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About one month ago, I ran a poll to determine what YOU would like to see on the web site. The overwhelming response was Idle Heroes configurator. So I started working on the concept, did some heavy lifting with graphics and coded for 5 weeks. The end result is the configurator engine that can be used for multiple purposes.

So far, I have plugged in all 10-star Heroes with recommended position of the Hero in a lineup. It is not perfect, the positioning can be challenged (and changed, as a result). The configurator also shows stats as you hover over a specific hero (only 10* for now, Lvl 250), so you can see what the Power is, HP, Attack, Armor, and Speed. The configurator adds up power of all six Heroes in your lineup and displays the Overall Power of Your Team.

Play Idle Heroes Configurator

Also, once you configure your lineup, take a picture by clicking on the camera icon. Send it to your buddy or share on Reddit/Discord, etc. instead of typing the names of all heroes. Picture is worth a thousand words 🙂 I am hoping this will be a way for people to communicate.

I can build as many of these configurators as the community needs. Please provide feedback on what you want to see in the comments section and/or on Reddit. Here is the LINK TO CONFIGURATOR (best experienced on Desktop, but works on Android and iOS phones as well).



Play Idle Heroes Configurator
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