Seal Land – Everything You Want To Know About It

Okay so the Seal Land is recently released in Idle Heroes. So what is it? How to beat it to get those delicious hero shards? In this page, we are going to show you everything we know about it, so far.

idle heroes seal land

Idle Heroes Seal Land

Seal Land Summary

  1. Seal Land opens at level 80.
  2. The stages of different factions can only use heroes from the opposite faction to challenge: Abyss ← Forest; Forest ← Shadow; Shadow ← Fortress; Fortress ← Abyss; Dark ← Light; Light ← Dark. Hence, you don’t want to pick a faction If you don’t have good heroes to fight against it.
    idle heroes factions
  3. Players are limited to challenge 10 times per day. Purchase 1 challenge will cost 30 Gems. The amount of attacks you can buy is unlimited.
  4. Players can smash the stages which have been defeated (Smash will inevitably lead to victory), also players can select to challenge the next stage.
  5. Players can get the first clearance reward when the challenge is successful.
  6. Players have 2 Smmash times per day. When players clear the 3/6/10th stage of random faction for the first time, they will get extra one more smash chance
  7. each time. For example, if the player reaches the 11th stage of random faction, he can get 5 smash times per day.
  8. Each smash will consume smash times, players can’t smash when the smash times become 0.
  9. Every day players can consume gems to purchase extra smash times, consumed gems will be increased when purchase smash multiple times (all unused
  10. Smash times will be reset the next day).
  11. Challenge times and Smash times will be reset at 00:00 GMT/UTC +0 every day.

Additional Information

  • If you get stuck on a level of a faction, you absolutely can move to the other factions and try to get higher.
  • Four-Color Crystal and Dark/Light Crystal can be used in the shop to buy the new Elite Hero Shards, which give better chance of getting high tier Heroes.
  • Gerke and Sleepless are not included in the Elite Dark/Light Shards.
  • Fortress Main Boss = Warrior; Abyss Main Boss = Ranger; Shadow Main Boss = Warrior; Forest Main Boss = Mage; Dark Main Boss = Ranger; Light Main Boss = Mage.

Ultimate Seal Land Guide

By itirnitii

New Currencies

There are some new currencies in game you might want to know!


Firstly we have the seal land key Keys. You need keys to progress and fight the new stages, the ones you haven’t defeated yet. Every day, you have 10 free Keys.

It is not recommended to buy Keys because they will become useless very quickly when you reach the maximum difficulty of a faction your team could handle.


seal land gear Gears are used for smashing the stages you have already defeated. 1 Gear = 1 Smash.

You can only smash the most recent defeated stage of a faction. The amount of free Gears you can get every day is based on your current highest stage regardless of the faction.

Once you get into the certain stages, you will get extra Gears every day.

  • Stage 3 = 3 Gears per day.
  • Stage 6 = 4 Gears per day.
  • Stage 10 = 5 Gears per day.

The Gears get more and more expensive as you buy more. If you buy 10 Gears every day, it will cost you 2,200 Gems in total (100×3 + 200×3 + 300×3 + 400×1).


Beside Hero Shards, you also get Fragments as the rewards in Seal Land.

There are 2 types of Fragments:

  • Four-Color Fragments: For buying normal Elite Hero Shards. Can only be obtained from the Shadow/Fortress/Abyss/Forest Section.
  • Light and Dark Fragments: For buying Dark/Light Hero Shards.Can only be obtained from the Light/Dark Section.

idle heroes seal land shop

The “Elite Shards” will give you guaranteed Elite Heroes. It is not confirmed yet but seems like they are the heroes you can find in the Super Wishing Fountain.

What is the First Time Bonus?

When you challenge and defeat a stage for the first time, you will get the Clear Bonus or the First Time Bonus. And of course, you can get this bonus only one time per stage.

At the beginning, try to get as far as you can in every faction to make the most of the bonus. If you can’t get any further in a faction, skip it and more onto the new one.

