Idle Heroes Events – What Are The Next Events? (November 11th, 2019 Update)

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Official: The next Idle Heroes Events (November 11, 2019) are:

  • Earn points at [Wishing Fountain] to exchange  Forest Mage  and Glorious Relics.
  • [Lucky Wishing Fountain] Consume coins to get Monster Materials👿.
  • Shelter Mission – Complete tasks to get heroes 👇 and equipment.
  • Gray Dwarf’s Blessing
    🔸 Adjustment Preview 🔸⚡️ ⚔️ Light Assassin ⚔️ ⚡️

Credits: kaoricompass

Prediction: The next Idle Heroes events should be

  • 07-06: Special two week 3rd Anniversary Event
  • 21-06: Shopping Event and Gem Boxes
  • 28-06: Wishing Fountain and Shelter Mission
  • 05-07: Heroic Summon, Heroes Exchange, and Gray Dwarfs’ Blessing
  • 12-07: Shopping Event and Gem Boxes
  • 19-07: Prophet Orbs and Heroic Miracle
  • 25-07: Wishing Fountain and Shelter Mission
  • 01-08: Chinese Valentine’s Day – Qixi Festival
  • 09-08: Prophet Orbs and Heroic Miracle
  • 16-08: Mysterious Chest and Auto-campaign Drop
  • 23-08: Wishing Fountain, Shelter Mission, and Gray Dwarfs’ Blessing

From KayWWW

→ Visit the Updates page for details about the upcoming game updates (functions and adjustments).

Idle Heroes Events are indeed one of the most important parts of the game, which always gets a lot of attention from all players.

Throughout the game, Events absolutely affect your game progress a lot.

If you understand the way Events work inside out, you would get ultra-rare heroes and rewards a lot easier than other players.

Hence, today, I decided to make a small guide to show all of the most notable things you should pay attention to while doing Idle Heroes Events.

Event Calendar – What Should Be The Next Events?

Click to the image for the bigger image. Credits: KayWWW

Note: All of the monthly events are removed from the calendar because they will be up all the time.

Previous Events

Week 2 of 3rd Anniversary Event:

  • It is PO TIME! Daily Log-in Bonus during the event time: Prophet Orb x1
  • Prophet Summoning Event: During event time, rich rewards will be given for reaching certain amount of Prophet Orbs summoning in Prophet Tree. (Maximum 4 rounds can be completed during the event)
  • Heroic Miracle: During the event, completing the specified achievement can be rewarded and the rewards will be sent by mail
  • Gray Dwarves’ Blessing:During this event, players could upgrade 4-star or above Orange Suits, even create Exclusive Class Suits!
  • Koi Gift Box: During the event, you have a chance to obtain [Koi Gift Box] when auto-battling. Open it in your Bag to get generous rewards! [Drop ends at June 21st, 8:00 AM (UTC/GMT+8).]
  • Rise of Koi: Consume Koi at the event interface to exchange for rich rewards. Check details at the event interface. [Exchange ends at June 22nd, 8:00 AM (UTC/GMT+8).]
  • Lotus Dreams: During the event, throw Fish Bones into the Lotus Pond to earn points and reward. Cumulate points to claim even richer rewards. For detailed rules and ways to obtain Fish Bones, please tap the ‘?’ button on the right upper corner of event interface
  • Third Anniversary Favor: During the event, two 3rd Anniversary special packages are prepared for you to purchase (if you wish 🙂 )
  • Amen-Ra and Penny can be summoned from Prophet Tree. Penny is also available via Prophet Tree Replacement
  • Enlisted Penny to Super Wishing Fountain

Week 1 of 3rd Anniversary Event:

  • It is Idle Heroes’ 3rd Birthday! Time flies! Thank you for your support and companionship. Heroes of the Idle Continent will always be there for you.
  • New Heroes – Fortress Ranger (Penny) and Dark Priest (Amen-Ra) have joined us on the Idle Continent. They are looking forward to be summoned!

