New Brave Trial Guide

This guide was graciously provided to PIH by u/thesikale0n It was originally published on Reddit’s Idle Heroes sub. Enjoy the read…

This is going to be long as I will try to explain how the Brave Trial works after the last rework.

Your very first opponent (Day Stage 1) will be decided by your power. You can check you power in Crystal Crown League. This is calculated by your 6 strongest heroes you have and has nothing to do with the defensive team you have in Arena. Like you see on the images I have 2.8m power when my arena team is just 250k power. So it is really important to drop your power before you enter the Brave Trial.

IMPORTANT: Don’t tap on the BT balloon before you drop your power. Most people believe that the game will decide the first opponent when you tap on the stage 1 icon to check your opponent. This is wrong. Once you tap on the BT balloon, your first opponent has been decided.

How to drop power:

  1. Unequip all gear and artifacts

  2. Change the E1 and E4 enable skills of all your E1+ heroes to Attack. Any other option will give HP so the power will be higher.

  3. Not that important: Some people leave guild in order to cancel the tech. It works but you don’t really need to do it since unequipping the gear and changing the E1+E4 enabling skills is more than enough to drop your power.

Once your power is low, you can enter Brave Trial to check out your first opponent. There are several ways to progress and all is about using a low power team to fight, because the next stage’s opponent will be calculated according to the power of the team you used to fight in the previous stage.

Here is the tricky part that is somewhat confusing: If you use an 800k power team to fight a stage, then the next opponent will be a player who has around 800k power but you will have to fight against his arena team! According to this source ( ), the night mode 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th and 15th will match the opponents from the top 500, 300, 200, 150 and 100 players in the Crystal Crown League. But the matching mechanism will still consider the power you used to beat the previous stage. Let me give an example to make it clear: I use a team of 1.8m power to beat night stage 14. Then the game will try to find an opponent from the top 100 Crystal Crown League that has a bit more than 1.8m power and I will have to fight against his arena team. Is it possible to fight against a 3m power team? YES because maybe all the top 100 players are using 3m power teams in arena. Is it possible to get a super easy opponent like 200k power team? YES cause your opponent will have a total of 1.8m+ power (6 strongest heroes) but he has set a weak team in Arena. You see its almost 2m power but the team is six 5* heroes.

One more notice from the same source is that Night mode 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 has a probability of mirroring levels, meaning the enemy is yourself with the team you used to beat the previous stage, including the blessings used.


Ok now that the matching mechanism has been explained, lets see how to beat it. If you are a new player, it is easier because you will use your strongest hero alone and try to smash until the end. Obviously you need a hero that can survive and deal damage like Aida, Valkyrie, Amen-Ra, Penny, Starlight or even Norma if you are really a starter on a brand new server. (I don’t have any experience lately on new accounts, any feedback here is appreciated so i can edit guide and add more info)

What to do when you are on an old server full of 3m teams?

I am on server 2 that is merged twice already and we have way too many people using 3m power GvE teams. So far, I found two strategies that worked really nice for me:

First one is using a rainbow or redemption team with Ormus and the Deer monster. During the day mode, you should have all heroes naked and just equip them with artifacts. It will make it super easy to day mode stage 15. If you need to resurrect a hero, you can do so. Once you enter the night mode, you should full gear equip Ormus, but keep the rest of the team naked with just the artifacts. Heal or resurrect if you need. Edit: When you face yourself, don’t equip gear. Just use blessings so you won’t increase your team power. Usually 4-5 blessings are enough to beat yourself without any of your heroes dying.

Second one is a cheesy GvE team 🙂 with just Aida+Mihm and many lvl 40 L/D heroes. Credits go to Waka. No need to explain more, just check out this video:

PS: If you followed my guide and tried BT on your own, by now you know that all of the opponents in BT except yourself are just Arena teams. In my server we try to convince everyone to have a full team of lvl 100 5* heroes. Then BT will be just a walk in the park for everyone and people will have the chance to grab those Aida/Mihm copies from night 15 stage. We have some real fun fighting every day with 5* heroes and we will fight with normal teams during other hours of the day in the Crystal Crown League 🙂



Just to be more accurate, next stage opponent on Brave Trials is calculated according to the highest power team you used to fight in previous stages. Example: I used a 600k power team to beat stage 4. Then stage 5 will be just a single lvl1 hero, so I use a super low power team like 10k to beat it. Matching mechanism for stage 6 opponent will ignore the 10k team you used, but will consider the 600k power team. Hope this is clear. Happy Idling.

New Brave Trial Guide
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