Full List Of Common Used Abbreviations & Slang Words In Idle Heroes

Idle Heroes Slang Words Collection

While reading this blog or lurking in any other Idle Heroes communities, you definitely see a lot of commonly used slang words/abbreviations regarding to the game.

What do those “HW”, “PO”, “HS”, “HM” mean?

To new players, it’s not easy at all to figure out the meaning of those.

Thus, here are a full list of the commonly used terms of the game for you.

Idle Heroes Slang Words List

  • PVE: Player vs. Environment (Matches in Campaign, Aspen, Guild Bosses, Celestial Islands, etc. Normally means Player vs Computer)
  • PVP: Player vs. Player (Matches in Arenas, Guild Wars etc.)
  • CC: Crowd Control
  • DOT: Damage Over Time
  • HOT: Heals Over Time
  • DPS: Damage Per Second (Turn)
  • E3: Enabled 3rd level Hero
  • E2: Enabled 2nd level Hero
  • E1: Enabled 1st level Hero
  • HS: Heroic Summons
  • PO: Prophet Orbs
  • HM: Heroic Miracle
  • DD: Damage Dealt
  • ToC: Trail of Champions
  • FTA: Free Team-Up Arena
  • CI: Celestial Islands
  • Rss: Resources
  • GW: Guild Wars
  • GB: Guild Boss
  • GC: Guild Coins
  • BT: Brave Trial
  • BS: Broken Spaces Event
  • DB: Demon Bell Artifact
  • Whale: Someone who spends tons money.
  • Dolphin: Someone who spends a decent chunk in the game.


  • KB: King Barton
  • FB: Faith Blade
  • HW: Heart Watcher
  • DA: Dark Athindol
  • DM: Das Moge
  • IB: Iceblink
  • DS: Dragon Slayer
  • DH: Demon Hunter
  • LB: Lord Balrog
  • BB: Blood Blade
  • CD: Corpse Demon
  • Val: Valentino

And more! (being updated)

Feel free to comment below If you want to add any word to the list. I would very happy to expand so new players could get into the game a lot easier!

Collected and shared by weiyichi.

Full List Of Common Used Abbreviations & Slang Words In Idle Heroes
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