How Sigmund Actually Works

Sigmund is indeed one of the most beloved Heroes in Idle Heroes but I believe that not really everyone knows how he actually works.

So in this article, let’s talk about Sigmund.

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How Sigmund Actually Works

After recording and watching a lot of battles, and playing a bit with Google Sheets, I have finally figured out how actually Sigmund works and happily want to share it with you guys today. Some interesting side nodes are also included.

  1. When you do the basic attack, or active skills attack, the damage number displayed on your screen includes the first tick of the DOT damage that your first skill does.
  2. The DOT damage mentioned above doesn’t count as one of the ticks. The DOT effect still ticks more 4 times after the initial tick.
    This means after every normal attack, you actually get 5 DOT ticks instead of 4.
    Same to Active Skills.
    The damage displayed at the end game report includes all of these damage.
  3. Sigmund’s 40% self damage increase NEVER falls off. His active does NOT benefit from this bonus damage EXCEPT on the target he Normal Attacked. All Counter Attacks to every target benefits from this bonus damage.
  4. Technically, after 15 PVE rounds in a Broken Space match, Sigmund does 50% of his total HP in the last 5 rounds (not counting any synergies like HW buff yet).
  5. The description of Sigmund’s active skill is almost completely wrong. It should be like this:
    Deals [166% of Attack] x [54% of Attack] Damage to 3 Targets. Burn them for [54% of Attack] damage for 3 rounds. Increases his own Skill Damage % by 20% per round, capped by 3 stacks, the first 20% effects from the initial cast. Recasting the Active skill refreshes the Buff duration. Burning Pain damage stacks.
  6. There is no DoT tick at round 15./u/SoftIscream
  7. The Light/Dark Broken Spaces Boss at lvl 200 has ~50% damage Reduction.
  8. In order for Cthugha not to waste this particular Sigmund’s burn damage when detonating, he would have to have ~50k attack for the first 3 rounds, increasing by ~50k attack per 3 rounds, capping out at 250k attack by round 13. If your fight ends by round 6, you only need 100k attack on Cthugha. If end by round 9, you’ll need 150k attack. For reference, this Sigmund has 124k attack.

Reference: Click here for the raw data

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How Sigmund Actually Works
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