Best Ways To Get Fodders After The E3 Release

Since the E3 update, there are not a lot of great guides out there for everyone.

Thus, today, I decided to write this guide to cover up all of the most important information about E3 for you so you could see how much an E3 could impact your progression.

Also, I will show you the best ways to get Fodders during the mid game of Idle Heroes.

After the E3 update, you now need 178 5⭐ fodders and 7 copies of your Hero If you want to have a S-Tier E3 Hero. That is 185 5⭐ Heroes in total.

Before the update, you need only 64 5⭐ Heroes in total to get your Hero to 10⭐. Which means, it is now roughly tripled to get a Hero to its max level.

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What does this mean?

The E3 Meta will last much longer!

Most of the casual players will never be able to get a full team of E3 heroes.

Never underestimate a hero which are crazy-strong at E3. Also you can always replace your Heroes later with ease by using the Soul Symbols.

Dark and Light E3 Heroes Are Not As Difficult To Acquire


Before, you need 5 copies of the Dark/Light Hero, 31 Dark/Light Fodders and 28 other-faction Fodders to get your Hero to 10⭐.

Now, the number of Dark/Light Fodders remain. You only need 2 extra copies of your Hero and Fodders from the other faction.

Thus, upgrading your Dark/Light Heroes to E3 is virtually the same as other factions heroes.

The God Tier now becomes a lot more important

If you can only upgrade one Hero to E3, use the most ridiculously overpowered one.

Getting 7 copy of a God-tier Hero and 185 5⭐ Fodders will take a much longer time so choose the right one to upgrade to E3.

The value Tier 2 heroes copies decrease

When you start upgrading your last Heroes, a lot of new Heroes would be released and you might get a lot more copies of better Heroes.

Because you need to fodder 3 9⭐ Heroes and 1 10⭐ Hero, upgrading your Tier 2 heroes to 9⭐ is a wise move.

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Best Ways To Building Up Fodders

Mid-game is when you can easily complete every single Idle Heroes event (okay sometimes you can’t fully complete Fusion, Heroic Summon Event or Prophet Orbs).

This is when you can comfortably switch from pure resource management to using a part of your resources on the additional fodders.

The more fodders you have, the faster your progression is.

Best Sources For Fodders

Could be also helpful for new players.

  1. Event Raid: From level 85, you should buy extra turns in the Event Raid to acquire extra 4⭐ shards which can be used to fuse additional fodders. 4⭐ shards also helps a lot in Shelter, Heroic Miracles and Fusion Events. A huge amount of 3⭐ would be also very helpful in Altar events. I myself usually buy as many as I can every day.
  2. Market: 4⭐ (1.5M gold) shards are always one the best deals in the game. This also doesn’t take any slot if your Hero Collection. 4⭐ shards are always a must buy. This means you could get a 5⭐ for roughly 12M gold, which is a very great!
  3. Prophet Orbs Event: Besides spinning Casino for Dark/Light shards, this is always the best source for getting Dark/Light Fodders. Always open at least 60 Prophet Orbs If you can to get those Dark/Light prizes and a top-tier Hero. This also helps you complete every single Heroic Miracle event with ease. After a year of playing and fishing all Heroic Miracle Events, you will be able to bring one of your Dark/Light Hero to E3.

Other Sources For Fodders

Usually for players who have a lot of extra resources.

  1. heroic summon scroll Heroic Scrolls – To complete a Heroic Summon Event, you need to spend hundreds of dollars during the month, or you might need to save up scrolls for months. Buy as many scrolls as you can.
  2. basic summon scroll Basic Scrolls – 6000 Basic Scrolls (which cost roughly 600M) could give you 22Khero promotion stone Hero Promotion Stones, 5000 soul stone shard Altar Stones and like 14 5⭐ fodders. Only do this If you really don’t have anything to spend your Gold on. I strongly recommend you taking a look at this guide for more details about buying Basic Scrolls.
  3. 3⭐ Heroes (300K gold) – Also, do not forget to buy those 3⭐ Heroes in the Market for just 300K gold each, which are insane deals for actual Heroes. Do this when you have a huge amount of spare Gold. They could help you a lot in Heroes Exchange event and come in handy when you need to do some fusions.

Fodder Sources For Whales

Yes this is for whales

Let’s value heroic summon scroll Heroic Scroll at 125 gem and prophet orb Prophet Orb at 500 gem.

Opening Prophet Orbs would give approximately 8% more of getting 5⭐ fodder per Gem.

If you value Heroic Scroll at 175 Gems, it would be 26% instead of 8%.

Whales know what to do here :P.

TL;DR Please!

Buy extra Event Raid battles every day and buy 4⭐ in the Shop with Gold!

Written by laststandb

Best Ways To Get Fodders After The E3 Release
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