  • The 3rd anniversary flash event is available. Go experience it in the event interface
  • Anniversary gift: during this event, log in every day to claim free gems (player level + 50). Players with different VIP level can even get varying number of Heroic Summon Scrolls. Check details at the event interface
  • Summon event: during this event, the odds to summon a 5-star hero is DOBLED. There is a higher chance to summon Penny and Amen-Ra, with other abundant rewards awaiting for you as well
  • Completing a certain number of Heroic Summons will offer you great rewards (max 4 rounds can be completed in the event)
  • Flash Exchange: during this event, Valkyrie and King Barton are available for exchange at Soul Stone Store
  • Gray Dwarves Blessing: during this event, players could upgrade 4 star or above orange suits, even create exclusive class suits
  • Koi Gift Box: during this event you have a chance to obtain Koi Gift Box when auto battling. Open it in your bag to get generate rewards
  • Rise of Koi: consume Koi at the event interface to exchange for rich rewards. Check details at the event interface
  • Open Sachet: Open sachet at the event interface to get rich rewards every day. Check details at the event interface
  •  The 3rd Anniversary Card: Purchase to enjoy abundant rewards every day for 15 days (can only be purchased once, so hurry…)
  • Hero adjustments: Enlisted Oberon into Glorious Temple. Oberon can now be summoned via Elite 5-star shards. Removed Margaret from Elite 5-star Hero Shards summon

What are the Events in Idle Heroes?

Event Guide Updated November 16th, 2018

check in event idle heroes

Check In

The Check In menu is located at the top left of your game homescreen. The Check In rewards you with free Gems, Heroic Scrolls and Hero Shards by logging in every day.

idle heroes events menu

Cool Events: Monthly Events & Weekly Events

The main Event menu is located at the top right of the main screen.

There are 2 kinds of major Events in the Cool Events Menu:

  • Monthly Events  that run for 30 days.
    • Always the same events every month
  • Weekly Events (Limit Events) that run for 7 days.
    • Often 2-3 events every week

Weekly events are held from Friday to Thursday. New events are introduced on Friday around 1 A.M GMT +0.

Due to the number of events that can appear as Weekly Events a full cycle will usually be around 4 weeks.

It is impossible to know the exact events or rewards that will be introduced. Luckily DH Games usually release some hints before Friday.

Monthly Events

Militants Event

idle heroes militants event

During the Militants Event you must earn points by fighting in the two Arenas: The Crystal Crown League and The Trial of the Champion.

  • Win = 2 points.
  • Loss = 1 point.

If you win every single battle, you will need 400xarena ticket Arena Tickets to complete the entire event.

  • 1 battle in Crystal Crown League cost 1xarena ticket.
  • 1 battle in Trial of the Champion cost 3xarena ticket.

However, the first 2 battles in the Crystal Crown League are free every day and the daily quests reward another 2xarena ticket.

Thus, by having patience you can complete all battles in the Crystal Crown League for free. This will save you around 100xarena ticket.

Best Tips for the Militants Event.

  • Have patience! Do not rush the event, unless you need the gems immediately.
  • 3 battles (wins) every day in the Crystal Crown League over a period of 30 days will result in 180 points and 30xarena ticket.
    • Complete the last 10 battles (20 points) the last week.
    • Also helps maintain your daily ranking for better rewards.
  • Remember that the Trial of Champion is only accessible from Friday to Sunday every week.
  • Buy arena ticket Arena Tickets for Gold in the Marketplace every day.
  • With patience in the Crystal Crown League and buying the arena ticket Arena Tickets for gold in the Marketplace every day, you still need approximately 150xarena ticket.
    • First priority is buying them for gold in Aspen
    • Second priority is buying them for gems in Aspen/Marketplace

Militants Event
Crystal Crown League50200xgem 2xsuper chip
100300xgem 2xsuper chip
150500xgem 3xsuper chip
200500xgem 3xsuper chip
Trial Of The Champion50300xgem 2xprophet orb
100500xgem 3xprophet orb
150500xgem 10xuniversal skin shard
200700xgem 50xelite 5 star hero fragment
Complete All Militant Quests
5xglory hero relic

Tavern Quest Event

idle heroes tavern quest event

During the Tavern Event you need to complete a certain amount of quests of a specific tier. Luckily, since the event has been changed to be a Monthly Event there is no need to rush it.

However, the event can be impossible to complete for a beginner as 7⭐ quests require at least 1×6⭐ Hero in order to be started.

The most difficult part of the Tavern Event is to complete the required amount of 6⭐ and 7⭐ quests. Therefore, whenever you find one of these quests you start it, but do not complete it until you have the exact amount to finish the event.

After finishing the event you should also save extra 6⭐ and 7⭐ quests by starting them, but not completing them, thus saving them until the Tavern Event has reset.

