero Promotions and promote it to E3 or E5 nearly 5 seconds later.

Streamline the Fodders

The fodder process needs to be focused on building only 1 Non-Fodder Hero to E5. That means leaving all other God Tier Heroes collecting dust on a shelf and using those not mentioned at the top of this thread as fodder. If you can, keep the god tier heroes in Token form so they aren’t taking up hero space. If you can’t, take care and don’t fodder them.

You need to focus on your hero of choice or it will cost you more time, which extracts an Opportunity Costs in the end. Most people that take more than 4 months with an E3 are just not disciplined in their building of heroes, and their spending of resources. After you have an E3, it should only take around a month for each 10★ after that. So around 6 months for an E5. That pace does pick up a bit after you have your hero at E3. E3 and E5 are pretty huge jumps in power, which is why we push for them.

The biggest mistake newer players make is underestimating the power of 4★ Shards and not picking them up at every available opportunity. The importance of 4★ Heroes IS HUGE. It is the basis for 75% of my growth. You build the shard numbers daily, in small amounts. By the end of the month, they add up to thousands. On top of that, with the monthly Fusion quest, the first 20 5★s you make reward you gold, which you will need. They should be picked up at every chance. Here is where to find them.

  • Marketplace: 30x Shard for 1.5m Gold (pick up 3★s too)

  • Seal Land: Smash daily for the most you can (after 10 or so buy 3x extras smashes)

  • Event Raid Hero Challenge: Spend gems for extra completes here. All that you can EVERYDAY.

  • Tavern Quests (pretty much all 5★ quest that gives shards)

  • Aspen: The Lady Dude (middle merchant) sells them 30x Shards for 1.5m Gold

My Monthly Progress:

  1. All month long, do everything to build 4★ shards

  2. Once Heroic Miracle comes around

    • Use all my Heart Summons

    • Use all my Random 4★ shards along with 3★ shards to form 5★s

      • Random summon 3★s shards first, with Marketplace specific 3★ shard supplement

      • Takes Eight 4★s and Four 3★s to make a 5★

  3. Keep forming 5★s until i can turn them into a 6★

  4. Once i have three 6★s of the same faction
    a. Collect 9 more 5★ fodders of that faction
    b. Collect 1 more copy of one of the 6★ heroes
    c. Craft a 9★

  5. Use 5★ Random Summon Shards a. Usually look for copies to make a 6★ here, with 3 excess copies b. Make a 10★ with said hero

I really hope that helps clarify the building process. Once you have it down you can crank out some heroes. If it’s not on the list at the top of this post, feel free to fodder it without worry. During the process i have one more thing to add. Hero space is always tight when building fodder 9★ and 10★ fodders. Do everything you can you avoid sacrificing anything to make room. You will need all the building blocks you can get.

Obtaining Feathers and Hero copies

One of the hardest things in the early game is to obtain 9 copies of one of the heroes we will discuss below. The idea situation would be to pick the hero on the list that you have the most copies of, as it will cost less feathers and time to make it E5. A single E5 on this list can carry you quite far into the PvE aspects speeding up subsequent E5s. We want to make this as timely as we can.

Because the only reliable way to obtain heroes is through the feather shop, we will focus all our resources towards this goal. How do we obtain Feathers? From event completions. Some of this will be out of your reach for awhile, like Broken Spaces. There are other random events that show up and have feathers, do what you can while making good judgement calls on resources required. There have also been Special Cards for cash during special events that award Feathers. As mentioned above though, you really need to be saving almost from the start for event completions. Getting the most feathers out of events is important because its our only reliable way to get the hero copies for people low on luck. Don’t need to worry too much about using resources to obtain lots of heroes early on, as everyone gets Norma and she will carry you for awhile so you can build up for event completions.

