releases brand new Heroes of Idle game

Greetings! I know you all are super addicted to Idle Heroes game and so am I. However, if you ever want to take a break, I have been working for 5 months on developing a simple, yet fun fighting / adventure game called Heroes of Idle. It is short and sweet (the game is currently available on Android and Web, I am working on iOS, links are at the end of this post) but most importantly it is free and there are no in-game purchases 🙂 So keep your hard earned money to yourself!

Below are a few screenshots from the game. Hope you like it. If you do, please leave a good review on Google Play.

Link to Google Play (Android App)

Link to Web GL build (play in your browser)

Web GL Controls: movement are your typical movement keys, fighting keys are “z”, “x”, block is “c”, jump is “space”, run is double click on < or > releases brand new Heroes of Idle game
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