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New players - Things you need to know, before asking anything

Hi there,

The Play Idle Heroes forum is still new, but Idle Heroes isn't. This post attempts to tackle the questions which every player before asked as well and questions which can't be given a good answer or are even irrelevant if your still early in the game. (Which you will be if you're still in your first month(s), far away from getting your first 9 or 10 star heroes)

Idle Heroes is slow, so take your time to learn!
So you've recently started Idle Heroes, but now what? At this point you will have so little resources and useful heroes, that your main priority should be understanding the mechanics and getting to know all heroes that the 'Gods of RNG' bring your way (RNG = Random Nummer Generator, which determines your odds on getting bad or good rewards). At the time of writing, this game has 144 unique heroes (including 1-4 star heroes), of which only 58 can be maximal upgraded to 10 star and enabled to E3. As you can figure, there is a lot of learning to be done 😉.

Pretty much every game related question you might have at this point of the game, has an answer in the guides here at So its smarter and much faster to browse these, before bringing your question to the forum. If you truly can't find your answer, ask it here of course!

Some good guides to start with are:

The last article is a MUST READ before you spend any of your special currencies (Heroic Summon Scrolls, Prophet Orbs, Wishing Well Coins, etc.). Not using those currencies in a smart way during events, will give you a huge disadvantage to those who do. The other guides will give you good tips on how to spend common currencies, like gold.

Questions regarding 5 star (or lower) heroes and line-ups are almost always irrelevant
Because of the slow pace and the early game's lack of hero variety, all questions you might have regarding your line-up can be considered irrelevant or unanswerable if you aren't working towards your first 9 or 10 star heroes yet. As you'll find out after a couple of months of playing: for the end game only E3 heroes matter and how well you understand them, to make them as strong as possible. But getting your first hero to E3 will usually take months, even if you spend a lot of money on the game. By this time you'll also comprehend much better how difficult some of the best heroes are to obtain, which you can use to make better strategies for building your 'dream team'.

A good starting strategy would be to analyze the skills and look up every new 5 star hero you receive in any of the so called 'Tier guides', of which I will list a few examples underneath. That way you will gradually learn which heroes to grow, which are nice to temporary fill your line-up with until you get better heroes and which are purely food once you can start upgrading the heroes you want to grow. Also, once you get more than six 5 star heroes, which are decent to great according to the guides, start trying out which hero combinations compliment each other with their buffs, also known as synergy (guide).

Examples of some tier guides to use are:

As you will also read in the beginner's guide and common mistakes: NEVER sacrifice a 4 or 5 star hero at the altar, unless you got months of experience and know what you're doing. Also make sure the 5 star food you use for upgrading heroes, aren't any of the harder to obtain top tier heroes! You'll definitely regret this later..


If what you came her for isn't addressed above or can't be found with Search or in the many guides here at, feel free to ask!

Kind regards,


((P.S. Think the above info will tackle the most commonly asked questions by new players, but also feel like I'm missing stuff.. 😅 So anyone who want to suggest extra subjects to add, just leave a reply! Also any feedback on the current content is much appreciated. If more subjects get added, I might also make a FAQ version beside this more extensive one.))

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