Idle Heroes Updates

Idle Heroes Updates

The best source to read about the upcoming game function updates / adjustments.


June 7, 2019 – Idle heroes 3rd Anniversary Carnival is live now! Enjoy the 2-week long events!

May 17, 2019 – New Skins for Dragon Slayer and Dantalian. Brave Trial got “optimized” again (many frustrated players). Change in the Marauder add-a-friend system. Dark Eclipse goes to the Glorious Temple

New Skins for Dragon Slayer and Dantalian:

  • Online Service function for GooglePlay is available. Tap on the customer agent icon on the left side of the main interface to contact our online customer agent. The Feedback entrance in the Settings has been cancelled
  • Optimized the rule of friend Marauder: Added Intimacy system. Helping defeat a friend’s Marauder can bring you with Gems based on the Intimacy on the friend. Check details at the game interface
  • Enlisted Dark Eclipse to Glorious Temple
  • Dark Eclipse can be fused via Skin Fusion
  • Optimized the matchup mechanism in Brave Trial

May 10, 2019 – Brave Trial V2.0 is available. Go challenge now! Increased the output of Gold and Spirit from auto-battle. Increased the output of Gold Challenge and Brave Challenge in Event Raid.

April 26, 2019 – Brand New Brave Trial, Aspen Dungeon Gets Face Lift, and How Many Hammers do you still need to crack that last Easter Egg? 😉

  • Optimized the interface of Aspen Dungeon
  • Cancelled the purchase limit of Challenge Badges in Broken Spaces
  • Brand new Brave Trial is available. Go challenge now! (currently this function is available only for the pioneer server [taptap s1])
  • I am sure every one of us is lacking some hammers to crack that last Easter Egg. This is me…

April 19, 2019 – Easter is on its way, Tower of Oblivion “Recent Story Record”, New Skin for Oberon

  • Easter is on its way!First, I’d like to introduce you Easter Statues!
    Treasures of Idle Continent are hidden in the statues. Skins, artifacts, heroes…and everything you can image

    The second – Easter Lily!
    Collect Easter Lily flowers to exchange for the couple suit that Lutz has been longing for so badly

    Grand event is finally open!
    You will get gifts far more than what listed above.
    Be prepared!

  • Adjusted Tower of Oblivion “Recent Story Record” into 3 most lately passed records
  • Adjusted Oberon’s 3rd passive skill
  • Increased 10-star Oberon’s base Speed
  • New Oberon Skin

April 12, 2019 – New Skin for Vesa, Tap on the Hero to Check Out Their Skills, Have 500 Gems for The Nasty Crashing Bug!

  • New Skin for Vesa was Presented

  • To check hero skills, tap on them! No more long-press
  • Canceled the second confirmation while opening Celestial Island chests
  • The crash issue of google play has been fixed, DH Games rewarded players with 500 gems

April 5, 2019 – Aida to Glorious Temple, Arthindol swears to kill all men in the world, and a new Forest Hero Oberon!

  • Welcome the New Forest Mage Oberon

  • Adjusted skills of Dark Arthindol. Check details at the hero interface
  • Aida can now be summoned via Elite 5-star Light Hero Shards
  • Enlisted Aida to Glorious Temple
  • Other Updates: Optimized the Skin interface, Added filter function in Tavern, Optimized the entrance UI of Seal Land

March 29, 2019 – Skin Fusion, Reworked Asmodel Skills, and Summon Circle Scroll Confirmation (yeah!)

  • Reworked skills of Asmodel. Check details at the hero interface
  • Repaired the speed issue of Starlight
  • Skin Fusion: Added Skin Fusion function. Go fuse skins via [Skin] – [Skin Fusion] at the top right corner
  • Skin Upgrade: Limited skins can be upgraded to Legendary ones. Go upgrade skins via [Hero] – [Skin], and tap on the skin in use to upgrade
  • Added a second confirmation while purchasing Heroic Summon Scrolls in Summon circle
  • Added the red dot to skin shards compounding

March 22, 2019 – New Baade 🙂 Baade can be summoned via Elite 5-Star Hero Shards and he is Getting Rarer

  • Reworked Baade’s skills. Check details at the hero interface.
  • Enlisted Baade to Glorious Temple.
  • Enlisted Baade to Super Wishing Fountain.
  • Baade can be summoned via Elite 5-Star Hero Shards.
  • Baade is getting rarer.
  • Optimized Summon Circle: Heroic Summon consumes no more Gems, but only Heroic Summon Scrolls. (Thank you, DH Games)
  • Optimized Summon Circle: Heroic Summon Scrolls can be purchased directly with Gems at the Summon circle.