You can read more about the Tavern and how to refresh your quests here.

Best Tips for the Tavern Event

  • Only complete 6⭐ and 7⭐ quests if you have the exact amount to finish the event.
  • If you have completed the event, save 6⭐ and 7⭐ quests until the Tavern Event has reset.
  • If you only have a few 5⭐ or 6⭐ heroes, be careful about using too many quest scrolls at the same time.

Tavern Quest Event
4⭐3010xheroic summon scroll 1xsuper chip
5⭐205xprophet orb 2xsuper chip
6⭐55xprophet orb 3xsuper chip
7⭐210xprophet orb 50x5 star hero shard
Complete all Tavern Quests
5xglory hero relic

Fusion and Awakening Event

idle heroes fusion event

The Fusion Event is no longer the worst event for new players. Changing it from a Weekly Event to a Monthly Event makes it very accessible for both new and veteran players alike.

In this event, you need to “fuse” heroes in the Creation Circle. It is for this purpose you want to use your stored 3⭐ and 4⭐Hero Shards 3 star hero shard 4 star hero shard to create your 5⭐ and 6⭐ heroes.

You get rewards for every fusion up to a maximum limit.

Fusion, heroic summon scroll Heroic Summon Scrolls and prophet orb Prophet Orb provide the majority of your growth. However, waiting for the weekly Heroic Summon Event and Prophet Summon Event can feel like a long time. Thus, you should rely on the monthly Fusion Event to keep Idle Heroes interesting.

Best Tips for the Fusion Event:

  • The best part of this event is the monster resources for your pets monster soul chaos stone. Getting these resources is not easy and pets are very important. It is worth it to save your heroes for the Fusion Event.
  • After your account reaches level 80 you should pay gems to complete extra Hero Challenges within the Event Raid every day. This is a cheap method to get 3⭐ and 4⭐ Hero Shards 3 star hero shard 4 star hero shard.
  • It is better to use random 4⭐ 4 star hero shard Hero Shards, instead of faction specific 4⭐ Hero Shards. Keep the faction specific shards for Shelter Events.
  • 6⭐ Fusions are relatively hard to complete. Therefore, you should avoid fusing 6⭐ Heroes after you have completed the event.
  • Do not fuse 5⭐ Light/Dark dark faction light faction  heroes to complete the Fusion Event. Save them in order to complete the Heroic Miracle Event.

Fusion and Awakening Event
5⭐201000Kgold 1000xmagic dust 600xmonster soul
6⭐84000Kgold 5000xmagic dust 300xchaos stone 1xsuper chip
9⭐38000Kgold 8000xmagic dust 2xglory hero relic
10⭐11000xgem 4xglory hero relic

Fusion and Awakening Infographic

creation circle infographic

Creation Circle Infographic – Updated December 6th 2018

Broken Spaces Event

idle heroes broken space event

This is an event which is loved by veteran players who has an established PvE team, but disliked by beginners who have yet to build a team that can fight strong bosses.

During Broken Spaces you have a chance to receive challenge badge Challenge Badges from the Campaign loot. These Challenge Badges can be used to attack the bosses introduced by Broken Spaces.

  • 1xchallenge badge = 1 Battle.

There are 3 different bosses:

  • Human-Ghost United
    • Bosses are from the shadow faction Shadow and fortress faction Fortress faction
    • Rewards gold after every battle.
  • Hell Strike
    • Bosses are from the abyss faction Abyss faction
    • Rewards magic dust Magic Dust after every battle.
  • Light Dark Union
    • Bosses are from the light faction Light and dark faction Dark faction
    • Rewards monster resources monster soul chaos stone after every battle

BossHuman-Ghost United goldHell Strike magic dustLight Dark Union monster soul chaos stone
Rolepriest rolewarrior rolewarrior rolewarrior rolewarrior rolewarrior roleassassin roleassassin rolewarrior rolewarrior rolewarrior rolewarrior rolemage rolemage rolepriest rolepriest roleassassin roleassassin role
HitFront (Stun)All (Stun)All (Stun)BackAllAllFront&Back (1 each)All All

Credits: Nightingales0815

However, it is not worth aiming for the per-battle rewards as they are of an insignificant amount. Though, after you have killed off the bosses you will be given great rewards and these can be seen in the image below.