Picking the E5 Hero

This is your first E5, once made it will be your only hero for a time. Because of this, it needs to be a solid hero for carrying your progress from that point on while you start on your next. It should be the focal point of your acnt growth after that, which means it should be highly geared towards as much PvE as one hero can be. No hero does it ALL at 100%. Thus why you will see a varied amount of opinions on which hero to pick. I used these categories. They are mostly heroes that focus on PvE as a whole. The idea of my criteria is the order in which i see them helping account growth the most.

RankCategory1-10 Value Given to Category
1.Guild Bosses9
2.Seal Land10
3.Broken Spaces7
6.Utility (Healing, Buffs, Debuffs)4
7.Brave Trial3
  • Guild Bosses very important for the simple reason that tech makes the biggest power difference for your heroes period. Ranking #1 each boss means you pick up roughly 9k coins every boss downed. Versus the rabble that pick up like 5k.

  • Broken Spaces i have listed fairly high for new players especially. The gold from this event is a life line. With Grey Dwarf coming around like it does, treasure gem costs, leveling costs, and pet costs the only real way to keep up is being able to kill as many bosses as you can. It doesn’t give as much easy gold as it used to, but it make feathers a bit easier to get for early players.

  • Seal Land depending on your stage, is close to the best source of 4★ shards. As you know, these shards are the building block of the majority of ★ growth for your heroes. Making this VERY important, especially later on. At Stage 10+, this place is the most important place there is for acnt growth.

  • Utility is huge in many respects and don’t think it needs an explanation. Its added things a hero does for a team that others don’t. That includes healing, survival, buffs, and debuffs.

  • Aspen is useful, just not what it used to be. The smash provides 5★ Random Shards, and decent pet supplies. It also gives Merchant deals that give Casino Coins for Gold, 4★ shards, and 5x POs for 2250 this place has is pretty useful. All in all, fairly good place.

  • PvP is PvP. Its why alot of us play. Figuring out teams that work and strong hero builds and such is really fun, but unless you are top 10, it doesn’t provide a noticeable benefit to consistent account growth. Getting into that top 10 requires either absolute insane luck, or money. That’s just my opinion. I’m focusing on growth here, so its low on the list.

  • Brave Trial has changed and got a rating boost as it CAN be decent. For most on older servers, you will make it to Night 3 or Night 6 and lose every time. That’s still chances at Light/Dark 4★ shards, and skin shards. You won’t be getting any good hero copies from just Day 15 chest tho. All good worthwhile heroes are locked away in the clouds you won’t be reaching, Night 15. If you can actually beat Night 15, feel free to rate this higher for yourself.

With that criteria in mind, this is my ranking for E5s.

RankHeroGuildBSSeal LandUtilityAspenPvPBTAverageW. Average

E5 Hero Breakdown:

  • Horus:

    • Fantastic all around hero. Starts very strong with survivablity and damage. Great at Guild Bosses, Broken Spaces, Seal Land, PvP, you name it.

      • Treasure Stone: +Attack/Attack% or Hp/Block (if below 135% Block)

      • Artifact: Augustus Ball, Withered Armor

      • Enables: 2, 2, 1, 2, 1 or 2, 2, 3, 2, 1 or 1, 1, 3, 1, 2.

  • Penny:

    • Sort of a glass cannon at times, but decent CC and damage reflect protection. Very good at Guild Bosses, Broken Spaces, and Seal land. Doesn’t really have much utility other than self cc protection. Great hero as long as she is crit’ing.

      • Treasure Stone: Crit Damage, Crit %, Attack %

      • Artifact: Punisher Dildo, Echo of Death, Class Artifact

      • Enables: 2, 2, 1, 2, 2 for most things (sometimes 2,2,2,2,1)

  • Valkyrie:

    • One of the Top Heroes at Aspen, BT, and early PvP. Decent utility from her attack steal for boss fights as well. Fairly miserable boss damage for most encounters only doing around 80-120M. As Seal land has become more important her rating has dropped.

