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Faction: fortress faction
Role: assassin role

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  • Whirlwind Sweep  Active – Enemy with the highest attack takes [194% of Attack] damage, decreases Attack by 10% for 3 rounds, decreases Attack by 5% for 2 rounds, decreases Attack by 5% for 1 round and takes [150% of Attack] bleed damage for 2 rounds.
  • Shadow Step  Passive – Increase Attack by 15%, increase Block by 30%, increase Control Immune by 10% and increase Speed by 10.
  • Reverse Damage  Passive – When blocking, increase Attack by 5% for 4 rounds and increase Critical Chance by 10% for 4 rounds.
  • Shadow Pursuit  Passive – Enemy with the lowest health takes [180% of Attack] damage and takes [100% of Attack] bleed damage for 2 rounds.

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  • Whirlwind Sweep  Active – Enemy with the highest attack takes [298% of Attack] damage, decreases Attack by 14% for 3 rounds, decreases Attack by 8% for 2 rounds, decreases Attack by 8% for 1 round and takes [220% of Attack] bleed damage for 2 rounds.
  • Shadow Step  Passive – Increase Attack by 25%, increase Block by 50%, increase Control Immune by 20% and increase Speed by 20.
  • Reverse Damage  Passive – When blocking, increase Attack by 10% for 4 rounds and increase Critical Chance by 15% for 4 rounds.
  • Shadow Pursuit  Passive – Enemy with the lowest health takes [220% of Attack] damage and takes [150% of Attack] bleed damage for 2 rounds.

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  • Whirlwind Sweep  Active – Enemy with the highest attack takes [396% of Attack] damage, decreases Attack by 20% for 3 rounds, decreases Attack by 10% for 2 rounds, decreases Attack by 10% for 1 round and takes [290% of Attack] bleed damage for 2 rounds.
  • Shadow Step  Passive – Increase Attack by 35%, increase Block by 70%, increase Control Immune by 30% and increase Speed by 30.
  • Reverse Damage  Passive – When blocking, increase Attack by 15% for 4 rounds and increase Critical Chance by 20% for 4 rounds.
  • Shadow Pursuit  Passive – Enemy with the lowest health takes [260% of Attack] damage and takes [180% of Attack] bleed damage for 2 rounds.

Xia – Detailed Initial Assessment

By Zealsambitions


  • She’s got the speed to attack first after CCers.  This is important as she has a huge single target payload to deliver ASAP.
  • She’s got utility that heavily punishes enemy Belrain, Amuvor, Skerei, Mihm for those have high attack.  She also synergizes very well with Valkyrie, as any hero that support Valk by reducing opponent’s attack allows Valkyrie to stay dominant in living and dealing damage.
  • She can help with snowballing (heroes that gain on death passives).
  • Attack reduce is crucial for later Broken Space and harder bosses when they add them down the line.
  • Can one shot Skerei or most heroes for that matter and she doesn’t need Armor Break or Holy Damage to do this as she’s critting well over upper 4-12 million without those stats.


  • While she is fast, she doesn’t have CC utility so cannot really slap on a Speed stone so she’s susceptible to DH, DA, Mich, Val (with Mage Boots), Kamath (if Xia is backline).
  • Being same speed as Mihm, she’ll be outclassed by him.
  • Because she has the lowest HP and no HP% multiplier in her passive, she will be target for Mihm’s energy reduction in round 1 delaying Xia’s active unless she’s being heavily hit in slot 1.  It is crucial Mihm is faster than Xia to keep her from snowballing first if you want to counter her! You can counter Mihm’s energy steal as well if you are the player with Xia and watching this video by using Belrain or Michelle.  Michelle will heal round 1 with energy artifact whoever is the lowest in HP and if enemy Mihm has Augustus speed artifact and hits Xia first, Mich will top Xia off and help her survive +20% Crit Chance buff for quicker burst.
  • DA will shut her down slot 1 even with 30% CC immunity so Mihmless Rainbow aura teams can use DA to cover Xia.
  • Very squishy, less than 3-4 million COMBAT HP.

Stats at a Glance

First, I notice that she has the same amount of speed as Mihm and this is crucial in working in and around him.

From her first passive, she gains 70% Block, 30% Control Immune, and Attack by 35%, which is a multiplier like Basic and Advanced Guild Tech, Armor Set Bonuses, Aura, Stone, Artifact, etc.

As for her HP, it is the lowest in the list of currently viable / endgame / meta heroes and this is important as we’ll discuss. Even Faith Blade rocks more HP. However, Xia does have more eHP (efficient HP) through block.

While block on paper sounds great, let us not forget precision other classes have from guild tech. Also, eHP of block scales incredibly higher the more HP a hero has. This means that in order for her to Block, she needs to live through burst, hence more HP = greater the value of Block (which is 33% dmg reduction as a friendly reminder).  

When built for pure glass cannon, damage, she has less than 3-4 million COMBAT HP. I see even backline Skerei being able to cleanly one-shot her.