Best Tips for the Broken Spaces

  • Do not waste your challenge badge unless you are certain you can kill the boss.
    • You should not spend more than 100xchallenge badge to kill a boss. Just save them for the next event when your team is stronger.
  • Use heroes who take advantage of the faction bonus against the bosses.
  • Equip your heroes with artifacts that increases damage against the roles of the bosses (XX% Damage against Assassin/Warrior/… etc)
  • If you’re coming to a point where you’re almost able to beat a boss level, it might be worth waiting with your attacks till the day before the event resets: Making optimal use of the strength your team has gained during the event time, simultaneously using the least amount of Challenge Badges on the kill.

broken space bot rewards

Weekly Events

Heroic Summon Event

idle heroes heroic summon event

One of the most the most beloved events by players who have a high hero bag limit. But a bit more bothersome for players with a small hero bag limit.

Players must use heroic summon scroll Heroic Summon Scrolls to earn points towards the event.

1xheroic summon scroll = 1 Point

Furthermore, during the Heroic Summon Event, the chances of getting a 5⭐ hero from a heroic summon scroll is doubled (from 1.58% to 3.16%). Therefore, you should never heroic summon scroll use outside of this event.

The event often comes with 1 or more hero(es) that are deemed the “Heroes of the Week”. These hero(es) will have a slightly higher chance to be summoned through heroic summon scroll.

Best Tips for the Heroic Summon Event

  • Do not heroic summon scroll use outside of this event.
  • The cheapest purchasable deals are
    •  8xheroic summon scroll for 1000xgem in the Marketplace (1xheroic summon scroll for 125xgem).
    • 10xheroic summon scroll for 1250xgem in the Aspen Dungeon (1xheroic summon scroll for 125xgem).
  • You can either partially or fully complete the event.
    • 100xheroic summon scroll (100 points) is an acceptable threshold to go for.

Heroic Summon Event
50 Points3xprophet orb and 10xheroic summon scroll
100 Points3xprophet orb and 10xheroic summon scroll
200 Points4xprophet orb and 10xheroic summon scroll
300 Points 5xprophet orb and 5xsoul-symbol
400 Points1xidle heroes cthugha
500 Points15xglory hero relic
If you summon the hero(es) of the week, you will be rewarded with the Ilus set (2⭐ Orange equipment)
Daily Gift
3xheroic summon scroll

Rewards updated on October 19th 2018

Prophet Summon Event

idle heroes prophet summon event

The Prophet Summon event is most likely the biggest key to your growth since you can target heroes from a specific faction. This substantially increases your chances of getting a specific hero you are looking for.

The player must use prophet orb Prophet Orb to earn points towards the event.

1xprophet orb = 1 Point.

The Prophet Summon Event is repeatable, meaning you can fully complete it up to a maximum of 4 times.

For every 1xprophet orb used you will on average get 20xprophet blessing Prophet’s Blessings. For 100xprophet blessing you can swap a hero for another within the same faction.

Best Tips for the Prophet Summon Event

  • Do not use prophet orb outside of this event.
  • It is advised that beginners focus on the forest faction Forest faction due to the high amount of God tier heroes for PvE progression idle heroes vesa idle heroes heart-watcher idle heroes valkyrie.
  • Later on for mid/late game, the general consensus is that
    • Use prophet orb on the faction where you need fodder.
    • Use prophet blessing on the faction where you need copies.
  • Keep the rewards in Shard form. Hero bag space is limited, however, Shard space is unlimited. Only summon them if:
    • They are better than your current heroes.
    • You need them to complete another event (Heroic Miracle Event).
    • You need them to fuse or awaken a hero.
  • If you do not want the top rewards, you can skip the event.
    • Be sure you can complete the light factionLight/dark factionDark part of Heroic Miracle Event if you skip the Prophet Summon Event.

Prophet Summon Event
10 Points30x4 star dark hero shard 30x4 star light hero shard
20 Points50x5 star fortress hero shard
30 Points50x5 star shadow hero shard
40 Points1xidle heroes Dark Spirit
50 Points1xidle heroes Divine Spirit
60 Points1xidle heroes aidan
80 Points1xidle heroes king-barton 15xglory hero relic
Daily Gift
1xprophet orb

Prizes updated on October 26th 2018.

Casino Event (Wishing Fountain Event)

wishing foutain casino event

The Wishing Fountain Event can be the most profitable event of all if done properly. During the Wishing Fountain Event the player must use chip Wishing Coins to earn points.