General Strategy

In the main menu, there are factions for you to choose to fight against.

Seal Land will force you to use only Heroes from a specific faction which is weak against the enemy faction like below:

idle heroes factions

For example, If you choose to play against abyss faction Abyss, you can only use forest faction Forest Heroes. Light attacks Dark and vice versa.

Ideally, at the beginning, you want to focus on defeating the stage 3, 6 and 10 of any stage to get more Smashes every day. Getting to these thresholds will significantly increase your daily rewards.

Average players will not get further than the stage 6 as the difficulty ramps up very quickly. After Stage 6, you will need a lot more power to get further.

Beginners should aim for the #3 stage and any whale should aim for the #10 stage and beyond.

After making the most of the Gears you have per day with your most powerful faction team, you move to the other factions to get the First Clear Bonuses. Only use Gears with the highest stage you have.

Fodder Potential

As an avg player, you should aim for getting to level 6 of any non-Dark/Light Faction.

Smashing the Stage #6 for free every day gives you enough 4 star hero shard 4⭐ Hero Shards to get a 5⭐ fodder every 3-4 days. And you will have enough four color crystal Four-Color Fragments for an Elite Heroes every 60 days.

If you spend 100 gem Gems every day on seal land gear Gears, you can get a 5⭐ fodder every 2.6 days and an Elite Hero every 40 days.

It is not recommended to spend more than 300 gem Gems per day unless you are a whale.

Don’t forget to power up your Heroes to push to higher stages and increase your acquisition rates.

Some Tips for Seal Land

  • Make sure you equip the best gears on your Heroes before challenging any faction.
  • Don’t forget to equip your Pet/Monster. This is real. I have seen so many people forgetting this.
  • Always fill up the left slots in your team, even with 3⭐ Heroes, to get the Aura.
  • Try to pick the fill-up Heroes that give buffs when they die. Example: idle heroes destroyer 6 stars idle heroes emily

Seal Land FAQs

Is there a limit to buying additional FIGHTS?
Is the cost for additional FIGHTS incremental increase or constant?
Nope, 30 increase per time.
Are the FIGHTS 10 per FACTION or for all factions?
All factions, you get 10 free tries a day TOTAL not per faction.
What is SMASH?
SMASH is repeating the highest stage you cleared for a fraction of the INITIAL reward.
How many FREE SMASHES do I get per day?
2 per day and 3 MORE if you cleared a stage to 11.
Can I buy additional SMASHES?
Yes, it’s capped to 10.  Total cost is 2,200 gems and an incremental increase.
What’s the MAX SMASHES per day?
15 TOTAL (not faction specific)
When do I get the initial FREE SMASH(ES)?
When you clear stage 3, 6, and 10.  You get 1 free SMASH. You will get 3 free for one time if you clear stage 10 on a faction.
Are the enemies I fight random like Brave Trials or set like Tower of Oblivion?
Like Tower of Oblivion.
If my heroes die, can I not use them again like Brave Trials or they are unlimited like Tower of Oblivion?
Unlimited, they reset every fight like Tower of Oblivion, but the “stamina” is limited to 10 per day like Tower of Oblivion.  However, the stamina doesn’t recharge until the next day’s reset for Seal Land. Also, like Tower of Oblivion you can spam fights by purchasing stamina with gems.
Fight itself, what’s the rules?
You can setup any way you want it, but you can only choose heroes that are WEAK towards the faction you are fighting.  For example, if you are trying to clear Fortress stages, you can only use Abyss faction.

Seal Land Infographic v1.1

Updated on December 11th 2018

seal land infographic

Seal Land Screenshots

idle heroes seal land

idle heroes seal land

Hopefully this is a better way for late-game players to get more hero shards for 9⭐ and 10⭐ fodders as Raid Event is not that viable for late-game players at all.

Seal Land – Everything You Want To Know About It
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