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Is this an Adequate Line Up?

Hi There,

I am new to the game. I have played for about 1-2 weeks and, even though I manage to progress, I am not sure if long term this is the adequate line up. I scored these 5* heroes due to registration and the Event that started yesterday. I am advancing them with resources and gear that I have and it will take a while 🙂 Will they be a strong and complementary team at least until level 150?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi zztop,

At this point you're still at a phase where I wouldn't obsess too much about which 5 star heroes you've got, as long as you don't throw them away without knowing what you're doing (See: 25+ Common Mistakes New Players Always Make At The Beginning). Just play around with the 5 stars the game gives you, try to understand their skills and check what the guides say about the new 5 star heroes you collect.

Here are a couple useful guides to use for these checks, but small note: All 10 star hero stats have been adjusted yesterday, so these guides still need to be updated accordingly, meaning some of the heroes might be rated 1 to 2 tiers higher or lower by now.

The reason to take it easy and not worry too much about your line-up yet, is because Idle Heroes is a really slow game, which for many players is also the charm of it. One of your first goals will be to get 6 decent to great heroes who work well together and get them upgraded to Enabling level 3 (E3), which will take many months to achieve unless you're rich and pump a lot of money in the game. (Even if you can afford that, don't do this unless you've gotten the hang of the game first.)

Besides mechanics and how hero works, one of the most essential things to understand is the events (see the guide here). Without understanding events, you will waste a lot of your resources and give yourself a huge disadvantage. So be smart and don't ever use any special currency (like summon scrolls, orbs, etc.) without checking that page first!

There are many other tips I could write down, but most of these can also be found here: Idle Heroes Beginner’s Guide: 50+ Most Essential Tips For New Players. With the links given in this post, you should be able to get quite far, with minimal (for now still irrelevant 😉) questions and minimal regrets later in the game!


Kind regards and have fun!

- Zythean

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Wow! Thank you so much! Very useful for me.