  • 1xchip = 1 spin = 1 point

However, if you’re at least level 80 (or VIP 2) you can spin 10 times for 8xchip, meaning that:

  • 8xchip = 10 spin = 10 points

This reduces the amount of chip needed to complete the event by 20% and ends up making the event more profitable.

The Wishing Fountain Event is repeatable, meaning you can fully complete it up to a maximum of 4 times.

Best Tips for the Wishing Fountain Event (old Casino Event)

  • During the event you should always spin 10 times for 8xchip.
  • Be sure to optimize the loot on the wheel before spinning.
  • Remember the event lasts for 7 days and you can refresh the Wishing Fountain every 3 hours.
    • Be patient and optimize the wheel rewards.
    • Always finish the event on the last day, regardless of wheel rewards.

Event Rewards updated on November 2nd.

Wishing Fountain Event (Old Casino Event)
1 spin for 1xchip10 spin for 8xchipPointsRewards
50xchip40xchip502xprophet orb 2xsuper chip
100xchip80xchip1002xprophet orb 2xsuper chip
200xchip160xchip2002xprophet orb 4xsuper chip
300xchip240xchip3002xprophet orb 1xidle heroes rosa 5xglory hero relic
Daily Gift
1xsuper chip

Heroic Miracle Event

idle heroes heroic miracle event

This is another event that can be relatively rough for beginners to fully complete. At least until they have completed their first Prophet Summon Event.

During the Heroic Miracle Event you need to summon a certain amount of 5⭐ heroes from each faction.

This is primarily done by using 5⭐ Hero Shards 5 star shadow hero shard 5 star fortress hero shard 5 star fortress hero shard 5 star fortress hero shard 5 star hero shard and fusing 5⭐ heroes.

The best part of the event is that it finally allows you to open your stored 5⭐5 star hero shard Hero Shards.

This will give you plenty of heroes which can be used to fuse 6⭐ heroes or awakening heroes even higher.

Best Tips for the Heroic Miracle Event

  • Do not use 5 star shadow hero shard 5 star fortress hero shard 5 star fortress hero shard 5 star fortress hero shard 5 star hero shard outside of this event. Unless you are certain you can still complete the entire Heroic Miracle Event by doing so.
  • Save all of your heart Friendship Summons and use them for this event.
    • This will provide you with a decent amount of 3⭐ and 4⭐ heroes which you can use to fuse a 5⭐ hero.
  • If you are at least VIP 3 you should save your 1000-point energy bar and use it for this event.
    • 1000 energy = 50x5 star hero shard.
  • Only fuse 5⭐light factionLight/dark factionDark heroes during this event.
    • Never do it outside of this event.

Heroic Miracle Event
5⭐ light factionLight21x The Heaven Necklace 1x The Heaven Cape 5xprophet orb
5⭐ dark factionDark21x The Heaven Staff 1x The Heaven Ankle Boots 5x prophet orb
5⭐ forest factionForest31x Ilus Cape 1xIlus Ring 6xheroic summon scroll
5⭐ abyss factionAbyss31x Ilus Staff 1x Ilus Boots 6xheroic summon scroll
5⭐ fortress factionFortress31x Ilus Staff 1x Ilus Boots 6xheroic summon scroll
5⭐ shadow factionShadow31x Ilus Cape 1xIlus Ring 6xheroic summon scroll
Complete all Heroic Miracle Quests
1xidle heroes belrain
Daily Gift


idle heroes shelter mission event

The Shelter Events offers a few quests to the player. The quests often revolve around trading a combination of heroes for a certain hero.

Most of the time the trade requires a combination of faction specific 4⭐ heroes and a single 5⭐ hero of the same faction.

It is important to note that the difficult part of the event is that the faction specific 4⭐ heroes must be of a specific role (Warrior, Ranger, etc)

The event does not always offer heroes that are high tier. Therefore, the player must evaluate whether the offered heroes are useful for your team or not.

You can read more about which heroes are top tier here.

However, even if the offered heroes are worthless the 4⭐ gear that comes along can be very helpful to your progression in the game.

Best Tips for the Shelter Event

  • Save faction specific 4⭐ Hero Shards 4 star shadow hero shard 4 star abyss hero shard 4 star fortress hero shard 4 star forest hero shard for this event.
  • Beginners should do the Shelter Event, regardless of offered heroes, until you have 6x sets of 4⭐ equipment.
  • Can be a good method to convert a hero in the limited hero bag to the unlimited shard bag.

