You Can’t Speak World Chat Yet? How To Fix It!

Lots of people have been facing the issue “You can’t speak on World Chat yet” lately. Even when they have gotten to level 15, which is normally enough to start chatting with people in game. So what causes this? Did DHGames just change something in game?

Why I can’t speak in World Chat yet?

A lot of people have been asking about this this lately. Some people said you need to upgrade to VIP in order to chat as this was a new pay-to-use feature. Some people said it’s a bug.

Our friend Joshfilipino tried to send the GM a message and this is what they said:

You Can't Speak World Chat Yet

Before, you just need to reach level 15 in order to speak in the World Chat.

But now, you need to reach to at least level 55 and experience all of the game functions in order to chat in the World Chat.

The game wants you to try the Arenas, Tower of Oblivion, Prophet Summon, etc first before you can chat. Aspen and Seal Land don’t count but almost everything else counts.

Some other ways to open the Chat function in Idle Heroes immediately:

  • Buy the 500 Gems Orb in the Marketplace and open it.
  • Upgrade your account to VIP 1.

Hopefully you have found this guide helpful!

Let us know If you still encounter the problem after trying all of the mentioned methods above!

You Can’t Speak World Chat Yet? How To Fix It!
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