March 15, 2019 – Reworked Starlight’s Skills, Mail Titles Updated, and Starlight is Getting Rarer

  • Reworked Starlight’s skills. Check details at the hero interface.
  • Enlisted Starlight to Glorious Temple
  • Enlisted Starlight to Super Wishing Fountain
  • Optimized the display of mail titles
  • Starlight can be summoned via Elite 5-Star Hero Shards
  • Starlight is getting rarer

March 01 2019 - Ormus Skills, Renowned Japanese Voice Hired, and Optimized Hero Interface

March 01 2019 – Ormus’ Skills, Renowned Japanese Voice Hired, and Optimized Hero Interface

Idle Heroes Update March 1 2019

  • Reworked Ormus’s skills. Check details at the hero interface
  • DH Games has invited renowned Japanese voice actors KUGIMIYA Rie and HIKASA Yoko to voice heroes! Select Language -> Japanese, to hear new voices (heroes origin at 5-star or above are all dubbed)
  • Optimized hero interface: Tap the faction icon left to the name of a hero and you can check its faction introduction.
  • Adjusted the price of Ormus in Glorious Temple

February 23 2019 - Shelter Mission, Value Packs, and New Valkyrie Skin

February 23 2019 – Shelter Mission, Value Packs, and New Valkyrie Skin

  • Seal Land now added a red dot to remind you to smash
  • All expired redemption items such as ice cream, knots etc can now be sold from your backpack
  • New interface change for Guild War
  • Daily Log-in Bonus during the event time: Super Wishing Coin x 1
  • Gain rewards for completing a certain amounts of lucky draws in Wishing Fountain during the event time.(Super Wishing Coins are excluded from the Wishing Fountain Event.)(Maximum 4 rounds can be completed during the event)
  • Shelter Mission: During event time, complete the assigned tasks to get generous rewards
  • 4 kinds of Value Packs are on sale, please check the details in Events
  • You can now report the players, click on their avatar and report , it would then be reviewed by a professional team
  • Let me introduce to you the new skin of Valkyrie: Spear of Trial!

new Valkyrie’s skin – Spear of Trial

January 22nd 2019 - New Enabling System + CNY LEAKS

January 22nd 2019 – New Enabling System + CNY LEAKS

new enabling system

Enabling Skills Change:

  1. Adjusted the Enabling System: Enabled Skills of all heroes have been reset. Check out the new Enabling system at [Hero] – [Enabling System].<0}
  2. Adjusted base attributes all 10-Star heroes.<0}
  3. Adjusted the active skill of Cthugha: Adjusted its max damage by detonating from [1000% of Attack] to [1500% of Attack].<0}
  4. Added a new feature to Precision: Every 1% Precision increases 0.3% damage (cap at 45%, invalid to HP-oriented damages).<0}
  5. Adjusted the feature of Block: With a successful Block, damage received will be blocked out by 30% and Crit Damage by 20% (invalid to HP-oriented
  6. damages).<0}
  7. Optimized the algorithm of Enabling attributes: Enabling boosts can be displayed normally on the Hero attribute interface

Enabling Skills:

  1. Vitality : increase hp by 12%
  2. Mightiness : increase attack by 8%
  3. Growth : Increase HP by 5% attack by 3% speed by 20
  4. Shelter : Decrease critical attack received by 15%
  5. Lethal Fightback : During basic or active attack, enemies will receive 12% extra damage if the enemy’s HP is higher than self
  6. Resilience : At the end of round, heals self for 15% of missing HP
  7. Shared Fate : Upon end of round, each surviving member of same team will gain +1.2% Attack, lasts 1 round

Heroes Adjustment

  1. ALL 10* will receive basic attributes adjustments.
  2. Cthugha’s upper cap will increase from 1000% to 1500%

Other Adjustments

  • PRECISION CHANGE : Every 1% precision will increase 0.3% damage output (maximum 45%)
  • BLOCK CHANGE : Effective Block will reduce damage taken by 30%, reduce critical damage taken by 20% (not affected by HP % damage – I am guessing this means DOT?)
  • Hero Properties optimisation – all heroes will now have correct calculation from enabling displayed on their hero interface