Event Rewards updated on November 2nd.

4x4 star fortress hero shard 1x5 star fortress hero shard1xidle heroes ormus 1xSword of the Courageous 1xPlate of the Courageous
4x4 star shadow hero shard 1x5 star shadow hero shard1xidle heroes kamath 1xBoots of the Courageous 1xPedant of the Courageous
4x4 star forest hero shard 1x5 star fortress hero shard1xidle heroes eddga 1xSword of the Courageous 1xPlate of the Courageous
4x4 star abyss hero shard 1x5 star fortress hero shard1xidle heroes dantalian 1xBoots of the Courageous 1xPedant of the Courageous
2xdark elite shard 2000xgem1xidle heroes dark-arthindol
2xlight elite shard 2000xgem1xidle heroes gerke
Daily Reward

This table is a visual presentation of all 4⭐ heroes from each faction in relation to their respective role.

  • Cells marked with red  are faction/role combinations that can be hard to get since they are scarce.
  • Cells marked with yellow  are faction/role combinations that can be doable to get since their is a few but not many.
  • Cells marked in blue  are faction/role combinations that can be fairly easy to get as they are plentiful.

Therefore, it can be a good idea to at least save the hero specific shards of the 4⭐ heroes in the red  cells.

shelter event idle heroes

Credits: remisblu

Treasure Chest (Gem Boxes)

idle heroes gem boxes event

This event offers several Treasure Chests (often referred to as Gem Boxes) to the player which contain a large sortiment of valuable goods.

Each Gem Box costs a different amount of gem Gems and can only be bought once.

Best Tips for the Treasure Chest Event (Gem Boxes)

  • The 6000xgem Gem Box is the most valuable.
    • The guild coin Guild Coins alone make this chest a definite must-buy for everyone!
    • The orange antifact fragment Artifact is a nice bonus.
  • The 2400xgem Gem Box is the second most valuable.
    • The 8xprophet orb alone are worth more than what you pay for the Gem Box.
  • The 500xgem Gem Box is the third most valuable.
    • The 5xheroic summon scroll alone are worth more than what you pay for the Gem Box.
  • The 4000xgem Gem Box can be valuable depending on your current hero situation.
  • The 1200xgem Gem Box is the least valuable.
    • super chip Super Wishing Coins are an absolute terrible investment.
    • You should never buy this Gem Box unless you desperately need the 4⭐ equipment.

500 gem5xheroic summon scroll 5000xhero promotion stone
1200 gem5xsuper chip 1xPedant of the Courageous 1xBoots of the Courageous
2400 gem 8xprophet orb 1xPlate of the Courageous 1xSword of the Courageous
4000 gemKamath + 20Kmagic dust
6000 gem50xorange antifact fragment + 25Kguild coin + [King Barton Skin]

Updated on January 4th 2019.

Hero Exchange Event (Altar Event)

idle heroes hero exchange event

A relatively difficult event to fully complete unless you are a high level veteran accompanied by a high VIP level.

You might have to skip the event one time to be able to complete it the next time it occurs.

The event often provides very high tier heroes to be purchased using soul stone shard Soul Stone Shards in the Altar.

Heroes are priced between 4000xsoul stone shard to 6000xsoul stone shard depending on their rarity, tier and faction.

3⭐10x soul stone shard
4⭐25x soul stone shard
5⭐250x soul stone shard
6⭐1250x soul stone shard

Best Tips for the Hero Exchange Event (Altar Event)

  • Use your 3⭐Hero Shards 3 star hero shard and disassemble them in the Altar.
    • Do not disassemble 4⭐ Heroes or above.
  • After your account reaches level 80, you should pay gems to complete extra Hero Challenges within the Event Raid every day. This is a cheap method to get 3⭐ Hero Shards 3 star hero shard.
  • Do not spend on buying random heroes in the Altar outside of the event.
    • You can buy idle heroes karim Karim if it is your 5th copy and he is your Aspen Dungeon hero.
  • Do not spend soul stone shard  on refreshing the shop.
    • Refreshing the shop during the event does not allow you to buy multiple copies of the heroes introduced by the event.

