What Are The Best Idle Heroes Packages To Buy?

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I believe that it’s not only me but everyone has the same question when started playing Idle Heroes, what are the best Packages I should buy?

Here is a full comparison of all value Packages in Idle Heroes right now, categorized by Gem/$ value.

What Are The Best Idle Heroes Packages?

Package NameContainsPriceRating
Monthly card $15750gem +300gem for 30 days650gem/$Excellent
Mini Monthly Card $5250gem +75gem for 30 days500gem/$Very Good
Monthly Package $10600gem + 10heroic summon scroll + 20Mgold235gem/$Mediocre
Monthly Package $5300gem + 5heroic summon scroll + 5000magic dust228gem/$Mediocre
Monthly Package $1005000gem + 20prophet orb + 5soul symbol150gem/$Mediocre
Monthly Package $301800gem + 15heroic summon scroll + 50Mspirit135gem/$Mediocre
Monthly Package $502700gem + 20heroic summon scroll + 80Mgold134gem/$Mediocre
Monthly Package $704000gem + 40heroic summon scroll + 20Kmagic dust126gem/$Mediocre
Weekly Package $102000Kgold  + 8heroic summon scroll123gem/$Bad
Weekly Package $202000Kspirit + 16heroic summon scroll120gem/$Bad
Weekly Package $70505 star hero shard + 10prophet orb100gem/$Bad
Gem Purchase(First Time)500/1000/2000/5000/1000gem100gem/$Bad
Weekly Package $50505 star hero shard + 5prophet orb90gem/$Bad
Gem Purchase $5-100250/500/1000/2500/5000gem50gem/$Terrible
Limited Packages
Stage Package $9.9idle heroes dantalian +  + 1000gem500gem/$Mediocre
Level 24 Package $1.99505 star hero shard1500gem/$Mediocre
Level 32 Package $4.991500gem + 8heroic summon scroll + 1000Kgold502gem/$Mediocre
Level 48 Package $9.992000gem + 20heroic summon scroll450gem/$Mediocre
Level 58 Package $29.993000gem + 6prophet orb200gem/$Mediocre
Level 78 Package $49.995000gem + 10prophet orb200gem/$Mediocre
Notable Value Packages
Heroic Miracle $99.99 Pack5000gem + 1x[God] + 30heroic summon scroll195gem/$Mediocre
Prophet Summon $30 Pack1500gem + 8prophet orb183gem/$Mediocre
Heroic Summon $10 Pack500gem + 5heroic summon scroll + 1prophet orb175gem/$Mediocre

Or you can save this infographic for later uses:

best packages idle heroes

How I Calculate The Value Of Each Package

1Mgold = 12.5gemDecent ratio
4⭐ Hero = 100gemBecause a VIP level 80+ person can buy Event Raid Battles for 50gem and 2×154 star hero shard make a 4⭐ Hero
505 star hero shard = 3000gemPrice in Aspen Dungeon
spirit = 0gemNot hard to get the given amount.
hero promotion stone = 0gemNot hard to get the given amount.
prophet orb = 500gemMarket price
chip = 30gemMarket price
arena ticket = 12gemThe best market price.
1Kmagic dust = 17.5gemDecent ratio
heroic summon scroll = 150gemMarket price.
soul symbol = 0You always can get at least 5 of them before you really need to use them.

Based on zaluza’s work.

Hopefully you have found this comparison helpful.

In short, the Monthly Card and Mini Monthly Card are the best ones. If you want to buy anything else, get the $5 and $10 Monthly Package first!

Thanks mktlmz for the information on the Limited Packages!

What Are The Best Idle Heroes Packages To Buy?
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