Monsters (Pets) Guide + Tier List (2019 Update)

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What are Monsters

Updated November 17th, 2018

Monsters is a feature that unlocks at level 70. They provide strong auras for your team and can fire off a special attack to help you in battle.

There are a total of 8 different monsters. However, you can only bring 1 Monster per battle.

The biggest difference between each Monster is the buff/debuff effects from their special attack as well as the buffs received from their 2nd and 3rd aura.

The damage from the Monster’s special attack does not count towards your damage ranking on Guild Bosses and Marauders etc. Although, they indirectly increase your damage by providing buffs through auras and their special attack.

Monsters and their auras are upgraded using GoldGold and monster resources: Monster SoulMonster Souls and Chaos StoneChaos Stones.

The Monster’s special attack is upgraded by using Monster SoulMonster Souls. These can be received from:

  • Celestial Island’s boss and small islands.
  • Campaign Loot at and pass stage 7-10.
  • Brave Trial Shop
  • Aspen Smash (After battle reward)

The Monster auras are upgraded by using Chaos StoneChaos Stones. These can be received from:

  • Campaign Loot at and pass stage 7-10.
  • Brave Trial Shop
  • Aspen Smash (After battle reward)

Monsters require a lot of resources to upgrade. It can take anywhere between 3-6 months (or longer) to max out your first Monster.If you regret choosing a specific Monster you can always Rebirth it. This will reset the Monster back to level 1 (as well as the auras) and reward you with all the monster resources you spent on it. However, you will not receive the gold and it costs a total of 250M GoldGold to max out a single Monster.

Monster Levels Upgrade Costs

Level Upgrade Costs

Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4
gold (K)monster soulgold (K)monster soulgold (K)monster soulgold (K)monster soul
Tier Upgrade Costs40021001000410020008300

Aura Levels Upgrade Costs

Skill Upgrade Costs

LevelSkill #1Skill #2Skill #3Skill #4
goldchaos stonegoldchaos stonegoldchaos stonegoldchaos stone

monster upgrade costs

idle heroes Pets at the max form

Pets at the max form. Shared by /u/dalopyon

What are the Best Monsters? – Monster Tier list

Note! This tier list is intended for players in the early or mid game who are choosing their first or second Monster.

You can compare and read more about the exact stats given by all Monster auras here.

? Tier 1

idle heroes wolf pet


Aura Buffs: 20% Armor Break; 10% Precision

Special Attack: Deals 265k damage to 4 enemies and bleeds for 245k each round for 3 rounds. Grants 4 allies 65% increased damage vs bleeding enemies for 2 rounds.

The Wolf is the best Monster in a PvE scenario. Marauders, Guild Raid and Broken Space mostly consists of 3 or less enemies. This means that the conditional damage buff from the special attack will always be applicable.

The Armor Break which is applied through the 2nd Aura is also an amazing addition to any team. Armor Break affects the damage from Basic Attacks, Active Skills and even DoT damage.

The damage dealt by the Special Attack is approximately 3 times higher than every other Monster (beside Snake as they do equal damage).

During the early/mid game (at or below 10*) the Wolf’s Special Attack deals an immense amount of damage and can flat our kill enemy heroes by itself in Arena.

The Wolf is recommended as the best starting Pokemon Monster.

idle heroes deer pet


Aura Buffs: 20% Armor; 15% Block

Special Attack: Deals 177k damage to 4 enemies. Heals 4 allies for 20% HP and grants them 30% Armor and 15% Attack for 2 rounds.

The Deer is very strong in Brave Trials, late Guild Raids (40+) and if you have a team full of heroes at 10* or above.

The healing done by the Deer can literally be your life savior during tough fights. However, the heal is percentage based meaning that it does not heal much on heroes that are low level but automatically becomes stronger as your heroes does.

The Armor and Block given from the Auras together with the Armor from the Special Attack makes your team become very sturdy. This is particularly helpful when fighting through the late stages of Guild Raids where the bosses often kill you within the first few rounds.

During the absolute late game (fully enabled team) the Deer is the best Monster for PvP as well.

