Marketplace: Full Item List and Buying Tips for Newbies

What is the Marketplace?

Note: On September 28th 2018, DHGames released an update that adjusted the Marketplace to a fixed daily refresh instead of 3-hour refresh as before.

Marketplace is undoubtedly one of the most beloved places in Idle Heroes. This is where you can use gold Gold and gem Gems to purchase various things from resources, equipment to heroes at here.

You can easily access to the Marketplace from the homescreen of Idle Heroes. It is located at the bottom left of the screen.

The marketplace always shows these exact 28 items at a time. The marketplace resets at 12:00 AM (UTC+0).

idle heroes new marketplace idle heroes new marketplace idle heroes new marketplace idle heroes new marketplace

Please note that:

  • The Gold costs may differ based on your levels.
  • The Gem costs are fixed.
  • You can only purchased a certain amount a deal per day. For example, you can only purchase heroic summon scroll for 1,000 gem Gems once per day in the Marketplace.

Idle Heroes Marketplace Buying Priority

  • It is always recommended to buy 8xchip and 5xarena ticket.
  • Next, it is always worth it to buy 1-2 3⭐ Heroes using gold Gold every day. When you have over 100M Gold, consider buying all Heroes Shards with gold Gold every day.
  • Save your gem Gems to buy heroic summon scroll.
  • Only buy heroic summon scroll and prophet orb If you have a lot of gem Gems to spend.
  • At late game, buying 500 hero promotion stone Hero Promotion Stones for 1000K gold Gold is a must.
  • Buying any other item is not recommended.

If you are newbie, take a look at our beginner’s guide for more details!

Old Parts Before The Update

Purchasing Items in Marketplace

At the beginning of the game, you could only find items with low quantities market places. However, as you level up, you see those items getting replaced by much higher quantities items.

They scale up with your Idle Heroes progression.

Check out the table below for all of the items being sold in the Marketplace right now and their prices!

ItemQuantitygold Cost (Max)gem Cost
spirit Spirit5,00040K
hero promotion stone Hero Promotion Stone3060K
magic dust Magic Dust200300K
arena ticket Arena Ticket150K15
chip Casino Chip1100K30
basic summon scroll Basic Summon Scroll1100K
heroic summon scroll Heroic Summon Scroll1150
prophet orb Prophet Orb1500
basic quest scroll Basic Quest Scroll1200K
senior quest scroll Senior Quest Scroll1200

Purchasing Heroes In The Marketplace

3⭐ Heroes

Depending on your level, the prices in gold Gold of 3⭐ Heroes vary. However, the max price is always 360K gold Gold.

The price in Gems is fixed. It always costs 100 gem Gems for 3⭐ Heroes.

Below is the full list of 3⭐ Heroes in the Idle Heroes Marketplace:

 Shirley Tara’s Servant Wild Beast Blue Shaman
 Poison Tongue Reggie Succube Forests Captain
 Ice Troll MK-03 Mirko Frey
 Dark Priest Fire Fist Flaming Lips Sybil
 Chain Hammer Carver Abyss Guard Undomiel

4⭐ Heroes

Similarly, the prices of 4⭐ Heroes scale up as you level up however the maximum gold price is 1,500K gold Gold.

The price in Gems is always 500 gem Gems.

Below is the full list of 4⭐ Heroes in the Marketplace right now:

idle heroes grummy-corpse Grumpy Corpseidle heroes liquor Liquoridle heroes akasha Akashaidle heroes chief Chief
idle heroes glen Glenidle heroes lm-02 LM-02idle heroes destroyer Destroyeridle heroes thale Thale
idle heroes nightmare-knight Nightmare Knightidle heroes storm hudde Storm Huddeidle heroes tanner Tanneridle heroes wind-walker Wind Walker

Purchasing Equipment in Market Place

Last but not least, you can purchase equipment in the Marketplace. The level of equipment scales up with your progression in game.

At the beginning, you can only buy purple equipment. However, later on, you can see green and red equipment as well.

Check out the table below for more details. Gem prices are fixed.

Equipmentgold Cost (Max)gem Cost
 King’s Cuirass
 Sage Boots
 Rune Ring
 Good Hammer30K
 Good King’s Cuirass
 Good Sage Boots
 Good Rune Ring
 Divine Spear120K80
 Dragon Armor
 Traveler’s Boots
 Brave Badge
 Good Divine Spear300K120
 Good Dragon Armor
 Good Traveler’s Boots
 Good Brave Badge
courage hammer Courage Hammer800K200
courage armor Courage Armor
courage boots Courage Armored Boots
courage medal Courage Medal
hunter crossbow Hunter Crossbow1200K430
hunter cuirass Hunter Cuirass
hunter boots Hunter Ankle Boots
hunter necklace Hunter Necklace
elemental wand Elemental Wand1800K780
elemental cape Elemental Cape
elemental boots Elemental Boots
elemental amulet Elemental Amulet
staff of prophecy Staff of Prophecy2400K1420
robe of prophecyRobe of Prophecy
boots of prophecy Boots of Prophecy
ring of prophecy Ring of Prophecy

Marketplace: Full Item List and Buying Tips for Newbies
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