Is Forest Still The Best Faction For New Players?

I believe that at the starting, most new players don’t know what is the best faction to spend their prophet orb Prophet Orbs on.

Most people recommend spending your prophet orb Prophet Orbs on the forest faction Forest faction. But since abyss faction Abyss currently has so many great Heroes like King Barton, Skerei, Karim, Barea and Kroos or Queen, is Forest still the best Faction for new players?

forest faction idle heroes

Forest Is Still The Best Faction For New Players

As a new player, idle heroes heart-watcher Heart Watcher and idle heroes vesa Vesa are the two best Heroes you want to get.

Why? Because:

  • They are super good for Aspen Dungeon. Aspen is super important. Aspen skyrockets your account growth , helping your account grow a lot faster.
  • Heart Watcher is 100% necessary for boosting your damage in PVE. This means you can kill more Marauders for free gem Gems and get a better ranking in Guild Raids for more guild coin Guild Coins.
  • Until you have E’n Heroes, Vesa is a powerhouse in both PvP and and PvE.

Also, while dumping your prophet orb Orbs on forest faction Forest, you might get idle heroes valkyrie Valkyrie and idle heroes demon-hunter Demon Hunter, the other super good Heroes, as the bonuses.

What about Abyss?

Meanwhile, in my opinion, only idle heroes kroos Kroos and idle heroes skerei Skerei are worthwhile in abyss faction Abyss.

King Barton isn’t bad however he is not good in PVE and new players should always focus on PVE. It is also a lot harder to obtain him than the others.

Karim is great in Aspen but only at 10⭐ and beyond. This is a big disadvantage for new players. Focusing on him too early is not recommended.

Queen is decent. I have seen so many people getting her to E3.

The rest Abyss Heroes are not are not that great.

Other Tips

  • If the Prophet Orbs event is coming next week and you have 80 prophet orb Orbs in your bag, it’s okay to spend 10 Orbs on each Faction and the rest on Forest. That way, you will have enough tokens for the next Heroic Miracle event.
  • Don’t forget to spend all of your prophet blessing on Forest and hope for something good. But same some rerolls for the Shelter event because you don’t want to miss out the top-tier Hero you need just because of not having a Priest/Assassin 4⭐ Hero.
  • For the super early game (like your first prophet tree event), I’d recommend dumping around 20-40 Orbs in abyss faction Abyss until you find yourself enough material to build a 6⭐ idle heroes norma Norma. 6⭐ idle heroes norma Norma is more powerful and easier to obtain than a 5⭐ Vesa. She will carry you to level 15 of Brave Trial every time, get you huge progress in TOO, and get you to easy 50/Normal 1 in Aspen Dungeon. In addition, she is generally unkillable with 5 stars alone which allows you to have a free decently strong team in Trial Of The Champion.
  • A lot of people say don’t ever roll light factionLight and dark factionDark if you’re F2P. If you’re disciplined and never unbox 5 star LD outside of Heroic Miracle Event, it is extremely profitable to roll in Light/Dark to get those required shards to finish Heroic Miracle. If you’re never bottlenecked on Light/Dark, then you should skip and kudos to you.

So, in conclusion, forest faction Forest is still the best faction for new players.

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Is Forest Still The Best Faction For New Players?
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