Without getting into complex math, Block is mediocre for her survival due to low overall HP, but it fuels her 2nd Passive.  

Active and Passives Skills in Fine Detail


Every time she blocks, she gains 20% Crit and 15% Attack.

This does indeed stack additively and can fluctuate quite heavily in combat and slot position.

Important to note, Crit Chance % buff does not stack after it is capped.

For example, if you have 45% Crit Chance in Combat, she’ll gain 3 stacks of the Crit Chance Icon (due to rounding down, game coding).

Why is this important when she’ll be 100% Crit in most scenarios? You can see what your opponent Xia’s Stone and Artifact is mostly through this valuable information and be able to counter her accordingly!

The 15% Attack increase buff is also additive and stacks without limit within the 4 round limit.

Remember, Assassin Guild Tech gives Crit/Crit Damage, so she’s not going into combat without any Crit Chance at all.

This pretty much means that wherever in terms of slot position, she will be able to keep her Crit up to 100% and on average Attack boost of 60-105%, which gets multiplied with NOT her character sheet stats, but her COMBAT Attack value.


As for her speed, we will get into why 1218 and not 1 more or 1 less is crucial in a little bit in her counters.

Speed overall is great, but since she doesn’t have any Crowd Control (CC), she will still be outsped by most heroes with CC who are at least 1188 (Demon Hunter, Dark Arthindol, Michelle, Valentino with Mage Boots, etc.), since those heroes will use Speed stones.

This opens up to her first weakness and eventual downfall, succumbing to CC pressure.

CC Immunity

What about her 30% CC Immunity passive?

If your Ice Blink has 30% chance to CC and did an active vs full Light or full Dark line up, which gets 30% CC Immunity from aura bonus, IB will still have a chance to CC, since 30% to 30% is not subtractive.  

So it’s not very much, but it definitely adds up over time. Remember, consistency is how heroes are ranked.


Third, as for her basic and active, it’s immense damage.

Her basics can reach couple millions if she’s got her stacks from blocking. She also does eDPS (efficient DPS/DMG) because she targets enemy’s the lowest HP target.

Also, while her attacks usually does finish a target off, if she doesn’t, the bleed is not something to ignore. 

Attack Reduction

As for her attack reduction, which gets reduced by 10 every round as it states in the game, it’s great utility for PVE against heavy hitting Marauders, Broken Space bosses.

Her damage will be high as well, no doubt. She reduces more attack than HW and together in PVE will be efficient.

Slot Position

Best slot position depends on your opponents.

As I said about DA, slot 1 can be tricky against DA teams.

Generally slot 2 is safest and best and will get that average stacks as I mentioned before while doing damage and she really needs to do 1 active after being CC’d to start raising your chance of winning that particular fight.

Stone/Treasure Choice

Depending on Role/Slot position

Even though she will not get the full benefit from the Crit Stone’s 20% Crit Chance with her 2nd passive, however, the higher the Crit Chance the more value Crit DMG is and math and numbers don’t lie.

Also, it’s crucial she reaches and maintains that ~100% Crit Chance in the early rounds.

  • At 100% Crit Chance, 1% Crit = 2% Crit Dmg in DPS 1:2 ratio
  • At 20% Crit Chance, 1% Crit = 8% Crit Dmg in DPS 1:8 ratio

As you can see, higher the Crit Chance, greater the value of Crit Dmg in eDPS.

How did you?  I don’t even?? @#($@!

  • Crit Damage (BASE**) value in Idle Heroes = 150% [BASE** Combat ATTACK*(1.5)]
  • Crit Damage (BASE**+Crit Stone) value in Idle Heroes = 254% [BASE** Combat ATTACK*(2.54)]

Crit Stone has 52% Crit Dmg increase why the additional 52? Confirmed by Devs and tests on Chinese forums and Reddit. All added Crit Dmg is (x2) value.  


  • Crit Damage (BASE) value in Idle Heroes = 150% [1,000*(1.5)] = 1,500
  • Crit Damage (BASE+Crit Stone) value in Idle Heroes = 254% [BASE Combat ATTACK*(2.54)] = 2,540

* Base means Combat Attack value pre-buffs like Attack % buffs, Emily/Rosa Active buffs (which are all additive).

She can lose 38%-42% of her attack and still Crit Damage from Crit Stone alone will pull ahead vs Attack Stone (caculated even with Xia having 7-12 stacks of Attack buff from her 2nd passive.

In slot one, where Attack Stacks from her passive will be greater in most scenarios, Attack Stone will have spikier (burstier results).

However, if Xia uses Staff: Punisher of Immortal, she can lose literally more than 53% of the Attack value she has with Attack Stone, to do more eDPS.

Also, your Xia can active on enemy Xia running attack stone if you are running Crit Stone.


Use either Survival or Attack Stone for slot one if you face opponents that has to basic through slot one to gain energy, or in any other slots use Crit Stone for earlier game changing actives.

