Instant Hero Management Guide for New Players

In Idle Heroes, on the Heroes tab, there are some numbers located at the top right left corner, showing the maximum number of Heroes active at the time. You can use all of the Heroes on this tab for any activity in game like battling, disassembling, fusing, Tavern, etc.

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Managing Heroes is one of the most crucial things you need to know while playing Idle Heroes. Managing Heroes literally affects your progression a lot. If you don’t know how to manage your Heroes optimally, it will significantly slow down your account’s growth. Never overlook this!

In this guide, I am going to show you some great managing tips for beginners!

At the moment, there are only 2 ways to increase your Hero Limit:

  • Upgrading your VIP level.
  • Buying extra slots with Gems. Every time you buy, the price of 5 slots will be increased by 100 Gems.

At the beginning, buying extra slots is a must because they are pretty cheap at the first buys and can give you tons of benefits.

Some Ways To Get More Room For Heroes

  • Disassembling: You can destroy your Heroes in the Altar. Best to destroy 1⭐, 2⭐ Heroes first and keep at least 4 copies of the 3⭐ Heroes you need for Fusions.
  • Fusing: Creating 5⭐ and 6⭐ Heroes using lower ⭐ Heroes. You should only do this during Fusion Event and Heroic Miracle Event.
  • Upgrading Heroes: Sacrificing unused 5⭐, 6⭐ or 9⭐ heroes / fodders to upgrade another one. This is always a safe choice and don’t need any event to be optimal.

Remember, Fusion Events have a limit of 10 5⭐ fusions and 10 6⭐ fusions only. Also, keep your Dark&Light fusions for the heroic Miracle Event, do not use them in the Fusion event.

To read more about events, take a look at this page.


They are the backbone of the game, of course.

You need Heroes to upgrade Heroes. The higher ⭐ your Hero has, the more powerful it is. The max ⭐ a Hero can have at the moment is 13 ⭐, which is also called E3.

Take a look at the infographic below to see the number of Heroes it costs to upgrade one to 13⭐!

Idle Heroes Hero Awaken Infographic

Credits: SERBOSS

So What To Do With My x⭐ Heroes?

1⭐ and 2⭐ Heroes

They are useless. Just disassemble them right away!

3⭐ Heroes

Can be used to fuse into 5⭐ Heroes so you should keep at least 4 copies of each If you have enough room for them. If you don’t, keep only the ones which are close to a complete fusion.

These are always the first heroes you can disassemble when you need more space.

4⭐ Heroes

They are for fusing 5⭐ Heroes and for Shelter Events.

They are super helpful in many ways and you shouldn’t disassemble them in almost cases. Only destroy the ones you don’t need and only when you are desperate.

5⭐ Heroes

None of them is useless. They are all extremely useful. Do not disassemble them no matter what!

If a Hero can’t be above 5⭐ or 9⭐, he/she is a fodder.

There are 2 kinds of 5⭐ Heroes:

  • Natural 5⭐ Heroes: Only come by 5⭐ form. They can be upgraded to 10⭐. There is only a few of them are fodders.
  • Unnatural 5⭐ Heroes: Can be ungraded from 4⭐ Heroes. All of them are fodders sooner or later.

Pay attention to the Heroes you need to upgrade them to 6⭐.

6⭐ Heroes

They can be used for upgrading Heroes to 8⭐, 9⭐ and 10⭐.

7⭐ and 8⭐ Heroes

In these forms, they can’t be used as fodder. You need to upgrade them to 9⭐for further uses.

9⭐ Heroes

Used for upgrading Heroes of any faction to 10⭐, 11⭐ and 12⭐.

10⭐ Heroes

You need a 10⭐ Hero of any faction to upgrade a Hero to 13⭐.

If you are at this point of the game, maybe this guide doesn’t fit you anymore lol.

hero shards page idle heroes

Hero Shards

You can see your Hero shards on the jigsaw puzzle icon tab in your bag.

There is no limit for Hero Shards.

There are 2 types of Hero Shards: Specific Hero Shards and Random Hero Shards.

Some Tips for Using Hero Shards:

  • Only open your shards If you want to get the instant benefits. Most of the time, it should be in either Shelter or Heroic Miracle Event.
  • Just treat the random hero shards as a way to get fodders because they rarely give you great tier Heroes.
  • You can only summon the amount of Heroes you can hold.
  • Take a look at this guide to see the best ways to get fodders in the game.

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Instant Hero Management Guide for New Players
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