Play Idle Heroes Meme Contest (Including the Best IH Meme Ever)

Hi All, having run a successful art contest already (Here), I thought it was time for another. The Play Idle Heroes Meme Contest was announced on Feb 26, 2019 and below are the results (winners were decided based on upvotes on Reddit):

5th place and a $10 Google Play gift card goes to sn0rlax16

4th place and a $15 gift card goes to thesikaleon for “The Average Idler” meme

$25 gift card for the 3rd place goes to sn0rlax16 again (congrats on your artistic skills and humor that were well received by the community):

$35 gift card and the second place goes to madscream93 for “Aida Release” meme:

And finally, FIRST PLACE and a $50 gift card goes to…sn0rlax16 again. Dude, WOW! You set the bard really high and Idlers gave you a well deserved top spot.

Thanks to All who participated! Really Awesome job, guys and gals! I will be contacting you so you can get your well deserved prizes. Don’t forget to check out the Events page on Friday. Enjoy the Game!

P.S. What happened after the contest is unbelievable. sn0rlax16 got inspired and came up with the best Idle Heroes Meme ever (and people agree). The upvotes on Reddit are currently approaching one thousand. The meme is also posted below for your viewing pleasure:

Play Idle Heroes Meme Contest (Including the Best IH Meme Ever)
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