      • Treasure Stone: +Hp, +Hp %

      • Artifact: Runes Power, Fearless Armor (or similar Damage Reduction, +hp% Artifact)

      • Enables: 1, 3, 1, 1, 2

  • Garuda:

    • Very good at bursting deep into Seal Land, decent at PvP, and can be very good in PvE guild bosses and BS. Her potential in PvE and PvE earns her a spot here.

      • Treasure Stone: +Attack/Attack% or Crit/ Crit Damage (generally like the latter more)

      • Artifact: Kiss of Ghost, Punisher, Antlers

      • Enables: 2, 2, 3, 2, 1 or 1, 3, 3, 1, 2 Still playing with it.

It’s taking too long i need to build something Heroes

If you are going on 5-6 months, and still don’t have an E3-5 you might just want to go ahead and build something. These are the heroes that are lesser heroes than the above for a first hero, but still solid enough heroes to get the ball rolling. If you get to a point the hero no longer helps, you can always regress (or replacement if you plan ahead).

  • Cthuga:

    • After his buff, he puts out good damage, is fire and bleed immune, heals when hit by DoT’d heroes, and can burst pretty insanely with the right comps. He can be a hinderance in some PvE as he blows up other heroes dots, but with the right support can be one of the strongest PvP heroes in the game, and does OK at most things. Not the best First E5 imo, but highly recommended for a possible 2nd.

      • Treasure Stone: +Attack/Attack%

      • Artifact: Antler Cane

      • Enables: Undecided Here.

  • Vesa:

    • She does everything pretty well it seems. Her Burst in PvP is crazy good early on, and it also servers her in Aspen. Her self healing, and team healing help her and other heroes survive. She is fairly weak to CC, but the 50% HP cleanse helps a little with that.

      • Treasure Stone:

        • Crit Damage, Crit %, Attack %

        • +Attack, Attack % (for more healing)

      • Artifact: Punisher Dildo, Echoes of Death, Antler Cane

      • Enables: 2, 2, 3, 2, 2

    • Sigmund:

      • Improves nearly every PvE boss damage comp in existence. Multi Skerei to Random Rainbows. He makes them all better, and has decent damage himself to boot. He breaks enemy armor for the team, and that’s his biggest benefit. Also has very high armor and generally isn’t going to die on you. Also has the very nice addition of providing a burn debuff for the Phoenix, which is generally the best pet.

        • Treasure Stone: +Attack, Attack %

        • Artifact: Antlers Cane

        • Enables: 2, 2, 3 or 2, 2, 1

  • Heartwatcher:

    • One of the 2 heroes i recommend every PvE group has. Buffs damage that enemies take up to 300%. That’s triple damage, but with the way the random buffs other heroes give, the pet buffs, and armor breaks, it ends up a bit more than 300%. Even in the early game as a 5★ she is of huge use. You should build at some point. She doesn’t REALLY need to go above E1 honestly.

      • Treasure Stone:

        • +Hp, +Hp %

        • +Hp, Crit

      • Artifact: Runes Power, Fearless Armor (or similar Damage Reduction +hp% Artifact)

      • Enables: 1, 3, 1

  • Kroos:

    • This guy does alot of things fairly average, but he does ALOT. His biggest pull is his stun at 50% hp. This is great in PvP and part of the reason you don’t want to take him too high. He also does a tiny 50% damage boost on enemies for PvP and PvE its pretty helpful. He also heals 2 heroes for 20% hp, and Gives 100 energy to 1 hero. Both are random on which heroes they pick, meaning it doesn’t always pick an injured hero, nor a hero that needs 100 energy, which really lessens the usefulness of both at times. At other times, its REALLY GOOD. Lastly is does a baby sized armor debuff.

      • Treasure Stone: +Speed +Hp %, +Hp Hp%

      • Artifact: Magic Source, Faction Speed Artifact, Windgods Messenger, Damage reduction Arti

      • Enables: 1, 1, 1


My personal opinion, since Valk has been nerfed. I feel like CThuga should be part of the top tier first E3-5 group. He can take you farther in SL than Valk can.

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