Is It Worth It To Spend Gems On Guild Boss?

I believe that almost all new players always think about this a lot while playing Idle Heroes: Is it really worth it to spend Gems for extra attacks in the Guild Raid/Boss?

Let’s discuss about this today!

guild boss and gem

Guild Boss Vs. Gems

As we all know, During the Gem Box event, you can buy 25,000 Guild Coin Guild Coins for 6,000 Gem Gems. The ratio is around 4.167Guild Coin/Gem. Not mentioning that you can also get Exclusive Orange Artifact, Exclusive Skin or even a God Hero from the 6k Gem box.

So let’s say the ratio is 5Guild Coin/Gem because we are discussing only about the Guild Coins here.

So, as long as you can get a better ratio than 5Guild Coin/Gem, just go for it.

The ratio is affected by:

  1. How long it takes your Guild to kill the boss.
  2. The best spot you can get.
  3. Your Guild rules. (Some Guilds require members to attack fully every day)

For example,

If it takes your Guild only 3 days (4 turns) to kill the boss and the top 10-15 gets 3,200 Guild Coin GC, the ratio would be 3,200/(4*120)= 6.7Guild Coin/Gem, which is a lot higher than the Gem Box. So just go for it If you can get to at least top 15.

Another example,

Let’s say my Guild is on boss #55 right now: Top 1 gets 9750 GC; top 2 gets 9100 GC; top 3 gets 8450 GC; top 4-10 gets 6500 GC.

If I can get to the top 4-10 by spending only 120 Gems in the first 3 days (360 Gems in total), the ratio would be 18Guild Coin/Gem.

However, If you want to get as many Guild Coins as you can in a short time, and If you want to be a good guy, aim for the best spot you can as long as you do not go under the 5Guild Coin/Gem ratio and you have enough spare Gems to do that.


This depends a lot on how fast your Guild can take down the boss and how far you can get in the raid.

In short, spend 120 Gems per day in the first 3 days then aim for the best ratio. You don’t have to spend extra Gems if you can maintain your ranking with free attacks.

Only spend 120 Gem Gems per day If:

  • You want to aim for top 3 and grab as many Guild Coin GCs as you can (do not go lower than the 5Guild Coin/Gem ratio tho).
  • You want to be a good guy.
  • The Leader DMs you and ask you to buy the extra turns otherwise he will kick your ass.

Personally in my Guild, I can’t even touch the top 3 so after the first 3 days, I only do free attacks. I only buy the extra 40-Gem turn once per 2-3 days to maintain the position in top 4-10.

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Is It Worth It To Spend Gems On Guild Boss?
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