HP Stone may be used as niche play, or to avoid both enemy Mihm energy reduce and enemy Xia’s basic attack. She can be used with defensive stats to outlast CC and damage to return damage while playing more of utility role with attack reduce.

In PvE against targets without high damage reduction or high base armor use Attack Stone UNLESS she’s not gaining many stacks use Crit Stone.

More about Stones can be read at here.

Artifact Choice

As for artifact, if you are facing Mihms, whether you run Speed artifact or not you’ll either get energy removed before you attack or after you attack with your basic.

In most scenarios it is better to get energy stolen before, if she’s slot one, as she’ll do basic and get hit in slot 1 to be able to fit an active in round 2.

I have fought against Xia E3 with and without energy artifact and generally much better without.

While staff can work on her and is one of the best, you’re gambling high-stake putting a very offensive artifact on a hero that may be doing less than a million damage one fight to 30 million the other.

So you can run high attack artifact compensating for Crit stone and or Magic Stone Sword or Staff: Punisher of Immortal, or Augustus all depending on your server group and opponents and your line up.

Not a simple, clear cut answer like Valkyrie on this one.

Also important is what stone you are using.

If you use Crit Stone, Attack oriented artifacts will be best, outside of previously mentioned Staff: Punisher of Immortal.

For HP Stone, you’d see best damage results from Crit Damage artifact, for damage, defensive artifacts for survival.


She works great with Mihm, or god tier snowball heroes for that matter, and especially with Valkyrie as she compliments her with attack reduce against Valkyrie’s major threats, Skerei.

Healers like Mich, as I previously mentioned, will prioritize her as endgame teams running Mihm will mostly hit Xia round 1, Belrain works as well.

Xia alone will not carry your late game comp, while she can carry mid game and E3 transitioning servers. She’s not going to solo teams like Valk can.

Xia’s is very scary, but is mathematically inconsistent on her own, so you need to build a team comp as I said previously to support her.

It’s not her that makes your team but a hero you need to make your team AROUND and that is inconsistent and can have issues later on.

Initial Impression

My overall rating is that, she’s a huge menace in Rainbow Valk/Mihm teams as these three heroes DoT damage/utility/damage/support combined is not a laughing matter.

However, she has inconsistency issues that puts her not in the realm of Valk in 1 to 1 comparison.

Xia Review by Ghern

Xia – First Though


  • High damage output that continues to stack throughout the rounds, one shot killing potential.
  • There is no strong DPS counters in the Shadow faction at this moment, shadow faction is not being utilized in top tier teams as often.
  • Gives team with heavy cc the ability to add a blue DPS to their line up for aura purposes in Justice or Rainbow teams.


  • She has no built in damage reduction, low hp, targets 1 hero at a time, her special/passive attack can be manipulated by strategically placing units with high attack % or low hp.
  • Dots go through block so her high block won’t save her from dot damage.
  • Heroes like Valkyrie and Mihm will be hard to deal with for her.
  • Xia’s attack reduce ability is not an constant 40%, gradually goes from 40% to 10% after 3 rounds.


Active skill deals 396% of attack damage to the enemy with the highest attack, decreases 40% of attack for 3 rounds, gradually decreases attack by 10%. Also, deals 290% of attack in bleed damage for 2 rounds.


With successful blocks she will gain 20% crit and 15% attack that last 4 rounds. Basic attacks deal 260% of attack damage on the enemy with the lowest hp and 180% atk bleed dmg for 2 rounds. Passive stats increase highlights: 30% cc reduce, 70% block and 35% attack.


She has a low hp pool 348k. No built in damage reduce, but has a high block percentage. She is very fast with 1218 base speed.

Recommended Placement

She will be best in slot 1, if that slot is unavailable try going for slot 2/3.


Attack/Attack, Holy Damage, Armor Penetration,Crit/Crit, HP/HP.

More: Stones


Damage Reduction Artifacts High Attack or Damage Based Artifacts.

For example: augustus magic ball magic stone sword pinisher of immortal 

Read more at: Artifacts

Ideal PVP Setups:

Xia will be useful for teams who can stay alive with cc/heals and are hard to kill by burst teams, but lack the ability to finish the fight.

Xia over long periods of time will stack enough crit/attack to one shot enemy units by one one.

Xia pairs well with Mihm, Valk and FB. As all these units benefit from her 1 hit killing ability and her attack reduce.

Kroos, Mich, Vesa, Belrain are good support units to pair with Xia.


Xia looks like an amazing pve hero, most of her kit looks suited for pve.

She will be reducing a lot of attack from the bosses and pull great dps herself.

Xia has the potential to do great in pvp with the right setup/protection.

Think of Xia as a unit that senses weakness and goes for a one hit blow that kills the enemy.

She will not be a must have pvp unit, but could be used in niche teams to slowly dwindle the enemy.

I would rate Xia a 6 out of 10.

Shared by Ghern


  • August 17th 2018: Release date.