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Welcome to Forum

Greetings and Welcome to the Play Idle Heroes Forum!

I have been thinking about creating a forum for the PIH community for quite some time and so here it is...I would like this to be a friendly place where people can get answers to their game related questions and where the community shares their game play, arts, experiences, etc.

Hopefully (with time) this becomes Idle Heroes fan hangout place.



P.S. Let me know if you want to see some additional features in the forum and I will accommodate.

Hiya Will,

Nice addition to the site this forum! Hope more of the fans will join soon 😄

First request: right now what I'm missing most is a 'Play Idle Heroes' forum category. Would see this as a category for site related announcements, guide discussions (as Disqus is an obstacle for some + comment section doesn't feel like the right place for certain extensive discussions/debates), guide (update) requests and suggestions, guide update announcements, feature requests, collective guide writing, etc.

Also I'm wondering if the Guild Recruit category has any real use. 🤔 You'd need a big group of active members, from EVERY server to begin with. And even if it did become actively used, it would become a complete mess with the hundreds of guilds, from the hundreds of servers, spread over Android and iOS, who will spam the hell out of their threads to remain visible on page 1 in that category. Maybe with 20 sub-forums, splitting up iOS and android and then sub-categories for server clusters (e.g. S300 - S350), it'd have a tiny chance of working, but I'd still prefer to use in-game chat over an external tool anytime, both as guild leader or guildless player. But that's just my 2 cents 😉

Hope this feedback is useful!


Kind regards,


Android S369 | Dutch

Good Feedback, mate. Changed accordingly.