Chinese New Year Events Leaks:

  • New Light Hero called Aida. She is the justice of the light, she plays the part of a judge , if you are good to the light, you will receive her smile, if you insult the light, she will destroy you. Her mantra is to destroy all dark.
  • New Spring Festival (CNY) Events:
    • New Year Card.
    • Campaign Drop Event (Infinity Knot)
    • Gem Box Event with tons of rewards. You should keep at least 20k Gems to purchase all Gem boxes.
    • New Year Avatar.
  • The return of Kiss of Ghost.
  • New Skins for Chinese New Year.
  • New Oblivion Tower levels.
  • Valentine Event
    • Campaign Drop
    • Two new skins Unreasonable Thug + Violent Queen
  • CNY Events will start on Feb 2nd 2019.

January 18th 2019 - Celestial Claim All Button Added

January 18th 2019 – Celestial Claim All Button Added

You now are able to collect all of the mines on Celestial with just one click! Thanks to DHGames!

claim all

January 16th 2019 - New Starlight and Valkyrie Skin Leaked

January 16th 2019 – New Starlight and Valkyrie Skin Leaked

Seems like we are going to see these new skins in the upcoming events! Awesome!

January 14th 2019 - The First News About The Next Light Hero

The First News About The Next Light Hero

new light hero

  • She is Mage.
  • Seems like she has big brown hair and no eye.
  • Her name should be either Hecate or Leona.

Upcoming Huge Updates

Block and Precision

Block will be reworked so that it will become super important for all Heroes.

Precision will also be edited so that it will not going against Block only.

Other changes:

  • Tavern can only keep 200 quests. Anything more than that will be cashed out by the game starting from lowest starred quests. The awards will be sent to you in mail.
  • New PVP activities that has nothing to do with Guild. It will have a new PVP win/loss mechanism
  • Brave Trial shop will stock more goodies
  • Guild tech caps will be increased
  • Aura adjustments will eventually be dealt with
  • Testing Server – mechanisms yet to be determined
  • New Monster – absolutely no mention of phoenix in the conference
  • A large wave of L/D heroes to be buffed after new enabling system is launched
  • Priest: The update will increase the healing power of Priest. DH is doing the best to improve the power of healing for the current metas. Two abilities/attributes will be introduced to improve the healing ability and only available with enabled Heroes.Guild Tech: There are plans to improve the Guild Tech. After the update, guild tech will make your Heroes a lot stronger.
  • Brave Trial: A lot better rewards. Shop will also be updated with lots of new items.
  • Legacy Heroes Modifications: Legacy Heroes like Baade or Starlight will be completely re-done.
  • More Balance Optimisations will be implemented. More uniqueness and characterization will be added to the Heroes in game. Each with has his/her own power and strenghth. DH is planning to do this on Flame Strike first.
  • New Monster: New Monster will be called Phoenix. This will be an allaround Monster with DPS and healing abilities. It can also revive Energy. Perfect for both new players and late-game players.

Credits: kaoricompass

January 9th 2019: In-Game Functions Update

January 9th 2019: In-Game Functions Update

Gem rate Adjustment

  • You will get more Gems when you make the purchases from now on.
  • You will receive a better discount when you buy the Premium Card at the first time. Daily output changed from 300 Gem to 375 Gem. If you buy the card within half year, you will receive 2250 Gem.
  • Daily output of the Mini Premium Card changed from 75 Gem to 85 Gem. If you buy the card within half year, you will receive 2250 Gem. If you buy the card within half year, you will receive 300 Gem.

Aritfact & Brave Trial Function Adjustments

  • Artifact Upgrade: You can now select the amount of materials to use for the upgrade. Before, you can only use 10 Afterglow per tap.
  • Artifact Shards: You now can summon multiple Artifacts at once from the shards
  • Brave Trial:Brave Trial Store Optimization: Newly added “buy in bulk” and “reconfirm” functions in Brave Trial Store.
  • Enabling Changes: Still being tested.

Don’t forget to bookmark this page (Use Ctrl +D on your PC or Command + D on your Mac) so you can simply visit back whenever you want to check out the update as soon as possible!

Idle Heroes Updates
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