What is Holy Damage?

holy damage

What is Holy Damage?

Holy Damage property is the additional damage which is reduced by the Reduce Damage property but not by the Armor.

Holy Damage technically increases the damage of Basic Attacks, Active Skills, Crits, Counter-attacks and Damage-Over-Time Damages.

1% Holy Damage = 0.7% additional damage.

Thus, the amount of damage Holy Damage gives you is based on the Hero’s Attack stat. The Attack stat can be increased by Auras, Pets, in-battle buffs etc.

Why Should I Care About The Holy Damage?

By understanding how the Holy Damage works, you will find it a lot easier to pick the best Stones, Artifacts and Monster for your Heroes.

For example: If you have 0% Armor Break while the target has 30% Armor Mitigation, 1% Holy Damage will increase your damage dealt by exactly the same amount that 1% of your Attack could.

In PvP, most of the Heroes except Warrior have Armor Mitigation around 30%, it is between 27.5% and 35% at level 250.

If you have great Armor Break, Holy Damage will become less important.

You can easily calculate the amount of the extra damage increased by Holy Damage If you know exactly the Armor of your target, using this formula:

Extra Damage = (70% x [Holy-Damage]%)/(100% – [Armor-Mitigation]% x (100% – [Armor Break]%))

You can take a look at this sheet to read more about the damage testing.

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What is Holy Damage?
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