Hero Exchange Event (Altar Event)
5500xsoul stone shard1xidle heroes valentino
5500xsoul stone shard1xidle heroes skerei
Daily Gift

Event rewards updated on October 19th 2018

Gray Dwarves’ Blessing 

black smith event

This is one of the newest additions to the event schedule in Idle Heroes.

The event allows you to circumvent the Blacksmith in order to upgrade your high end equipment.

The difference between the Event and the actual Blacksmith is the cost.

  • The Blacksmith requires 3x copies of an item and creates a 1x upgraded item.
    • 3xSword of the Courageous → 1xGlory Warrior Sword
  • The Event requires a full set of the equipment and a higher fee consisting of gold gem.
    • Boots of the Courageous Pedant of the Courageous Plate of the Courageous Sword of the Courageous → Glory Boots Glory Ring Glory Armor Glory Warrior Sword

Best Tips for the Gray Dwarves’ Blessing (Blacksmith Event)

  • The equipment’s stats increases substantially for every upgrade.
    • The increase from 4⭐ 5⭐ and 5⭐ 6⭐ is huge.
    • The increase from 6⭐ 6⭐ class specific is relatively small.
      • PvE players can stop at 6⭐ gear if you prefer to spend your gold  gem elsewhere.
      • PVP players must upgrade to 6⭐ class specific due to the Speed speed icon bonus on the boots.
  • You should aim towards having all ‘active’ heroes wearing 6⭐ equipment or above
    • At least 6x sets of equipment at 6⭐ or above

Gray Dwarves’ Blessing (Blacksmith Event)
Equipment CostCurrency costReward
Sword of the CourageousPlate of the CourageousPedant of the CourageousBoots of the Courageous+40Mgold + 1500gemGlory Warrior SwordGlory ArmorGlory RingGlory Boots
Glory Warrior SwordGlory ArmorGlory RingGlory Boots+60Mgold + 2500gemThorny Flame WhipFlame ArmorFlame NecklaceFlame Boots
Thorny Flame WhipFlame ArmorFlame NecklaceFlame Boots+100Mgold + 4000gem Ring of the Oracle/Minstrels Ring/Weavers Necklace/Assassin's Ring/Warriors Necklace
Daily Gift

The Differences between 4* and 5* Gears The Differences between 5* and 6* Gears

The differences between the final gears in Idle Heroes – source /u/Level3_Melynx

Campaign Loot Events (Shop Event)

Shop EventDuring this event, players collect the event items along with loots in the Auto Campaign in game.

The event items can be used to exchange with various items in the Event’s Shop.

There are usually exclusive Artifacts, high tier Heroes, Prophet Orb Prophet Orbs, Heroic Summon Scroll Heroic Summons and other items in the Shop.

Best Tips for the Campaign Loot Events (Shop Event)

  • Always try to collect your loot in the Campaign at least once every 10 hours. After 10 hours, you won’t receive any additional loot.
  • Take a look at our Event Item Drop Calculator to see how many items you can get at the end of the event.
  • Do not spend your Event Items before the event ends. You cannot be 100% sure that you won’t be able to buy that god Hero or that Artifact.
  • You can only be able to get the cheapest Heroes in the shop if you are lucky. Most people do not have enough event items to get those Heroes unless they spend a bit of money to get some extra Event items.
  • If you cannot buy any Hero, or you don’t need those Heroes, it’s best to spend your items on purchasing Prophet Orb Prophet Orbs.

Login Bonus Event

This is an amazing Event which rewards you with relatively good resources for simply playing the game.

You can check-in via the Cool Event menu and get rewards every day.

If you have logged in but forgotten to check-in you can still get the rewards from the previous days.

The First Month

When you creating your account on a new server, after the first month, you should have 3,100 gem Gems, 4 Heroic Summon Scroll, Aleria, Starlight and a full Hunter set.

The first month, after starting on a server, will reward you with: 3,100xgem Gems, 4xheroic summon scroll Heroic Summon Scroll, Aleria, Starlight and a full Hunter set.

The Next Months

The following months you will be rewarded with: 930xgem Gems, 4xheroic summon scroll Heroic Summon Scrolls, 90x4 star hero shard4-Star Hero Shards and a specific 5-Star Hero.

You will receive the specific 5-Star Heroes in the order which is shown in the table below.

After the 7th month the cycle is reset.

HeroLutzMirageDark SpiritLord BalrogDragon SlayerDivine Spirit

Guide Submitted by u/Shadeqt, u/Pok3rr


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