Idle Heroes VIP Levels – What Are The Costs and The Benefits?

What is the VIP Status in Idle Heroes?

idle heroes vipIdle Heroes VIP status gives player a lot of benefits while playing throughout the game.

Every time you purchase gem Gems or any package in the game, you will receive a certain amount of VIP points. When you have enough VIP points, you will get into a higher VIP level.

Except the Monthly Cards, 1 Gem is roughly equal 1 VIP Point.

You can see your current VIP level via the badge right below your Avatar. If you are currently not a VIP, the badge doesn’t show up yet.

By default, VIPs show their current VIP levels in the badge next to their names while chatting. This can be disable via the Settings icon right on the chat menu.

VIP status is permanent and will never get expired. It is also server-specific so your accounts on different servers can’t have the VIP status.

How much does it cost to get VIP Level 13?

This is maybe the most asked question regarding to VIP. It cost approximately $20,000 to get the VIP level 13, using the rate 1$ = 50 Gems.

idle heroes vip benefits

What Are The Benefits Of Being A VIP?

A lot!

You will have a lot of benefits while being a VIP: Permanent bonuses, special gifts, premium features, etc.

Premium Features:

  • VIP 2: Need only 8 Chips for 10 Casino Spins (at once). Double Battle Speed unlocked.
  • VIP 3: Get a free 5⭐ Hero for every 1,000 Energy in the Summon Circle.
  • More below!

VIP LevelVIP PointsAuto Battle BonusHand of Midas BonusHero Storage BonusTavern Quests LimitExtra Event Raid Buys

The One-Time Rewards for Idle Heroes VIPs

VIP LevelOne-time RewardsMonthly Card Bonuses
11x 1xNone
21x 1x 40xgem 1xchip
31⁄5 idle heroes dominator 1x 60xgem 1xchip
41⁄5 idle heroes dominator 1x 80xgem 1xchip
51⁄5 idle heroes dominator 1x100xgem 2xchip
62⁄5 idle heroes dominator 1x120xgem 2xchip 1x5 star hero shard
71⁄2idle heroes dark-arthindol 1x140xgem 3xchip 2x5 star hero shard
81⁄2idle heroes dark-arthindol 1x160xgem 3xchip 2x5 star hero shard
91⁄2idle heroes gerke 1x180xgem 4xchip 3x5 star hero shard
101⁄2idle heroes gerke 1x200xgem 4xchip 3x5 star hero shard
111xidle heroes dark-arthindol220xgem 5xchip 3x5 star hero shard
121x240xgem 5xchip 4x5 star hero shard
131xidle heroes gerke 1x260xgem 5xchip 5x5 star hero shard

Idle Heroes VIP Levels – What Are The Costs and The Benefits?
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