Idle Heroes Team Planner Tool v2.0

About The Idle Heroes Team Planner Tool

Being new to the game, I found myself struggling to visualize the team I wanted to work towards while also remembering which slot people fit in to naturally, which Treasures/Stones and Artifacts to equip on each hero and what auras I could activate with how many of which faction. Phew! It’s a lot to remember, right?

So, to aid myself I decided to gather the information from MKxJUMP’s awesome Tier List on Play Idle Heroes and collate that with some other information from the site and essentially put it in one planning tool so I could track it all as I experimented with different team lineups.

I did this for myself, but then I figured if any other new players out there could make any use of it then so much the better.


Version 2.0 Notes:

  • Complete overhaul of tier list to match newly designed tier list by MKxJUMP.
  • Added Faction & Class filters – limit slot lists to only one faction or one class, or both a class and a faction.
  • Further function streamlining.
  • 4. Further UI streamlining.
  • Removed “Synergy” tab until it can be implemented fully.
  • Removed “Upgrade Requirements” tab until it can be implemented fully.

How To Use Tool:

  1. Open the tool via the button above.
  2. Sign In with your Google accounts
  3. Go to File → Make a copy to make a copy of the tool for your own Google account.
    make a copy of the idle heroes planner tool
  4.  Enter the name you want to use and the place where you want to put the copy to.
    idle heroes planner tool
  5. Navigate to the “Planner” tab.
  6. Select the 6 heroes you would like to experiment with.
  7.  The tool will tell you information about each hero, including class, faction, stones and artifacts.
  8. The tool will also tell you information about your team, such as any active aura and which heroes synergise with which and why.


Suggestions & Comments
Please send any questions or suggestions to me on Reddit – /u/bewarethebehemoth – or via email –

I am currently looking for somebody with an in-depth knowledge of the game who would like to help me flesh out some of the information, stats, synergies and maths. If you’re interested, please let me know at


– The Behemoth

Idle Heroes Team Planner Tool v2.0
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