What Is Altar?

idle heroes altar

In Idle Heroes, the Altar is used for disassembling Heroes you no longer want to keep.

Heroes will be disassembled into soul stone shard Soul Stone Shards, hero promotion stone Hero Promotion Stones and spirit Spirits.

Disassembling 1⭐ and 2⭐ Heroes doesn’t give you hero promotion stone Soul Stone Shards but there is no reason to keep them so just disassembling them right away after having a 3⭐+ team.

You will also get back all of the resources you used before on the disassembled Heroes, except Gold, containing spirit Spirits, hero promotion stone Hero Promotion Stones and magic dust Magic Dust.

Gears and Artifacts will also get returned to your Inventory.

You can also easily see what you will get after the disassembly by choosing those Heroes and then tap on the magnifier icon.

The Amount Of Resources You Can Get From Disassembling (Level 1 Heroes)

Herospirithero promotion stonesoul stone shard
6⭐9,416,000 at level 1403,875 at level 1401,250
7⭐14,000,000 at level 1603,875 at level 1601,250
8⭐21,000,000 at level 1803,875 at level 1801,250
9⭐29,000,0003,875 at level 2001,250

Altar Store

soul stone shard Soul Stone Shards can be used to purchase various Heroes in the Altar Store.

Most Heroes can be only purchased once. You can refresh the whole Store to buy them again with 5,000 soul stone shard Soul Stone Shards.

HeroAvailablesoul stone shard Cost
idle heroes Michelle15000
idle heroes dark-arthindol15000
idle heroes walter14000
idle heroes iceblink14000
idle heroes karim14000
idle heroes demon-hunter14000
idle heroes Malasa13000
idle heroes Margaret13000
idle heroes od-0113000
idle heroes Field13000
idle heroes gusta12000
idle heroes bleecker12000
idle heroes dominator12000
idle heroes faceless12000
idle heroes fegan1400
idle heroes Fegan 4 star1400
idle heroes lemegeton 4 star2300
idle heroes time mage 4 star2200
idle heroes gbagbo 4 star2200
idle heroes Headstriker 4 star2200

What Is Altar?
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