The Deer is recommended as the 2nd/3rd Monster.

  • 2nd if focusing on PvE
  • 2nd if closing in on fully enabled team

idle heroes dragon pet


Aura Buffs: 10% Crit; 20% Crit Damage

Special Attack: Deals 356k damage to 4 enemies and has 36% chance to stun for 2 rounds. Grants 4 allies 60% Holy Damage for 2 rounds.

The Dragon is a very versatile Monster as it is strong in PvP but also in certain PvE scenarios such as the Brave Trial and Tower of Oblivion.

The Special Attack only deals a fraction of the damage that the Wolf/Snake can bring. However, it comes with a solid chance to CC which can turn the battle to your favor. The associated Holy Damage buff does not rely on a specific debuff on the enemy.

It is also the only Monster that has 2 amazing buffs from auras and not wasting one of them on Precision/Block.

The Dragon is recommended as the 2nd/3rd Monster.

  • 2nd if focusing on PvP

? Tier 2 (Situational)

idle heroes snake pet monster


Aura Buffs: 20% Skill Damage; 15% Block

Special Attack: Deals 265k damage to 4 enemies and poisons for 245k each round for 3 rounds. Grants 4 allies 65% increased damage vs poisoned enemies for 2 rounds.

Almost identical to the Wolf. The only difference is the buffs provided from the auras and having synergy with poison instead of bleed.

Skill Damage only affects the Active Skill’s initial hit. It does not benefit any DoT damage related to the Active Skill. Thus, making Skill Damage inferior to Armor Break.

The reason Snake is in ‘Tier 2 (Situational)’ is that Wolf is the superior choice in most cases. If you have a specific team composition that is synergistic with the Snake it is obviously the preferable choice. However, Snake is synergistic with poison which is a DoT and Skill Damage does not affect DoTs. Thus, fairly difficult to create a team composition around.

idle heroes fox pet monster Fox

Aura Buffs: 20% Skill Damage; 10% Precision

Special Attack: Deals 280k to 4 enemies and has 40% chance to silence for 2 rounds. Grants 4 allies 50 Energy.

The Fox is a relatively flexible Monster. The silence from the Special Attack is beneficial in Arena, Brave Trials and Tower of Oblivion. It is not as good as the stun provided from the Dragon, but it does have a slightly higher chance.

The energy can allow your heroes to fire off their Active Skill 1 round faster than usual. This can be the deciding factor in PvP but also in PvE scenarios where you are unable to survive all 15 rounds and need the burst damage.

? Tier 3

idle heroes Griffon pet monster

Griffin (Griffon, Gryphon)

Aura Buffs: 20% Holy Damage; 10% Precision

Special Attack: Deals 280k to 4 enemies. Reduces their Armor by 30% and Speed by 30 for 3 rounds. Grants 4 allies 25% attack for 2 rounds.

The Armor Reduction (and Attack) is good against bosses but cannot compare to the damage increase given by other Monsters. The Speed decrease is very strong in PvP on paper, however, it does not occur before both teams has already used their Active Skills once which makes it too late to be useful.

idle heroes golem pet monster

Rock Golem

Aura Buffs: 20% Armor; 10% Precision

Special Attack: Deals 356k damage to 4 enemies and has 36% to petrify for 2 rounds. Grants 4 allies 60% Crit Damage for 2 rounds.

The aura buffs are not that beneficial to any specific part of the game. Crit Damage is lackluster since not all heroes can benefit from this.

? Tier 4

idle heroes snow pet monster

Ice Golem

Aura Buffs: 20% Holy Damage; 10% Precision

Special Attack: Deals 356k damage to 4 enemies and has 36% to freeze for 2 rounds. Grants 4 allies 90% increased damage vs frozen enemies for 2 rounds.

The only pet whose buff granted by the special attack relies on a not-guaranteed debuff (frozen). Definitely the worst Monster which is released.

Special Thanks to u/EmParallax, u/Folstar

Monsters (Pets) Guide + Tier List (2019 Update)
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