Ganjilla’s Event Item Drop Calculator (Auto Campaign Event)

I have decided to create a small calculator so you guys can easily estimate the amount of event items you could get at the end of the Event like Music Box, Blessing Bags, Rose or Chinese Knots.

September 7, 2019 Update: Scroll down to find the new URL for the calculator. During this event, the calculator will calculate Skull Coin that you can use to exchange for generous rewards in the Event Interface.


  • Best to use after the 2nd day of the event.
  • Assuming that you collect the loot at least once every 10 hours.
  • This calculator doesn’t count the last 24 shopping hours.


Event Item Drop Calculator. New URL:

Shared by Ganjilla


  • Blessing Bags
  • Rose & Knots

Blessing Bags

Note: This is the number of blessing bags you have in your inventory.

Note: If you didn’t get the 180 bags from gem boxes and the 18 from GM mail, set this to what you got.

Note: If you already bought bags for Gems, click the + icon on the screen to find out how many you bought.

Note: If you have spent bags, type your total Affection score here. The score that says (x)/1600, found at the bottom of the screen.

Additional bags you will receive (includes daily mail): ?
Your drop rate (per day): ?

Your predicted total Affection: ?

Ganjilla says:
Don’t be shy, click calculate

Assuming your looting behaviour and rates stay the same. This is just an estimate! Hint: Don’t buy the bags before it’s clear how many you really need!

Note: You can buy max. 600 extra bags.


Note: The last field is about how much loot you got from gem boxes/heroic completion/value packs. Gem boxes contain 1000 knots and 998 roses.

Campaign drop prediction: ?

Total loot prediction: ?

Assuming your looting behaviour and rates stay the same.

Your drop rate (per hour): ?
Time passed (hours): ?
Current day (of event): ?

Ganjilla’s Event Item Drop Calculator (Auto Campaign Event)
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